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    I'm super confused right now
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    Immediately thought about how stl_ben shit on Shelby for buying copies for board members. I don't get that guy.
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    Brand New - TDAGARIM repress in 11/4

    "New seafoam, SO COOL--fuck seafoam gimme one of 'dem blues "
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    Good news for you American folks: From now on, releases out on Arctic Rodeo Recordings are going to be available in the US and Canada via Cobraside Distribution. http://www.arcticrodeorecordings.com - https://www.facebook.com/arcticrodeorecordings - https://twitter.com/arcticrodeo
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    Anyone willing to trade a sea foam TDAGARIM /500 for a jet black Daisy /600,000?
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    Same colour as my balls.
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    Mondo Prints

    Just bought this bad boy
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    Just wanting to let everyone know here that the vinyl has been slightly delayed but should be in our hands the week of August 18th and we'll be shipping out orders from us immediately. For people hoping to get one of the two other colors, this means that retailers will not have the records for 8/12 like we had hoped but will in early September. More info coming soon on that along with specific retailers and an exact date. Thanks!
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    Signed up to say thanks for the head's up on these. Just bought LK and TLM. My wife is a major Disney fan (staged a performance of Aladdin as an 8 year old with all the neighborhood kids) and still goes to DW each year. She will be stoked. I'm not too concerned about the pricing because Disney shtuff is always expensive. It's like complaining that a Macbook Pro is "expensive" compared to a Dell. It makes me happy seeing my wife smile and these will do it. My kids will love it too. All win. +1 for Tarzan, Mary Poppins and Lilo & Stitch.
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    No brand new collection is complete without these 2
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    Holy Grails/Best Finds at a Record Store!

    This isn't a bad idea for a thread if people actually understood and followed what it is for. Sadly, that won't happen.
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    Yes, but when are we going to get Daisy variants to really test the BN faithful?
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    The Concert Thread

    Madball and municipal waste in my backyard tomorrow (holyoke, ma). Gonna be killer!!
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    Fascinating article. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/10/magazine/the-brazilian-bus-magnate-whos-buying-up-all-the-worlds-vinyl-records.html
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    Sugar Shane

    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    Kevin Duquette from Topshelf Records said it best. "Can I donate $100 to stop seeing people I went to high school with dump buckets of ice water on their heads?"
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    Pitch Changing On Record

    Fuck entitled crybabies, sorry your Highness
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    Yeah, the tape sounds awesome. I need this on vinyl, mastered correctly, so to absolutely rock at 110wpc the My Life With Thrill Kill Kult song on the album.
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    And yet it's still hard to find for a reasonable price :/
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    I am a member and willing to pick one up for someone and trade if they have a mint Vault #3 vinyl?
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    Mondo Prints

    Mother of god.
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    Dude, just join the club. They have member exclusive stuff often. It's worth the $20 sign up.
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    Just in case you weren't aware, there's a perfectly good ps1 port of CT. I'm playing through it right now. It's likely cheaper than an original copy. But I can understand if you'd like to own an original.
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    Tony Stewart Hits and Kills Driver

    really sad that the guy died but this could have been avoid had he not made the dumb mistake of getting out. He was wearing a black jumpsuit on a dark track at night and was standing in a road of cars going 60+.
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    My favorite is still With Sympathy...
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    Sun Kil Moon & The Album Leaf

    just got shipment notification from bullmoose, awesome!
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    Like Kevin mentioned a few days ago, we really appreciate you guys who had the album early, keeping it to yourselves. It definitely goes to show how awesome of a community this is and we're lucky to be part of it. On that note, downloads will be going out tomorrow and the vinyl was slightly delayed so we are expecting to have it delivered this Thursday (8/14) and will do our best to get them out as fast as possible.
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    Now you win at Fireworks collecting!!!
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    Princess Logan

    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    It totally eliminates a bridal party too which is awesome because I hate the feel of supremacy that bridal parties create. I understand why they're a thing but mingle bitches, ya'll are peasants in my mind.
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    Princess Logan

    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    OKAY YA'LL NO ONE CARES ANYMORE (EDIT: ASHTON CARES) BUT SOME HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS WEIRD WEDDING LAST NIGHT: People who only listen to the acoustic version of Everlong by Foo Fighters are not the people you want at your wedding No one there was smashed enough for Don't Stop Believin' to start playing Except for the one drunk lady who screamed BATHROOM at me and then winked I caught 2 people trying to secretly steal raw onions One lady looked at me and yelled "YOU'RE WELCOME" and I don't know why Some kid tried to come in the kitchen and then ignored me when I asked him to leave Another kid walked up to me and said "So, hey, you uh? You on clean up duty?" A little girl pulled on my hand to tell me she liked my hair A lady took a glass and a spoon, but the glass she took is very expensive and fragile. I told her that I would prefer her not use it for those reasons, she looked me in the eye said "NO THIS IS FINE" and walked the fuck off with it They hired an ice cream truck I schemed to ask a small child to get me ice cream They let me have ice cream and I didn't not have to ask small children to do my bidding A drunk lady yelled YOU'RE GONNA DIE at a small child A dad walked out during the daddy/daughter dance and 4 people ran after him. I don't think he ever came back. An old man talked to me about the value of bats for 15 minutes. No one was dancing so my boss walked up to me singing/dancing Party Rock Anthem My ice cream melted before I could eat it. It became soup with rainbow sprinkles. I ate it anyway. I got asked to cut the wedding cake. The icing tasted like melted butter mixed with whipped cream At some point during the night, the groom decided that he was my friend I was like "wow, what kind of wedding is this? First Day Of My Life hasn't played yet?" 15 minutes later, guess what song came on? We're not supposed to be serving stuff and I got in a fight with a lady over a glass of water I lost The back of the groom's shirt was Star Wars themed The bride was not amused when she found out There was only hot dad there and that was the biggest disappointment At the end of the night some dude with a mohawk came and said "Cake?" and I said yes please assuming he was handing me his trash. He then handed me a clean fork and he said "EAT IT." I said "no." He said "Why not." I said "because i'm going to throw this away now."
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    The Beer Thread

    Glad to hear it! Cheers buddy
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    Great Scot, on that design, Derek! Put that on a billboard for my daily commute to work Sigur Ros ( ) 8 closes everything... workouts, sex, shows. it's not called the pop song for nothin'. Just ask Phil from Caspian. Even the weather obeys ( ) 8.
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    Brand New - TDAGARIM repress in 11/4

    They need to press this record again already
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    Brand New - TDAGARIM repress in 11/4

    I feel like half of Brand New fans only like the band because they feel like they are supposed to.
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    Thanks to everyone who spread the word and bought records! I'm still catching up on emails from people, but I wanted to chime in here too. I wanted to do the liner notes a bit lo-fi, but well designed. Like the cover, which is reverse-board with just black ink. It's similar feel to a zine I made for a class based on the EP. I designed that zine in 2007, and it's been an ever-present aesthetic when I think about the EP.
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    I don't think this is meant to be another "amazing record you found for cheap at one point in your life" thread but a "hey this is for sale at this store for XXX amount dollars if you want me to pick it up for you thread". Actually reading the first paragraph of the opening post would have explained that. Not sure if this makes the thread any better or more original though.
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    That first post is VERY Seattle
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    PO: The Gaslight Anthem - Get Hurt

    I enjoy this one even less than Handwritten. I just want them to be interesting and this is pretty dull. I'll probably skip their set in Austin
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    Got my first test press! The Immortals - Mortal Kombat Theme
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    solid mail day

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    Shit on bands here

    Fucking terrible band.
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