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    Brand New - TDAGARIM repress in 11/4

    "New seafoam, SO COOL--fuck seafoam gimme one of 'dem blues "
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    Same colour as my balls.
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    Holy Grails/Best Finds at a Record Store!

    This isn't a bad idea for a thread if people actually understood and followed what it is for. Sadly, that won't happen.
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    Yes, but when are we going to get Daisy variants to really test the BN faithful?
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    The Concert Thread

    Madball and municipal waste in my backyard tomorrow (holyoke, ma). Gonna be killer!!
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    PO just went up for Oozing Wound's Earth Suck lp. Ltd pink vinyl edition of 420. $17 + shipping here @ Thrill Jockey: http://www.thrilljockey.com/thrill/Oozing-Wound/Earth-Suck#.U-aGv_ldU70 I can't find a new track so I'm posting a video from the last lp below. If the new stuff sounds anything like the old stuff, this album should rip more asshole than a black man in a Chinese prison.
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    My comment was a joke. I still like Danger Days but it's easily their weakest album. Plus it has Sing, which is my least favorite MCR song ever.
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    The Official Pizza Thread.

    Frozen pizza doesn't last more than a few days in my place. If I don't feel like cooking or come home drunk, that pizza goes right in the oven.
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    Bump for small tweaks. V2: A N / I N S T R U M E N T A L / G U I D E / + / D I S C U S S I O N ( c h e c k / y o u r / l y r i c s / a t / t h e / d o o r ) 65daysofstatic ▲ LISTEN / ▸ POST-ROCK ▸ ELECTRONIC Balmorhea ★☆☆ ▲ LISTEN / ▸ POST-FOLK ▸ NEO-CLASSICAL ▸ ACOUSTIC Caspian ★★★★★ ▲ LISTEN / ▸ POST-ROCK Damascus ☆ ▲ LISTEN / ▸ POST-ROCK ▸ POST-METAL ▸ EXPERIMENTAL Isis ★★★ ▲ LISTEN / ▸ POST-METAL ▸ SLUDGE ▸ VOCALS Godspeed You! Black Emperor ★★★★★★★ ▲ LISTEN / ▸ POST-ROCK ▸ EXPERIMENTAL ▸ AMBIENT Pelican ▲ LISTEN / ▸ POST-ROCK ▸ POST-METAL Sigur Rós ★★ ▲ LISTEN / ▸ POST-ROCK ▸ AMBIENT ▸ VOCALS Tycho ▲ LISTEN / ▸ ELECTRONIC ▸ CHILL ▸ AMBIENT ★ TOP 10 / LEGENDARY / ☆ HONORABLE MENTION / UP & COMING
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    Sugar Shane

    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    I met Ashton/egg/futurekills at the phillies game tonight! VC people are cool outside the boards.
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    Can someone pick me up a tour copy to flip
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    Will and I live in the south, this is a reality we face daily haha.
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    The Beer Thread

    This thread loves some pumpkin beers
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    Your life sounds great
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    Sun Kil Moon & The Album Leaf

    Just received a charge from Bullmoose. Hope this means the blue pulled through from them.
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    the first track sounds like the abortion of something created between puddle of mudd and the national.
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    The Killers - Hot Fuss repress?

    Let's lighten up this thread with some Hot Fuss holy grails. Upper left corner is a numbered Red Foil, the other 3 are unnumbered copies of which only 6 or 7 exist.
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    Too late. My affiliate cookie has already infected everyone's browsers. I'm rich off Band of Horses and Mumford and Sons residuals but the greed lust never subsides.
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    Copeland - IXORA - NEW LP

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    Reddit would go crazy for these. Probably some hold grails also in that set for that forum
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    Anyone that has to read this thread to figure out how to release a record will not be getting any sort of significant distribution. I think you need to be reminded, all of us "established labels" were not born with this info we've figured out by trial and error AND advice from other people who run labels. so who's to say that any other label started with this information will not go on to get "significant distribution"?
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