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    Immediately thought about how stl_ben shit on Shelby for buying copies for board members. I don't get that guy.
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    Brand New - TDAGARIM repress in 11/4

    "New seafoam, SO COOL--fuck seafoam gimme one of 'dem blues "
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    Good news for you American folks: From now on, releases out on Arctic Rodeo Recordings are going to be available in the US and Canada via Cobraside Distribution. http://www.arcticrodeorecordings.com - https://www.facebook.com/arcticrodeorecordings - https://twitter.com/arcticrodeo
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    Anyone willing to trade a sea foam TDAGARIM /500 for a jet black Daisy /600,000?
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    Same colour as my balls.
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    Mondo Prints

    Just bought this bad boy
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    Just wanting to let everyone know here that the vinyl has been slightly delayed but should be in our hands the week of August 18th and we'll be shipping out orders from us immediately. For people hoping to get one of the two other colors, this means that retailers will not have the records for 8/12 like we had hoped but will in early September. More info coming soon on that along with specific retailers and an exact date. Thanks!
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    Signed up to say thanks for the head's up on these. Just bought LK and TLM. My wife is a major Disney fan (staged a performance of Aladdin as an 8 year old with all the neighborhood kids) and still goes to DW each year. She will be stoked. I'm not too concerned about the pricing because Disney shtuff is always expensive. It's like complaining that a Macbook Pro is "expensive" compared to a Dell. It makes me happy seeing my wife smile and these will do it. My kids will love it too. All win. +1 for Tarzan, Mary Poppins and Lilo & Stitch.
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    No brand new collection is complete without these 2
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    Holy Grails/Best Finds at a Record Store!

    This isn't a bad idea for a thread if people actually understood and followed what it is for. Sadly, that won't happen.
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    Yes, but when are we going to get Daisy variants to really test the BN faithful?
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    The Concert Thread

    Madball and municipal waste in my backyard tomorrow (holyoke, ma). Gonna be killer!!
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    PO just went up for Oozing Wound's Earth Suck lp. Ltd pink vinyl edition of 420. $17 + shipping here @ Thrill Jockey: http://www.thrilljockey.com/thrill/Oozing-Wound/Earth-Suck#.U-aGv_ldU70 I can't find a new track so I'm posting a video from the last lp below. If the new stuff sounds anything like the old stuff, this album should rip more asshole than a black man in a Chinese prison.
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    FS: Collection (Various)

    Figured I'd try to save you an ASS RIPPING... You've got some gold in this collection, that was a fun dig, I'm too broke maybe in a couple weeks I'll get back to see if things are still here that I want! 311 311 2xLP, Album, RM, RE, Num, Ltd, 180 2014 ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead Worlds Apart 2xLP, Album 2005 13th Floor Elevators, The* The Psychedelic Sounds Of The 13th Floor Elevators LP, Album, Mono, RE 2008's, The The's LP, Album, RE 2010's, The Sho-Jo-Ji (The Hungry Racoon) 7", Single 2011 Absofacto & 10k Cities Kiko 7", Ltd 2011 Acorn Bcorn 3 Songs + 3 Songs 10" 2011 Signed by Acorn Bcorn. Acorn Bcorn Ladies In Waiting 7", Whi 2012 Aesop Rock None Shall Pass 2xLP, Album 2007 Aesop Rock Skelethon 2xLP, Album, Red 2012 Alkaline Trio Goddamnit LP, Album, RP, Whi 2008 Animals As Leaders Animals As Leaders 2xLP, Album, Ltd, RE, Cle 2012 Aphex Twin Windowlicker 12", RP 2012 Arcade Fire Funeral LP, Album, RE 2009 Arcade Fire The Suburbs 2xLP, Album, Gat 2010 Arctic Monkeys Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not LP, Album 2006 Art Brut Art Brut Vs. Satan LP, Album, red 2009 Asia (2) Asia LP, Album 1982 Association, The (2) Greatest Hits! LP, Comp, RE, Club 0 At The Drive-In Relationship Of Command 2xLP, Album, RE, Ltd, Ora 2013 At.The.Drive.In* Vaya 10", EP, Ltd, RE, Pin 2012 B-52's, The The B-52's LP, Album, RP 0 Bad Brains Bad Brains LP, Album, RE 1997 BBQ (2) Tie Your Noose LP, Album 2005 Beach Boys, The Pet Sounds LP, Album 0 Beach House Bloom 2xLP, Album 2012 Beat, The (2) John Peel BBC Radio Sessions LP, Unofficial 0 Beatles, The Abbey Road LP, Album, RE, RM 2012 Beatles, The Meet The Beatles! LP, Album, Mono, RP, 4th 1966 Beatles, The Magical Mystery Tour LP, Comp, RE, Gat 1969 Beatles, The Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band LP, Album, RE, Gat 1984 Beck Odelay LP, Album, 180 1996 Beck I Just Started Hating Some People Today 7” 2012 Bikini Kill Bikini Kill 12", EP 1992 Black Angels, The Phosphene Dream LP, Album 2010 Black Angels, The Directions To See A Ghost 3xLP, Album 2008 Black Flag Damaged LP, Album, RP 0 Black Keys, The The Big Come Up LP, Ltd, Album, 180 2011 Black Keys, The Thickfreakness LP, Album, Ltd, RE, 180 2009 Black Keys, The El Camino LP, Album + CD, Album 2011 Black Keys, The Lonely Boy B/W Run Right Back 12", Single, Ltd 2011 Black Keys, The Turn Blue LP, Album + CD, Album, Promo 2014 Black Lips, The We Did Not Know The Forest Spirit Made The Flowers Grow LP, Album, RP 2011 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Howl 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Bro 2012 Blink-182 Dude Ranch LP, Album, Ltd, RE, Cle 2014 Blink-182 Take Off Your Pants And Jacket LP, Album, RE, RP, Red 2013 Blink-182 The Mark, Tom And Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back!) 2xLP, Ltd, cle 2014 Blink-182 Enema Of The State LP, Album, Ltd, RP, Red 2014 Blink-182 Enema Of The State LP, Album, Ltd, Num, Ski 2011 Blink-182 Blink-182 Album, Ltd + LP, Mar + LP, S/Sided, Etch, Pin 2011 Bloc Party Silent Alarm 2xLP, Album + 12" 2005 Bloc Party Silent Alarm Remixed 2xLP 2005 Blonde Redhead Misery Is A Butterfly LP, Album 2004 Blondie Parallel Lines LP, Album 1979 Bloody Beetroots, The Romborama 2xLP, Album 2009 Bloody Beetroots, The Church Of Noise 12", Ltd 2012 Bob Dylan Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits LP, Comp, RE 1978 Bob Marley & The Wailers Legend - The Best Of Bob Marley And The Wailers LP, Comp, Red 2010 Boston Boston LP, Album 2010 Bruce Springsteen Born To Run LP, Album, RE, Gat 1977 Buddy Rich Big Band Big Swing Face LP 1981 Bush Sixteen Stone LP, Album, RE, 180 2013 Cake Vinyl Box Set Box, Ltd, RM, 175 + LP, Album, RE, Yel + LP, Album 2014 Cars, The Greatest Hits LP, Comp, Club 1985 Castle Face Records And Friends* The Velvet Underground & Nico LP, Comp, Ltd, Ban 2012 Chavez Gone Glimmering LP, Album 1995 Chavez Ride The Fader LP, Album, Gat 1996 Clash, The Combat Rock LP, Album, RM, 180 2013 Cliff Martinez Drive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 2xLP, Album, Pin 2012 Coral, The Jacqueline 7", Num 2007 Corin Tucker Band, The 1,000 Years LP, Album 2010 Creedence Clearwater Revival Featuring John Fogerty Chronicle - The 20 Greatest Hits 2xLP, Comp, RE 0 Crisis Of Conformity Fist Fight! 7" 2011 Cult, The Pure Cult The Singles 1984 - 1995 2xLP, RM, RE, Comp, Gat 2011 Cure, The / Dinosaur Jr. Just Like Heaven 7", Single, Ltd, Whi 2014 Daft Punk Discovery 2xLP, Album, RP 2008 Damaged Bug Hubba Bubba LP, Ltd, Tox 2014 Danny Elfman Batman The Animated Series 7", Ltd, Tra 2014 Danny Elfman Batman The Animated Series 7", Ltd, Ice 2014 Danny Elfman Batman The Animated Series 7", Ltd, Bom 2014 Danny Elfman Batman The Animated Series 7", Ltd, Tra 2014 Danzig Danzig LP, Album, Pic, RE 2007 Dark Time Sunshine ANX LP, Album 2012 David Carbonara Mad Men "On The Rocks" Music From The Television Series LP, Ltd, Num, Gat 2014 David Lee Roth Eat 'Em And Smile LP, Album 1986 Dead Weather, The Hang You From The Heavens 7", Single, RP 2009 Dead Weather, The Treat Me Like Your Mother 7", Single 2009 Dead Weather, The I Cut Like A Buffalo 7", Single 2009 Dead Weather, The Die By The Drop 7", Single 2010 Dead Weather, The Horehound LP + LP, S/Sided, Etch + , Album 2009 Dead Weather, The Blue Blood Blues 7", Single 2010 Deadmau5 4x4=12 2xLP, Album 2010 Death (8) Politicians In My Eyes 7", Single, RE, Gat + Blu-ray 2013 Death (8) ...For The Whole World To See LP, Album 2009 Death From Above 1979 You're A Woman, I'm A Machine LP, Album 2005 Death From Above 1979 You're A Woman, I'm A Machine LP, Album, RP, Ltd, Pin 2012 Death From Above* Heads Up 12", Ltd 2002 Deep Purple Made In Europe LP, Album 1976 Deftones White Pony 2xLP, Album, RE 2010 Devo / Flaming Lips, The Gates Of Steel (Live) 7", Single, Ltd, Sil 2014 Die Princess Die Lions Eat Lions LP, Ltd 2006 Dire Straits Dire Straits LP, Album 1978 Dire Straits Brothers In Arms LP, Album 1985 Dresden Dolls, The The Dresden Dolls 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Num, Red 2014 Drums, The (2) Portamento LP, Album 2011 Eels Souljacker LP, Album 2001 Eels Beautiful Freak LP, Album, RE, 180 2014 Eels Wonderful, Glorious 2x10", Album, Ltd, Ora 2013 Eels Beautiful Freak LP, Album, RE, Ltd, Unofficial 0 Electric Light Orchestra ELO's Greatest Hits LP, Comp 1979 Elton John Greatest Hits LP, Comp 1974 Elvis Presley I Got Lucky LP, Album, Comp 1971 English Beat, The* What Is Beat? LP, Comp 1983 Fall Out Boy Infinity On High 2xLP, Album, RE, Ltd, Blu 2014 Fall Out Boy From Under The Cork Tree 2xLP, Album, RE, Ltd, Mar 2013 Fall Out Boy Pax-AM Days 2x7" 2013 Femme Fatale (7) As You Sow, So Shall You Reap 12", EP 2002 Fidlar Fidlar LP, Album 2012 Flaming Lips* Zaireeka 12", Album, Blu + 12", Album, Red + 12", Album, Or 2013 Flaming Lips, The Transmissions From The Satellite Heart LP, Album, RE, RM 2011 Flaming Lips, The Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots LP, Album, Red 2002 Flaming Lips, The The Flaming Lips And Heady Fwends 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Hen 2012 Fleetwood Mac Rumours LP, Album, RE 1987 Focus (2) Moving Waves LP, Album 1971 Foo Fighters Foo Fighters LP, Album, RE 2011 Foo Fighters There Is Nothing Left To Lose 2xLP, Album, RE 2011 Foo Fighters The Colour And The Shape 2xLP, Album, RE 2011 Franz Ferdinand Right Action / Love Illumination 7", Single, Pin 2013 Franz Ferdinand Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action LP, Album 2013 Fugazi Fugazi 12", EP, RM 2008 Futureheads, The This Is Not The World 2xLP, Album, Ltd 2008 Genesis Duke LP, Album, Gat 1980 Gibby Haynes Paul's Not Home / You Don't Have To Be Smart 7" 2013 Go-Go's Beauty And The Beat LP, Album 1981 Go-Go's Vacation LP, Album 1982 Godspeed You Black Emperor! F# A# ∞ LP, Album, RE, Wat 1997 Godspeed You Black Emperor! Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada E.P. 12", EP, Bro 1999 Godspeed You! Black Emperor* Allelujah! Don't Bend Ascend LP, 180 + 7" + Album 2012 Green Day International Superhits! LP, Ltd, Comp, Ora 2013 Grimes (4) Visions LP, Album, Ltd, Lav 2012 Guess Who, The Wheatfield Soul LP, Album 1975 Guns N' Roses Appetite For Destruction LP, Album, RE, 180 2008 Harvey Danger (2) Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone? LP, Album, RE, Ora 2014 Hives, The Hate To Say I Told You So 7", Cle 2002 Incubus (2) A Crow Left Of The Murder... 2xLP, Album, RE, Ltd, Num, 180 2012 Incubus (2) Make Yourself 2xLP, Album, 180 2013 Interpol Antics LP, Album, RE, 180 2007 Interpol Turn On The Bright Lights LP, Album, RE, 120 2007 Jack White (2) Blunderbuss LP, Album 2012 Jack White (2) Lazaretto LP, Album, Etch, Ult 2014 Jack White (2) Lazaretto 7" 2014 Jane's Addiction Ritual De Lo Habitual 2xLP, Album, RE, 180 2009 Jimi Hendrix People, Hell And Angels 2xLP, Album, 200 2013 Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Are You Experienced LP, Album, RE, RM, Gat 2010 Joan Jett Bad Reputation LP, Album, RE, Num, Cle + CD, Album, Enh + Ltd 2012 John Carpenter Halloween 2xLP, Ltd, Ora 2013 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion!, The* Orange LP, Album, RE, RM 2011 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Plastic Fang 2xLP, Album, Ltd 2002 Kanye West The College Dropout 2xLP, Album 2004 Kanye West 808s & Heartbreak 2xLP, RE, Album, Gat + CD, Album 2014 Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 3xLP, Album, Ltd 2010 King Khan & BBQ Show, The Invisible Girl LP, Album 2009 Kings Of Leon Because Of The Times LP, Album, Ltd, Red 2007 Kinks, The Kinks Greatest Hits LP, Comp 1975 Lanie Lane Ain't Hungry 7", Single 2011 LCD Soundsystem LCD Soundsystem LP, Album 2005 LCD Soundsystem Sound Of Silver 2xLP, Album, Gat 2007 LCD Soundsystem Yeah 12", Maxi, RM, RE 2013 Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin III LP, Album 1970 Led Zeppelin Houses Of The Holy LP, Album 1973 Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin II LP, Album, RP, Gat 1969 Lightning Bolt Wonderful Rainbow LP, Album 2003 Linkin Park Meteora 2xLP, Album, Ltd, RE, Met 2013 Linkin Park Hybrid Theory LP, Album + 10", Single + Ltd, RE 2013 Lonely Island, The Turtleneck & Chain LP, Album + DVD 2011 Loose Dudes Nothing To Live For 12", EP 2010 Love / Rush 7 And 7 Is 7", Single, Ltd, Yel 2014 Love Me Nots, The In Black & White LP 2006 Love Me Nots, The Detroit LP, bei 2008 Loverboy Get Lucky LP, Album 1981 M83 Before The Dawn Heals Us 2xLP, Album, RE + CD, Album, RE 2009 Madonna Madonna LP, Album, Club 1983 Mark Sultan Calloused Hands 7", Ltd, Gre 2011 Mars Volta, The De-Loused In The Comatorium 2xLP, Album, Ltd, RE, Num, Sil 2014 Mars Volta, The Amputechture 2xLP, Album, Ltd, RE, Num, Blu 2014 129/1500 Mastodon / Feist Feistodon 7", Ltd 2012 Maximum Balloon Maximum Balloon LP, Album, 180 2010 mc chris Fett's Vette / Hijack 7" 2013 MC5 / Afrika Bambaataa Kick Out The Jams 7", Single, Ltd, Pin 2012 Men, The (2) Open Your Heart LP, Album 2012 Metz Metz LP, Album 2012 Michael Jackson Thriller LP, Album, Gat 1982 Midnight Oil Diesel And Dust LP, Album, Gat 1988 Midtown Save The World, Lose The Girl 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Cle 2012 Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Let's Face It LP, Album, RE, Whi 2013 Mikal Cronin Mikal Cronin LP, Album 2011 Minor Threat Minor Threat LP, Comp, RP, Gre 0 Minor Threat Out Of Step 12", EP, RE, Ltd, Whi 2007 Misfits / Lemonheads, The Skulls 7", Single, Ltd, Pic 2013 Misfits, The* Static Age LP, Album, RP 0 Modest Mouse Good News For People Who Love Bad News 2xLP, Album, RE, 180 2011 Morrissey Your Arsenal LP, Album, RE 2014 Mumford & Sons Sigh No More LP, Album 2009 Muse Black Holes And Revelations LP, Album 2009 My Chemical Romance Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge LP, Album, RE, Red 2008 My Morning Jacket Evil Urges 2xLP + CD 2008 Mötley Crüe Dr. Feelgood LP, Album, RE 2008 N*E*R*D In Search Of... 2xLP, RE, Whi 2014 Neutral Milk Hotel In The Aeroplane Over The Sea LP, RE, 180 2009 Nine Inch Nails Hesitation Marks 2xLP, Album, 180 + CD, Album 2013 Nine Inch Nails With Teeth 2xLP, Album, Gat 2005 Nirvana Nevermind LP, Album, RE, RM 2009 No Doubt Tragic Kingdom LP, Album, RE, Ora 1996 Nobunny Love Visions 6x7", Ltd, Box 2013 Oblivians Popular Favorites LP, Album 1996 Of Monsters And Men My Head Is An Animal 2xLP, Album, Pin 2012 OutKast Stankonia 2xLP, Album 2000 Paul & Linda McCartney Ram LP, Album 1971 Paul Simon Still Crazy After All These Years LP, Album 1975 Peaches The Teaches Of Peaches LP, Album, Ltd, RE, Pin 2011 Peter Frampton Frampton Comes Alive 2xLP, Album 1983 Peter Gabriel Security LP, Album 1982 Peter Gabriel So LP, Album 1986 Phantom Scars, The Lo-Fi Girl 7", Cok 2013 Phoenix Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix LP, Album 2009 Pink Floyd The Dark Side Of The Moon LP, Album, RE, RM 2011 Pixies Surfer Rosa LP, Album, RE, 180 2004 Pixies Doolittle LP, Album, RE, 180 2004 Pixies Indie Cindy 2x12", Album 2014 Police, The Ghost In The Machine LP, Album, Club 1981 Police, The Synchronicity LP, Album 1983 Pretenders, The Learning To Crawl LP, Album, Club 1984 Prince 1999 2xLP, Album 1982 Prince Batman™ (Motion Picture Soundtrack) LP, Album 1989 Prodigy* The Fat Of The Land 2xLP, Album, RP 2012 Pulp This Is Hardcore 2xLP, Album, RE, Gat 2009 Q. Lazzarus Goodbye Horses 12" 2013 Queen Jazz LP, Album, Gat 1978 Queen Sheer Heart Attack LP, RM, RE, 180 2008 Queen A Night At The Opera LP, Album, RE, RM, RP, 180 2008 Queen News Of The World LP, Album, RM, RE, Gat 2009 Queens Of The Stone Age Songs For The Deaf 2xLP, Album, Unofficial, Gre 2003 R.E.M. Chronic Town 12", EP, Ltd, Num, Blu 2010 R.E.M. Lifes Rich Pageant LP, Album 1986 R.E.M. Eponymous LP, Comp 1988 R.E.M. Collapse Into Now LP, Album 2011 R.E.M. Green LP, Album 1988 Raconteurs, The Consolers Of The Lonely 2xLP, Album 2008 Radiohead Kid A 2x10", Album, Ltd, RE, 180 2008 Radiohead OK Computer 2xLP, Album, RE, Ltd, 180 2008 Radiohead The Best Of 4xLP, Comp, Ltd, Box 2008 Radiohead In Rainbows LP, Album 2008 Radkey Devil Fruit 12", EP, Ltd, Red 2013 Radkey Cat & Mouse 12", EP 2013 Rage Against The Machine Evil Empire LP, Album, RE, 180 2009 Signed by Tom Morello Rage Against The Machine The Battle Of Los Angeles LP, Album, RE, 180 2010 Signed by Tom Morello Ramones Rocket To Russia LP, Album, RE 2011 Raveonettes, The Whip It On 10” 2002 Reel Big Fish Turn The Radio Off 2x12", Album, RE, Ltd, Ora 2014 Reflektors, The (2) Reflektor 12", Single 2013 Refused The Shape Of Punk To Come (A Chimerical Bombination In 12 Bursts) 2xLP, RE, RM, Bla + CD, Album + DVD-V 2012 Replacements, The Pleased To Meet Me LP, Album, RE 2009 Ringo Starr Ringo LP, Album 1973 Rolling Stones, The Big Hits (High Tide And Green Grass) LP, Comp, RP 0 Romeo Void Never Say Never 12" 1981 Roxy Music Avalon LP, Album 1982 Rush Permanent Waves LP, Album 1980 Rush Signals LP, Album 1982 Russian Circles Empros LP, Album 2011 Santogold Santogold LP, Album 2008 Sebastien Grainger Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains LP, Album 2008 Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings Calamity / Ain't Nobody 7", Promo, Bla 2014 Shins, The Wincing The Night Away LP, Album 2007 Slipknot Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Cle 2014 Sly & The Family Stone Stand! LP, Album, Gat 1969 Smashing Pumpkins* Siamese Dream 2xLP, Album, RP, Gat 2007 Smashing Pumpkins* Siamese Dream 2xLP, Album, RP, Gat 2007 Signed by Jimmy Chamberlin Smashing Pumpkins, The Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness 4xLP, Album, RE, RM + Box 2012 Smashing Pumpkins, The Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness 3xLP, Album, Ltd, Num 1996 Smithereens, The Green Thoughts LP, Album 1988 Smithereens, The Especially For You LP, Album 1986 Smiths, The Hatful Of Hollow LP, Comp, RE 2012 Spinal Tap From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP, Album, RE, Gat 2013 Stephen Colbert With Black Belles, The Charlene II (I'm Over You) 7" 2011 Stewart Copeland Rumble Fish (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) LP, Album 1983 Sting ...Nothing Like The Sun 2xLP, Album 1987 Stone Temple Pilots Purple LP, RP, Ltd, Pur 2013 Stone Temple Pilots Core LP, RE, Ltd, Num, Yel 2013 Stone Temple Pilots Tiny Music...Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop LP, Album, RE, Ltd, Num, Mar 2013 Stooges, The & Black Keys, The No Fun 7", Ltd, Ora 2013 Sublime (2) Sublime 2xLP, Album, RE, 180 2008 Talking Heads True Stories LP, Album 1986 Teenage Bottlerocket Freak Out! LP, Album 2012 Tenacious D Tenacious D 2xLP, Album, RE, 180 2013 Thee Oh Sees Floating Coffin LP, Album 2013 Thee Oh Sees Drop LP, Ltd, Gol 2014 Thee Tee Pees Bitchin' Titties 7" 2013 Third Eye Blind Third Eye Blind 2xLP, Album, RM, RE, 180 2013 Tom Jones Evil 7", Single 2012 Tool (2) Undertow 2xLP, Album, RE 2006 Tool (2) Lateralus 2xLP, Pic, Album, Ltd, P/Mixed, 180 2005 Torche Songs For Singles 12", Whi 2010 Torche Harmonicraft LP, Album, Ltd, Cle 2012 Trans Am (2) Trans Am LP, Album, RE 2012 Trash Talk Awake 7", EP, Gra 2011 TRMRS Sea Things LP, Album 2011 TV On The Radio Mercy / Million Miles 12” 2013 TV On The Radio Dear Science LP, Album, Gat 2008 TV On The Radio Nine Types Of Light LP, Album 2011 TV On The Radio Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes LP + LP, S/Sided, Etch + , Album 2004 Ty Segall Ty Segall 12", Album 2008 Ty Segall Twins LP, Album 2012 Signed by Ty Segall Ty Segall Goodbye Bread LP, Album 2011 Ty Segall Lemons LP, Album 2009 Signed by Ty Segall Ty Segall Melted LP, Album 2010 Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin Reverse Shark Attack LP, Album, RE 2013 Ty Segall Band Slaughterhouse 2x10", Album 2012 U2 War LP, Album, Club, Gat 1983 U2 The Joshua Tree LP, Album, Club 1987 UNKLE Psyence Fiction 2xLP, Album, Gat 1998 Van Halen Women And Children First LP, Album, Club 1980 Van Halen 1984 LP, Album, RE, RM 2010 Various Reservoir Dogs (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) LP, Ltd, Pin 2012 Various National Lampoon's Animal House (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) LP, Comp, RE 0 Various Mallrats - Music From The Motion Picture LP, Comp 1995 Various Django Unchained: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2xLP, Comp, Ltd, Whi 2013 Various Sound City - Real To Reel 2xLP, Album, 180 2013 Velvet Underground, The The Velvet Underground & Nico - Unripened LP, Album, Unofficial 2007 Velvet Underground, The & Nico (3) The Velvet Underground & Nico LP, Album, RE, RM, 180 2012 Wanda Jackson Thunder On The Mountain 7", Single 2010 Warren Zevon Excitable Boy LP, Album 1978 Warren Zevon Sentimental Hygiene LP, Album 1987 Wavves Wavvves LP, Album 2009 Wavves Life Sux 12", EP, Gre 2011 Weezer Weezer LP, RE, Album 2002 Weezer Weezer LP, Album, RE, RM, Ltd, Num, Gat 2013 White Stripes, The De Stijl LP, Album, RM, RE 2010 White Stripes, The White Blood Cells LP, Album, RE, RM 2010 White Stripes, The Hotel Yorba 7", Single, RE, Red 2012 White Stripes, The Fell In Love With A Girl 7", Single, RE, Ltd, Red 2012 White Stripes, The Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground 7", Single, Ltd, RE, Red 2012 White Stripes, The Hand Springs 7", Ltd, Bla 2012 White Stripes, The Hello Operator / Jolene 7", Single, RE 2011 White Stripes, The Elephant 2xLP, Album 2003 Wings (2) Wings Greatest LP, Comp 1978 XTC Oranges & Lemons 2xLP, Album 1989 Signed by XTC XTC Nonsuch 2xLP, Album 1992 XX, The XX LP, Album 2009 Yacht Summer Song 12" 2008 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Yeah Yeah Yeahs 12", EP 2002 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Machine 10", EP, Pin 2002 Yes Fragile LP, Album, RE, Gat 1977 Yo La Tengo Painful LP, Album, RE, 120 2011 ZZ Top / Mastodon Just Got Paid 7", Single, Ltd, Yel 2011
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    That sounds so much creeper than intended. A+. I'll yell David the Gnome really loud and/or RIP Pebbles
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    I don't know why you expect your records to have the correct pitch on that table.
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    While they say extras will be sold afterwards, they also said the same thing for Vault 3, but I never saw them in the shop.
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    if you don't have anything other than a PC right now, it will not be easy to do this cheaply. to get the best possible sound, you'll need an audio interface and compatible DAW program on your PC. the cheapest USB interface will run around $100, just make sure it has RCA stereo outs. configure your DAW/interface to run stereo out via your RCA outputs to your cassette deck. though, if you don't have a decent/clean deck, the recorded tapes will sound like shit anyway. getting a tape duplicator will be more expensive and will also likely not work very well. since the ep is only 20mins, doing one tape at a time won't take THAT long. don't envision you making a run of 100. if you don't understand any of the things I'm talking about, you should really do some reading online.
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    The Official Pizza Thread.

    This made me laugh quite a bit, for some reason. And pizza parties are definitely a thing for me, I coach a college ultimate team and that is just about the only way to motivate them also, beer.
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    Three Cheers is definitely my most played MCR album. That album has a bunch of my top favorite songs ever.
  28. 1 point

    The Official Pizza Thread.

    Are pizza parties a thing any more? Were pizza parties ever a thing?
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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    Awesome! Really wanted to go to that. I'll mull over some cool stuff and PM. Hiking I go! Also, pretty obsessed with this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDcZw7O_3y4
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    You're still a badass.
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    Now you win at Fireworks collecting!!!
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    My comment was a joke. I still like Danger Days but it's easily their weakest album. Plus it has Sing, which is my least favorite MCR song ever.
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    The Official Pizza Thread.

    Frozen pizza doesn't last more than a few days in my place. If I don't feel like cooking or come home drunk, that pizza goes right in the oven.
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    Bump for small tweaks. V2: A N / I N S T R U M E N T A L / G U I D E / + / D I S C U S S I O N ( c h e c k / y o u r / l y r i c s / a t / t h e / d o o r ) 65daysofstatic ▲ LISTEN / ▸ POST-ROCK ▸ ELECTRONIC Balmorhea ★☆☆ ▲ LISTEN / ▸ POST-FOLK ▸ NEO-CLASSICAL ▸ ACOUSTIC Caspian ★★★★★ ▲ LISTEN / ▸ POST-ROCK Damascus ☆ ▲ LISTEN / ▸ POST-ROCK ▸ POST-METAL ▸ EXPERIMENTAL Isis ★★★ ▲ LISTEN / ▸ POST-METAL ▸ SLUDGE ▸ VOCALS Godspeed You! Black Emperor ★★★★★★★ ▲ LISTEN / ▸ POST-ROCK ▸ EXPERIMENTAL ▸ AMBIENT Pelican ▲ LISTEN / ▸ POST-ROCK ▸ POST-METAL Sigur Rós ★★ ▲ LISTEN / ▸ POST-ROCK ▸ AMBIENT ▸ VOCALS Tycho ▲ LISTEN / ▸ ELECTRONIC ▸ CHILL ▸ AMBIENT ★ TOP 10 / LEGENDARY / ☆ HONORABLE MENTION / UP & COMING
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    Sugar Shane

    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    I met Ashton/egg/futurekills at the phillies game tonight! VC people are cool outside the boards.
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    Can someone pick me up a tour copy to flip
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    Will and I live in the south, this is a reality we face daily haha.
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    The Beer Thread

    This thread loves some pumpkin beers
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    Your life sounds great
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    Sun Kil Moon & The Album Leaf

    Just received a charge from Bullmoose. Hope this means the blue pulled through from them.
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    the first track sounds like the abortion of something created between puddle of mudd and the national.
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    Too late. My affiliate cookie has already infected everyone's browsers. I'm rich off Band of Horses and Mumford and Sons residuals but the greed lust never subsides.
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    Copeland - IXORA - NEW LP

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    Reddit would go crazy for these. Probably some hold grails also in that set for that forum
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    Anyone that has to read this thread to figure out how to release a record will not be getting any sort of significant distribution. I think you need to be reminded, all of us "established labels" were not born with this info we've figured out by trial and error AND advice from other people who run labels. so who's to say that any other label started with this information will not go on to get "significant distribution"?
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