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    Exactly. And the media didn't help either. They seem to think that the officer had an agenda to go around shooting black people. Funny thing is, there are murders every day in the black and white communities, and usually they are paid no attention to. Unfortunately this was a total black and white thing from the beginning. The entire issue of the police abusing their powers was never mentioned until midway through this fiasco, it was all black vs white. Obama, Holder, Sharpton, all made this a total race issue from the beginning and IMO, those guys are as racist as David Duke and Mark Furhman. It's on both sides and always has been. That sucks because the real issue here is how much power the police have, and how they are able to use it (or abuse it). Do I think the officer had the right to defend himself? Absolutely I do. Do I think in general the police have friends "high up" and have their own "good 'ol boy" system like the government, the mafia and other organizations? Absolutely I do. And that issue was clouded the entire time by race. The race card was played so much by Sharpton and company (and the media) that it was hard to see through the smoke and mirrors to the real issue. And you may not agree, but if you look at Michael Brown's history of run-ins with the law, the actions that day (stealing the cigars, strong-arming the clerk, etc), it was clear that his behavior was terrible. Now that doesn't mean he deserved to die, because we have government officials who do far worse than him and they are never questioned, but if evidence points to him going after the officer's gun and trying to assault him, then the officer is allowed to defend himself. I'm sure if Michael Brown had a gun and someone tried to assault him he'd do the same. But this goes back to Brown's environment too. I don't know much about his mother's past, I don't think she has had any run-ins with the law, other than her being investigated for inciting a riot when she and friends assaulted street vendors selling Brown t-shirts. But that was after Brown died. I know the stepfather has been in jail. It all comes down to how you are raised, what influences are around you, and so forth. By teaching children respect and discipline, and raising them in a proper environment, the chances of success are much higher regarding a child's outlook on life, treating others with respect, etc. I can say this because my family and I grew up dirt poor. And our neighborhood had every type of ethnic demographic possible; whites, blacks, latinos, orientals, you name it. And we all got along. We were all poor but we played games, threw the ball, visited each other's houses, etc. Parents knew the other parents. Everyone was a tight community. And it didn't matter that we all had lousy cars, fences falling down, and my Dad was in-and-out of work (he was a construction worker during the 80's Reganomics era, which was a nightmare for our income bracket). Yet we all stayed together, played together, and everyone was close. But we knew right from wrong. We knew not to carry weapons, or sell drugs, or act like fools. And although the "nice" neighborhoods were miles down the road and our buses would pass through them during the day, we didn't feel we were being cheated or that anybody "kept us down." We made our own choices, our own paths, and nobody blamed anyone else. When I see some of the pics online of Brown holding a gun, strong arming the clerk and so forth, I can't help but grieve for him and the community as a whole, because he seemed to never have a chance. Black or white it doesn't matter, if we glorify the "thug" mentality, then kids will flock to it. Hey, it's cool to carry a gun, it's cool to intimidate others, it's cool to steal, and suddenly you have lost them. And again, color doesn't matter because it can permeate all environments. Although my group of friends and I steered clear of it, we knew many kids of all colors and ages who, in time, would join gangs, get kicked out of school, punch other kids, steal their books, etc. I was picked on and kicked around quite a bit in middle school. I was the only white person in many of my classes and I heard all kinds of racist names shouted at me every day. But it didn't matter because unfortunately I knew other whites who said racist things about the black kids. It seemed that everyone was prejudiced against everyone. And again, it brings me back to the original issue of police power abuse, because it seemed to be swept under the rug because nothing but race, race, race was being discussed, and unfortunately a bigger topic was lost. I have lots of problems with the government, no matter who is in charge. I'm probably one of the few people on here who still believes that Oswald did not kill JFK. I believe in a massive cover-up. Why do I bring that up? Because that one event seemed to change people's views of the government once the Warren Report was released. IMO that led to a landslide of distrust in government and public officials over time, and after that the landslide kept on going, and turned into a major avalanche of distrust. So yes, those in power frighten me and I know we're not all being told the truth. But nobody will discuss that in the media, it's all about color, and color only it seems. We have all been tainted by our experiences. We have all experienced racism no matter what our color is. I wish I knew how to remove it, but it's not that simple. But I do know that destroying buildings, blocking hospitals and so forth is not the way to do it. MLK never advocated violence and I agree with him. And I disagree with everyone on here who says that the burning and looting is justified because of "deep emotional occurrences in the past." If that was the case, then everyone on Earth could loot and burn because all colors were invaded, murdered, sold into slavery, etc. at some point in human history. Destroying the businesses and churches of your local community does no good, especially to those business owners who spent many years developing their businesses and building something from scratch. I'm not sure what the future holds, but the last thing we need is another civil war. Stop griping about color and start uniting against the powers that be, because that is where the real hatred and division is at.
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    Ferguson, and other issues

    Everyone is going to skip over what Galactic said but it pretty much the most on point post in this thread.
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    Alright, I fixed it. A REAL 100% complete collection.
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    A 2xlp/45rpm that included these tracks would've been amazing. I get the cost and having to cut down for a single LP, but If any album this year deserved the "deluxe" treatment it was Kingfisher.
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    Black Friday Record Store Day 2014

    Got this today
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    Ferguson, and other issues

    please go back to the moon
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    100% complete. So proud.
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    Why would you advocate screwing with an event who's main purpose is to entertain children and families? It is NOT the only way to keep people talking about Ferguson.
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    Travis has nothing to do with things like this. Plus your "order" isn't an order at all because it didn't get submitted. Same thing happened to myself and plenty of others. The hot topic website isn't great at handling a high volume of orders for the same item to the point that it sells out. Likely it was already sold out when any of us were stuck on the "submit order" page and rather than getting a "sold out" message we were just sent back to that page over and over. At least you didn't get your order through after they were sold out, leading you to believe you were fine, only to get a cancelation notification days later.
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    Bumping for the fuck of it.
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    Topshelf Records - Black Friday

    we're going to start making them live at midnight on thursday. it's a lot of releases and we manually have to do them so i'd suggest placing a few orders since we have limited quantities and if there are things you really want they might be sold out while trying to have multiple items in your cart. you can always email orders at topshelfrecords.com to combine orders and we'll refund the cost of shipping when we do that. Thanks!
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    Topshelf Records - Black Friday

    I saw a couple people post in other threads asking what we were planning so I figured that i'd start something to make it easier/more visible for people. Here is what we're planning: All weekend long starting Friday morning at 12:01 AM EST until Monday night at 11:59 PM EST we'll have a 20% off sale on everything except OOP records that we'll be adding. Just use the code DEEPDARKNESS when you go to check out. We'll also be doing a sale on our bandcamp page with the same code for 50% off all albums digitally (Friday morning at 12:01 AM GMT until Monday night at 11:59 PM GMT). http://www.topshelfrecords.com/store http://topshelfrecords.bandcamp.com We are going to be adding a bunch of OOP records to the store. Instead of making you wonder what they are and search, below is a list. We've also added all of these variants to the store already under the appropriate release so you can opt to be notified when they are activated instead of wondering when it'll happen. Quantities on each are limited and some are as few as two and while a couple are as many as 15. LITE "Installation" 180g Black Prawn "Kingfisher" Aqua Blue, Clear w/ Blue and Orange Splatter, 180g Black You Blew It! "You Blue It" Half and Half, Blue, AsideBside w/ Splatter, Half and Hald w/ Splatter Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) "You Will Eventually Be Forgotten" 180g Black, Bone, Silver, Milky Clear w/ Blue/Pink/Yellow Splatter, Clear and Blue Color In Color Braid "No Coast" Orange Halves, Blue w/ White Splatter, Blue, Electric Blue w/ Black Haze Frameworks "Loom" Gray with White and Black splatter, Cream, 180gram Black, Translucent Purple Nai Harvest "Hold Open My Head" Blue w/ Red, Blue w/ Yellow You Blew It! "Keep Doing What You're Doing" Coke Bottle Clear, Yellow Prawn / Joie de Vivre "Split" Red, Brown, Silver Crash Of Rhinos "Knots" Black/White AsideBside, Black Enemies "Embark, Embrace" Clear, Translucent Gold, Translucent Red Toe "For Long Tomorrow" Half Blue / Half Cream, Rust, Cream, Olive Toe "Ideas, Songs We Forgot" Clear w/ Purple Splatter, White, Green, Blue Toe "The Book…" Clear with Black Smoke, Green, Blue, Gray TWIABP "Whenever, If Ever" Clearwater Green, White w/ Green Swirl, Clear w/ Blue and Green Splatter Have Mercy "The Earth Pushed Back" 180 Gram Black, White, Clear w/ Black Smoke A Great Big Pile of Leaves "You're Always On My Mind" Clear w/ Yellow and Red Splatter, Oxblood, Mint Into It. Over It. "Life Is Suffering" Half White / Half Black, White, Black The Saddest Landscape "Exit Wounded" Red / White / Black Tri color Diamond Youth "Orange" Clear with Orange Splatter, Translucent Orange, Creamsicle, Green You Blew It! "The Past In Present" Cream, Red, Blue Tigers Jaw / Self Defense Family / TWIABP / Code Orange Kids "4-way Split" Clear, Translucent Gold w/ Red Swirl, Rose, Peach, Pink Pianos Become the Teeth / Touche Amore "Split" Clear, Beer, Electric Blue / Gold split The Saddest Landscape "Redefining Loneliness" Translucent Red, Translucent Gold Fake Problems / You Blew It! "Florida Doesn't Suck" Baby Pink, Coke Bottle Green with Pink SplatterTSR068: Toe "The Future Is Now" Pink, Teal, Black We Were Skeletons "Blame and Aging" Fire w/ Black splatter, Clear with White smoke Prawn "Ships" Gray, Navy Blue, Beige, Clear w/ White Smoke, Clear, White Duck. Little Brother, Duck! "Don't Take Our Filth Away" Clear w/ Black Splatter, White and Purple Marble, Light Blue Marble Sirs "S/T" Maroon, Off White Suis La Lune "Riala" Black and Pink Halves Moving Mountains "Foreword" Orange, Silver Code Orange Kids / Full Of Hell "Split" Yellow, Blue and White Marble, Clear with White Smoke, Green The Saddest Landscape "After The Lights" Pink/Black Pinwheel, Clear/Blue Halves, Wine, Black 180g, Clear/Trans Red Halves Prawn "You Can Just Leave It All" Green Pianos Become The Teeth "The Lack Long After" White, Navy Blue, Black, Beige A Great Big Pile of Leaves "Live From The Living Room" Black, Translucent Blue A Great Big Pile of Leaves "Boom" Translucent Red, Cream, Translucent Blue Native "Wrestling Moves" Clear / Orange splatter, Maroon, Black, Translucent Red w/ Black Swirl, Clear w/ Black Swirl Caravels / Gifts From Enola "Split" Dark Green Opaque, Clear, Coke Bottle Clear, White TWIABPAIANLATD / Deer Leap "Are Here To Help" Mint Green, White, Translucent Gold, Black Chamberlain "Moon My Saddle" Pink Marble, White, Trans Gold Into It. Over It. "Twelve Towns" Cream, Clear Pianos Become The Teeth / The Saddest Landscape "Split" Translucent Blue with Red splatter, Half Solid Blue / Half Translucent Blue We Were Skeletons / The Saddest Landscape "Split" Pink, Opaque Green w/ Black, Glow In The Dark w/ Black TWIABPAIANLATD "Josh Is Dead" Dark Red, Green By Surprise "Mountain Smashers" Smoke, Black We Were Skeletons / MNWA "Split" Brown Coping / The Clippers "Split" White, Black, Green My Heart To Joy "Reasons To Be" White, Black TWIABPAIANLATD "Formlessness" White, Black, Gold, Gray The Clippers "An Evening With..." Yellow / Orange Split Halves, White, Green w/ Black Smoke Grown Ups "More Songs" Clear Gold, Off White, Coke Bottle Clear Everyone Everywhere / Into It. Over It. "Split EP" Black, Clear, White Pianos Become The Teeth "Old Pride" Yellow, Pink, Gray Thanks
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    Most pictures in this thread make me feel like "Fuck it would be awesome to collect variants" but also like "Fuck why does my wife need so many purses and pairs of shoes" and then I think to myself "we are exactly the same" and I cry
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    Ferguson, and other issues

    #Stoptheparade is the dumbest thing yet....only closely followed by the person starting it not participating.
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    Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    This beauty on full blast right now...
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    Post your own mockups for fun!

    Sorry if they're huge! I'm trying out a new format with these. Twice the size makes for twice the detail.
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    Couldn't agree more. They could still do it. I'd re-buy it despite not currently having a pot to piss in. I love this album too much not to.
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    Finally got my drum head bundle in!
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    No Juan by that name lives here.
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    Ferguson, and other issues

    yeah the jfk conspiracy theory totally opened my eyes
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    PO: Circa Survive - Descensus (11/24/14)

    now find the person selling the hot topic exclusive on ebay with "more than 10 available"
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    Ferguson, and other issues

    Can't believe these looters! It's sad that they shamed ferguson like that.
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    PO: Lights - "Little Machines"

    That's a great price for Siberia! I just got home from her show tonight. Amazing of course and really enjoyed all the new songs live. I was one of the first 50 people in line at the merch table so I got a meet and greet pass. She was so lovely and it was actually way different than the typical meet and greets I have been to in the past. She doesn't rush you out and tries to talk with you as long as she can before security gets mad haha.
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    AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread

    Nah man, it doesn't, 100% And here's the info for your country (guessing you're from Estonia by your ebay info): However, if the value of the items alone is over 22 eur, then you have to pay VAT based on the item value + shipping value. But for calculating if the package is over the limit, only the item value is used.
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    The pressing plant did not ship them yesterday because they pressed them all and then discovered that they all had a nasty scratch and they are re-pressing them today. Allegedly. At least they did not ship them to us messed up. Of course, they also did not ship them to us in September, or October. Of course at this rate it will not be November either. Basically, abandon all hope if you press records in Nashville.
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    Does any of this by chance make a great gift?
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    Those recipes would be awesome. Since you gave me permission to open i did and man it continues to be awesome. Thank you! NOFX - Eating Lamb/Heavy Petting Zoo. Been meaning to pick this up so im super stoked to own it. Candy Hearts - been meaning to check them out, spinning it now and i really dig it so thank you TA/TF split 7" - awesome I actually have the colored version on the nofx 7" (my bad for not updating tradelist) so ill give this to my pops, which he'll be stoked on.
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    I'm enjoying my own show.
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    I always bring enough for my homies. Someone sell this fine person a BSN Deluxe, AT A GOOD PRICE.
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    Since vinyl-enthusiasts and cats-enthusiasts seem to be pretty much the same thing around here, I figured I'm just gonna post a picture of myself with the cats on me lap. It's a pretty cool cat.
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    Ferguson, and other issues

    To be 16 again...
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    What are the chances these will get repressed a dozen times?
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    PS: thank you text group for the heads up! You are all precious in my sight
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    Just read this in a Jamaican accent and it all comes together.
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    Ferguson, and other issues

    if im trying to leave tonight, and my shits blocked off... im gonna raise hell.
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    Future Islands' Singles for $10
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    Have you tried doing a search? It looks like interpunk.com still has copies along with revhq. Also discogs has some for sale.
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    Big mistake, come on. Hasn't every ABR fan heard & invested in this? This might be my favorite thing they've done. I also only listen to it about 25-30 days out of the year of course, so it stays fresh. They just released a new song, too. On the Solid State "Midnight Clear" Christmas album. Which I'm sure is only a CD/digital release. They did Joy To The World, and Flurries is also on it. And let's not forget last year's Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy either! Look out for it at their merch table, maybe they'll still be selling it. That Frosty The Snowman is fucking HEAVY, I love it.
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    so what do you think?
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    Topshelf Records - Black Friday

    Thought it was Seasons in Verse and got really excited
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    I see nothing wrong with their post. Calm down
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    Records on a boat.....

    Records on a boat Records in a moat Records in the water Records eaten by otters
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    Apparently, and quite honestly, the first single from it sounds boring as hell:
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    Thanks for the pressing info. Wish we had some for "Siberia" & "Siberia Acoustic". As a whole, I love the record. I'll be damned if "Oil & Water" isn't a single by the end of this album cycle. That songs screams single material.
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    Wait why is Space Oddity missing? That's like the best one he did.
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