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    PO: Teen Suicide Reissues

    geez big spender. its almost like $2 isn't a lot of money to you.
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    Anyone who tells me the whole "Ringo is a bad drummer" thing, I show them this.
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    Not my favorite HTD album but if buying these shows T&N/SS that it's worth it to press albums from '03-'06, I'll gladly buy it!!!
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    YES. I can't wait for this!! Also still hoping for Attack of the Wolf King.
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    I've always felt that he's under-appreciated :/
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    Blink-182 complete first pressings: Buddha - 98 first press black Cheshire Cat - Red Eyes Dude Ranch - Black grilled cheese Enema - MTS Gold foil MTTS - Blue/Green first press TOYPAJ - EU MCA first press Untitled - MTS black first press Greatest Hits - HT splatter Neighborhoods - Interpunk pink Current full blink collection: Buddha - 98 first press black Buddha - black 2005 repress Buddha - HT splatter Cheshire Cat - Red Eyes x 2 Cheshire Cat - yellow/blue haze Cheshire Cat - HT splatter Dude Ranch - Black grilled cheese Dude Ranch - MTS red Dude Ranch - HT splatter Enema - MTS Gold foil x 2 Enema - MTS orange Enema - HT splatter MTTS - Blue/Green first press MTTS - HT splatter TOYPAJ - EU MCA first press x2 TOYPAJ - HT black w/ 7in TOYPAJ- splatter Untitled - MTS black first press Untitled - MTS white (signed by Travis and Mark) Untitled - HT splatter Greatest Hits - HT splatter Neighborhoods - Interpunk pink Neighborhoods - HT splatter TCTCU 7" - clear
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    PO: Teen Suicide Reissues

    I can laugh at myself, I probably had it coming. $2 seemed like more to half asleep at 6AM me than it does now. A+ gifs.
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    New album coming out on Oct 16th, Thank Your Lucky Stars They just announced on Twitter
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    PO: Lil BUB - Science & Magic

    Please tell me you live in the same Apartment building as this cat. You can't possibly have gone out of your way to meet a cat 3 separate times.
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    Eliminator Jr.

    Deafheaven - New Bermuda

    from the various download codes-thread:
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    AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread

    Ringo may not have been the best songwriter in the band, but many drummers aren't (and don't need to be). If that is your only criteria, you're missing the point - as the video above illustrates. Still not so interested in his solo stuff, but I can't imagine the Beatles without him behind the kit.
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    Le Gogh

    Fallout Discussion: “76”

    Just received this bad boy!! Pressing the yellow button on the front makes it go "whoooooossshhhhhh, BANG, cha-ching"
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    PO: Teen Suicide Reissues

    I Will Be My Own Hell LP has the album on side A, and the B side is b-sides from the same time period the album was written DC Snuff Film / Waste Yrself has the corresponding EP of each name on Side A/B as well as b-sides from each time period as well.
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    Me and Phil (Caspian) last night:
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    There won't be a third bundle, just doing separate releases moving forward for the rest of the year!
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    been a bit absent recently, im back and answering every question you have.. right now the complete bundle pt2 is looking like Q1 2016.. kills me to say that and had we had any idea of the headaches that happened during this release we wouldn't have set a PO. we've switched plants, were given exceptionally unrealistic press dates, had shit tests, artwork issues.. you name it. there will without a doubt be an amazing set when this is finished, unfortunately this is honestly longer than anyone wanted. on that note, if you're totally pissed - please reach out to us for a refund. if you can wait, we're doing something special for the people who pre-ordered and have been waiting patiently my email: [email protected] store email: [email protected]
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    glad these are still shrinkwrapped: http://www.ebay.com/itm/221903704334
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    Is this anything special?

    You should know that you are probably the first ever poster to so soundly disarm the VC ruff-n-tuff crew of their shit-talkin' with one single post. You could get some serious cash for that. Or, your friend could. Or you could, if you tell him it's not worth shit and then sell it for yourself.
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    A sealed test pressing of the Flaming Lips "At War With the Mystics" is up on Amoeba.com for $40 (free shipping). http://www.amoeba.com/at-war-with-the-mystics-test-pressing-lp-the-flaming-lips/albums/3733225/
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    PO Now: Alex G - Beach Music

    It's just a funny sentiment. When they signed up did they not see what like 90-99% of the topics on these boards are?
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    I've been busy with my new human, but I lurk every so often. This account is why I love music and support the bands I love. Congrats dude.
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    I might as well join in on the fun. _ricknajera
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    yea tetsuo, what lethalenforcer said....plus I texted you that nudie pic of me.
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    HOLY FETCH!!! GIMME MOAR HTD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    BTS- Untethered Moon New Vinyl $7.27 no prime sold by TUNESONLINE (6 copies left) https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00W5VOF8U/ref=sr_1_1_twi_lp__1_olp?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1444232670&sr=1-1&keywords=untethered+moon+vinyl
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    If you miss out on the Goonies print just buy literally any other Tyler Stout print. They are all the same.
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    Someone posted this on the discogs page http://www.discogs.com/reviews?release=7168841#c439324
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    Didn't know that! (But Don't Pass Me By isn't early--it was on the self-titled )
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    man way to lower my self esteem
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    Now? Every record is poppy has hell. "Hehe, Shabutie" ring a bell?
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    Jamie Rarity

    PO: Teen Suicide Reissues

    they also have the starry cat / boy crush split
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    I love the Beatles and I love Ringo....but I have to agree with Rezqua! Compared to the brilliancy of John, Paul & George and their songwriting, Ringo always seemed like the weakest link... ...nevertheless, he was/is the best fit for the band!!!
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    Cheers for the quick info dude. Looking forward to more releases being announced. Hoping 'Pagan Holiday' will be one of them.
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    No idea how I missed this release. It fricking rules. Welp, picked up the orange.
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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    Animal crackers > anime characters ...and I'm allergic to most brands of animal crackers
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    Yes, all of these records were released as single lps, I have originals of all of them and they crush, so the complaint that they're compressed onto single lps for this pressing is silly like Milli Vanilli.
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    Not sure if this was posted, but the coke bottle clear is on sale at Newbury Comics for $15.99: https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/vinyl-top-20/products/chvrches-every_open_eye_coke-bottle_clear_lp?variant=8646685827
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    Just to voice a dissenting opinion: Maybe my expectations were more inline with what's going on for this pre-order, or maybe I'm extraordinarily patient... I went into the pre-order fully aware that I was pre-ordering bundle 2 with no delivery date announced AND knew that bundle one had already been delayed for people who ordered it. I would really really love to get that coloured moneen album ripping on my system ASAP, but I feel comfortable assuming that Dine Alone aren't a bunch of scummy dicks out to screw people over and are doing what they can to make this happen in a realistic time frame. It'll come when it comes, and it'll probably be very worth the wait. If not - I live a block away and come the 1 year mark I'll just pop in during office hours and help myself to some office furniture to recoup my costs Which reminds me, I need to go over and pick up my BR/DGES 7" right now. To be fair though: a status update would be appreciated.
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    Dang, I'm in the process of getting less beat-to-shit copies of their albums than I already have, but this is too rich for my blood. Prophet's Song >>> Bohemian Rhapsody. Yeah, I said it.
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