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    Why, thank you. Being an adult who knows that different words mean different things isn't my greatest accomplishment, but it's always nice to be congratulated. Someday you too can be an average adult English speaker.
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    My son's 1st show he was 3. We listen to records every day... it's awesome.
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    Jason Galea updated his website with recent designs he did for Flightless. There are some photos of the tab book plus the 2nd AUS press variant. http://jasongalea.com/kglw-paper-mache-dream-balloon.html
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    Does anyone else wish there was this much outpouring of support for those killed in other terrorist attacks in other areas of the world? I think its important to realize that terrorism happens every day across the globe. Where is #prayforberuit? Where is #prayforbaghdad? This is not meant to minimize the horrors of what happened in Paris, but to hopefully raise awareness that just because facebook suggests to "try it", to overlay the French flag over your profile picture, but never bothers to to this for Middle Eastern/African nations who deal with terror like Paris DAILY, its just depressing...
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    The slightly used "vinyl record" I got recently from a fulfillment center haha. http://imgur.com/a/l0nmq
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    SpaceLab9 thread

    Finally had a chance to take photos of my recent acquirements. Haha. Love it!!!!
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    What are you Top 10 albums of all time?

    I bolded an important thing. Parenting now is handing them the tablet or smart phone. My dad took me to my first real show when I was 11 and was the person who sparked my interest. He passed not long after but the seed was planted and I'm thankful every day.
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    Awwwwwww shiiiiiit ya boi Bruce Willy just went OOP Now it's time for every to kick themselves for sleeping and then complain about aftermarket prices
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    It's just, how are they supposed to focus on things like school and music when there's so many god damn pokemans?
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    Love these three. Dogs is high up on my honorable mentions, too.
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    For public knowledge: I was just informed of how much of an ass I made of myself while in pre-op friday morning after being given a LOT of valium... Apparently I told the anesthesiologist I needed "some of this shit to take home and smoke it in a bong".....and also i told the orderly we needed a joint.... my life is a never ending wonder
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    Spiderland is a god damn masterpiece.
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    100% feel you on all of this.
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    They were feeding that shit to me like it was fucking PEZ Candy...didn't a damn thing but make me hot and high for five minutes, then in pain again...Meanwhile, in Percocet land.... the winds are cool and the days are bright lol
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    I sold one on here in the past year. Having a photo and more than 2 posts helps get people to want to work with you also...
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    Han Solo


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    Tool-aenima Radiohead-okcomputer Alexisonfire-crisis Beck-midnite vultures Sigur ros-AB Pink Floyd-darkside Animal collective-mpp Deftones-white pony Nirvana-in utero Refused-shape of punk
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    you were also responsible for probably 20 sales if not more
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    Anything post-Pinkerton from Weezer is not good. Some are better than others, but they're still pretty intolerable.
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    I can't wait to go to Walmart again and scan the barcode on my bracelet to see how much I'm worth lol
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    I'll text him.
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    I will make my list tomorrow. Gotta be up at 4am for work and I should have went to sleep a few hours ago. But I had to watch Rhonda get her ass rattled tonight. I should have bet too.
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    Holy shit Ronda Rousey losing just won me $900!!!
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    Yuck. Pseudo-rasta, bullshit radio stoner rock.
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    Dude it's tablature, not a music sheet. You're gonna need to listen to the songs to understand the time signatures/tempo. With that being said it's a pretty chill album and you'll definiitely be able to play it and have fun
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    That Far album is quite raw. Somewhat lo-fi and Jonah does a fair bit of screaming, if I remember correctly. It is likely the red/brown marble variant, as that is the latest press according to disogs. I think it is a solid album, better than W&S, in my eyes.
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    I remember the pre-Napster 90s when this was out of print and only one person in my circle of friends had a CD-R of this album. No one had CD burners at the time so we would pass it around, often wondering who actually had it and waiting months before it actually surfaced. No one ever made a copy due to the lack of CD burners. I guess we could have made tapes. Maybe we did. I eventually purchased the CD reissue in 2004.
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    Honestly, I think Stout is a one-trick pony. Can't think of a cheesier, overrated artist IMO.
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    I will fight anyone who doesn't agree that Appetite is one of the greatest rock n' roll records of all time. What will be playing in the background of said fight? That's right- It's So Easy will be playing and I'll be wearing a red bandana
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    That's just how the album is produced.
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    Recent purchases

    Found a dude with a primo metal collection that he's selling off, everything in impeccable condition, all original pressings. I'm waiting for all of these to arrive, and I'm sure there will be more. I have zero control. Disastrous Murmur - Rhapsodies In Red (LP, Album) Cadaver - Hallucinating Anxiety (LP, Album) Brutal Truth - Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses (LP, Album) Pestilence - Testimony Of The Ancients (LP, Album) Darkthrone - A Blaze In The Northern Sky (LP, Album) Immortalis - Indicium De Mortuis (LP, Album) Incubator - Symphonies Of Spiritual Cannibalism (LP, Album) Immolation - Dawn Of Possession (LP, Album) Ripping Corpse - Dreaming With The Dead (LP, Album) Revenant - Prophecies Of A Dying World (LP, Album) Baphomet (2) - The Dead Shall Inherit (LP, Album) Righteous Pigs - Stress Related (LP, Album) Therion - Beyond Sanctorum (LP, Album) Exhorder - The Law (LP, Album) Terrorizer - World Downfall (LP, Album, Pri) Grave (2) - Into The Grave (LP, Album) Gorefest - False (LP, Album, Yel) Gorguts - Considered Dead (LP, Album) Gorefest - Mindloss (LP, Album) Forbidden (3) - Forbidden Evil (LP, Album) Forbidden (3) - Twisted Into Form (LP, Album) Monstrosity - Imperial Doom (LP, Album) S.O.B.* - What's The Truth? (LP, Album) Sacrosanct (2) - Truth Is - What Is (LP, Album) Exodus (6) - Impact Is Imminent (LP, Album) Benediction - Subconscious Terror (LP, Album) Crusher (5) - Corporal Punishment (LP, Album) Assorted Heap - Mindwaves (LP, Album) Baphomet (4) - No Answers (LP, Album) Obituary - The End Complete (LP, Album) Defecation - Purity Dilution (LP, Album, Gre) Devastation (4) - Idolatry (LP, Album) Deceased - Luck Of The Corpse (LP, Album) Defiance (10) - Product Of Society (LP, Album) Dark Angel (3) - Leave Scars (LP, Album) Entombed - Clandestine (LP, Album, Ltd) Disharmonic Orchestra - Expositionsprophylaxe (LP, Album) Desecrator (9) - Subconscious Release (LP, Album) Messiah (5) - Choir Of Horrors (LP, Album) Nuclear Assault - Handle With Care (LP, Album) Nuclear Assault - Survive (LP, Album)
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    Post Your Record Storage Area

    Just bought a house in Nashville, finally have everything in order. My record shelf is a piece that my grandmother gave me that she used to store her VHS tapes in, so stoked on it with my collection inside. The Victrola in the corner isn't currently working (my Mom's best friend was going to throw it away). So I turned it into a bar and will get it fixed when I get some extra cash.
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    Copeland - IXORA - NEW LP

    You'd have a terrible time at a Dashboard show
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    SpaceLab9 thread

    $85 for 3LPs and a 7". Of a video game. Sounds about right.
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    Black Friday RSD - 2015

    Zero interest. Stoked.
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    hahahahaha thats wildhoney. a topshelf records band. kevin and seth, so much potential exposure to a new demographic here!!! Thread for the new Wildhoney EP: http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/115717-po-now-wildhoney-your-face-sideways-topshelf-records/?hl=wildhoney Preorder the new Wildhoney EP here: http://www.topshelfrecords.com/products/553695-wildhoney-your-face-sideways
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    hahah that song is pretty damn good hahahh
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    My vinyl "investment"

    What is amazon? What is discogs? Are those coming exactly after a year of the vinylbug?
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    My vinyl "investment"

    Last week, I went to the grocery store and used some coupons. Then I grabbed a jawbreaker from the coin-operated machines on my way out. Later, I cooked and ate a dinner. It was some solid sustenance.
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    PO Now: Sigur Ros "Takk" Repress

    I think it's great. I'm not necessarily a folk fan but the record is dynamic and each song can stand on it's own. That being said I find the pressing a tad bit noisy... but I guess that adds to the charm.
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    "Religion - giving us hope and comfort in a world torn apart by religion".
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    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

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    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

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    SpaceLab9 thread

    Sounds like they should have put their orders in sooner...
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    Fuzzy/Muffled Sound

    I don't have one of those awful Crosley turntables. I have an Audio Technica AT-LP60. If you're just going to throw lame accusations, then either please contribute to the topic or get lost.
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