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    Hello Montauk_123, It means that I'm "willing to buy" that record. Wish this helped. Sincerely, Lupe. Bump!
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    The blue is quite a sonic upgrade from the red. How long did you run each for? They do need to break in but it should start off good and get better rather than start off bad.
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    If it's fine with digital then that's a pretty fair assumption. As I say equipment wise there is very little wrong with your TT, Cartridge or phono stage This has always generally been the issue with them in that the analogue sources are just an afterthought. It's primary use will be for digital Home Theatre as that is what it was designed for and if the manufacturer want's to keep costs down whilst still giving performance in the areas most will use it for then doing so in the analogue stages usually works fine for them.
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    Bull Moose

    Holiday Sales Thread (2015)

    We don't do coupon codes. We figure if we're going to have a deal we should make it available to everybody. We just mark stuff down and keep it simple.
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    various download codes

    All of RFC's 2015 releases are now FREE / Pay What You Want on their BC until midnight EST tonight! https://runforcoverrecords.bandcamp.com/
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    Think I told you this but I just got mine on here from a nice fella for $24ppd. Don't let anyone tell ya otherwise
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    Holiday Sales Thread (2015)

    I just use it online. No card. No numbers. It tallies them for you in the upper right and will flag any potential purchases which you could use them on. You will see something like, "Use 14 Bullmoose points" next to something as you are checking out. Click it, it adjusts the price before final checkout.
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    Black Friday RSD - 2015

    Bull Moose leftovers are up.....
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    Have you got the speakers placed correctly and what is the size of the room? you might want to revisit the distances between you and the speakers, between the speakers, from the walls to the speakers, from the speakers to the HiFi itself and how and where they are sited. It's hard to know without actually hearing it and it's difficult to see for sure because of the angle of the 2nd photo but the alignment looks fine. Investing in a scale to measure your tracking force might be worthwhile as the scale on the weight isn't always that accurate but things like VTA (which you can't adjust on that table) and tracking angle will have more sonic effect unless you are running particularly light or particularly heavy so it's unlikely to be turntable alignment related to that degree Also what is it like from a CD or other digital audio though? If it's sounds as bad with CD, the speakers are correctly placed and everything on the turntable is correctly set up then the front end, turntable, cartridge and phono stage are all of a pretty good standard and I haven't heard the speakers but I have heard good things about them so my instinct is your limiting factor is the AV receiver, it's rather outclassed by the components in front of it and AV receivers in general are rarely very good at HiFi until you get a good way up the food chain but it should at least be reasonable, again I haven't heard that particular Denon but my own experience with AV receivers has been that all of them around that price point were decidedly average when it came to music but all were quite capable when it comes to film audio, to get one that did a half decent job at audio I had to go way up the range of the one I bought and with some makers you had to go a very long way up the range.
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    NFL Discussion

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    Team Avatar

    MAN ADVICE v2.0

    okay gumbo
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    various download codes

    Jawbreaker - Unfun 6AD1B0A163 http://www.midheaven.com/downloadcode
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    Thanks for creating an account just to flip a record...
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    OK - I need to still figure out my Santa. That will be my next post but I solved my Flickr issue. My Santa scored well yet again this year. I got a sweet Numero Soul Collection and a classic Lee Fields LP - I've been holding off on buying any LF albums hoping my Santa got my letter. The Legos immediately were coopted by my five-year-old who allowed me to put that Lee Fields album on the turntable - I chilled, he built, it was a good hour. Love local coffee - thank you. Love the mix. Thank you. I need to find time to build those Star metal pieces but I appreciate the extra effort on the tools. Thanks for the early holiday cheer!
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    Exactly. Just trying to start a conversation for what I thought the whole site was about.
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    I got my package today! I showed no restraint and opened it immediately. Here we have some delicious treats. I'd never tried brownie brittle, but I've never met a brittle I haven't liked, and this is no exception. I'm eating some as I type this. I'm excited to try the Thin Mints Crunch bar too, but I've had enough sweets for the day. Next was an envelope. It said not to open it until the presents were opened, so I'll set it aside... The first present! Could it be a 7"?! It is! It's a single from Band of Horses/Cee-Lo Green! They're covering each others' songs. I've been on a real big Gnarls Barkley kick lately, so this is really cool. I was also bombarded with stickers and download codes. Yay! On to the big present! Two Conversations by The Appleseed Cast and a Christmas record. I'm a fan of The Appleseed Cast, but for some reason I've never listened to this album. I have no idea why either, so thanks for this one! My secret Santa told me he thinks it's their best, so I'm excited to listen to it! It even came with all the goodies that come with ordering from Graveface (Pixy Stix!) I love the variant too!
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    PO Now: Sigur Ros "Takk" Repress

    Color me excited. Also wanted to gladly report that my copy just showed up from Bull Moose, and it was packaged in a tank-of-a-mailer with no shortage of padding inside. Zero seam splits, and nothing that can be considered a corner dent or ding. I don't know if I just got lucky... but after the suspicion / talk of easily-damageable jackets, I'm pretty elated to own an immaculate copy of this thing. Not even miffed that I paid a good bit more than $26, either. It's beautiful and well worth the wait over the years. It'll be a bit before I can spin it, but it feels good just to see it residing on my shelf with the rest of the Sigur Rós collection. My "one of these days..." record list feels naked now that I've finally checked this one off of it.
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    Ugh. Yes, Phil Spector is a murdering bastard. Its a good record.
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    Butcha's Meat Thread

    smoking two of these tonight. on hour 6. I decided against the water pan as it slows down the smoking time with too much moisture. these box smokers are hard to maintain at 230 degrees as it is. using apple wood for pork; duh and a variety of finer chips for a cooler smokier down time when needed. without the water it speeds the cooking up but misting with apple juice is a constant. I injected with a brine and the rub tightly wrapped in Saran Wrap for 2 days. it's been a year or two but it's always a fun time. I compare it to having a newborn baby all over again with the care and attention needed.
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    From them guyz, Hi everyone, The time has finally come to give you a positive update here. We've received tracking from the plant and the records are scheduled to arrive on Monday 11/30 (and a few days later for our UK store). This means we'll start shipping your order out next week! Please keep in mind that there are a lot of orders for this release and this is also the week following Black Friday which might back us up a bit but rest assured we will be doing all we can to ship orders out as fast and efficiently as possible. Again, thank you so much for your patience with this release and for supporting independent music. -Kevin & Seth
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    TSR shipped the other record I ordered with this along with a note explaining that it was due to the long wait for toe. So, probably still a ways off if they were willing to eat the second shipping cost for anyone with multiple items in their order.
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    The gal and I on Halloween night
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    a FB friend of mine:
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