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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    I made it to San Francisco safely! It's a huge difference from Oklahoma but I should get used to it pretty quick. Currently my whole body hurts from walking just 20 minutes from the train but that's just from years of being lazy and never exercising.
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    I don't like this album but at least it's more interesting than the last few LPs. There are a few moments where it sounds like they are ready to go full fast-pace classic Blink but then some studio effects come in and kill the mood or Travis starts doing his skittering drum thing and I remember that this isn't 1999 anymore. I don't remember the last few ones having any fleeting good moments to kill. Also, I legitimately expected to hear a techno beat drop in during some of Mark's vocal melodies over sparse instrumentation. Something very AVICI/techno-folk-radio-pop sounding about some of the melodies.
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    Blink-182 - California (Out Now!)

    I've listened to way too much Alkaline Trio apparently, because I'm having a difficult time mentally incorporating Skiba as a part of Blink without drifting to thoughts of Alk3 each time he sings...maybe it's just me though.
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    Just picked up 2 post rock whales that I've been after for what seems like far too long now. At a hell of a price too. Athletics - Why Aren't I Home? - Ultra Clear w/Black Splatter /100 Athletics - Who You Are Is Not Enough - Cup O' Joe /150 Little upcoming bday present to myself
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    You were right, they were a band that traveled with the forever classic "D.A.R.E" campaign to schools and sang about healthy food, bad drugs and safe sex. Mostly known for there short lived hit single with Nancy Reagan on lead vocals called "Just Say NO!". Then you have "Penny Lane" who is the clown from the classic horror movie and that is nothing more then a novelty album kind of like the one where Freddy rapped. Awesome cover art though! Very interesting mix of albums to ask about but I would say to the right buyer you could probably get some solid monies for sure.
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    Shitty Rambo

    Blink-182 - California (Out Now!)

    You know damn well it's going to be that terrible Los Angeles song. It'll somehow be incorporated with the new Transformers movie.
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    Can someone help me value these records?

    just give them back to your grandpa
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    My record room is almost done, here is an updated picture since the last time I posted anything. And a photo of my rug: And then my last project to complete but I ran out of old junk 45s
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    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    Every time he does something I think of this (need to change it to say Dingleberry!!) hah
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    I cannot stop listening to this. Total summer ripper.
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    Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

    +1 for incorporating gamer nerd lingo into your Radiohead post.
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    Shitty Rambo

    4th of July Weekend Sales

    Via Interpunk... "We are having a huge sale to celebrate the 4th of July Weekend.Starting Now thru July 4th use COUPON CODE: 12JULY for 12% off your orderPLUS if you spend $50 or more, USA shipping is only $4.99" Lol @ "huge"
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    TOO LATE, DIPSHITS! I'M RICH NOW! I USED ALL THE PROFITS ON A BRAND NEW RECORD. I was actually going to rip all the paper sleeves so you bitches could cry Gumbo style, and submit a complainant for a replacement. Muahaha. PS - all complaints are printed out, and used as toilet paper.
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    It's cause I paid via e-check...
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    it's been 4 hours. where's my record? worst group buy ever.
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    Professor Finn

    Awesome Goodwill Finds

    Let's just say yesterday wasn't too bad... (it was sealed when I found it for $1) I also found 16 Rolling Stones albums at a goodwill a couple weeks back for $1/ea (not the best photo but you get the gist)
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    All serious collector's buy 4 copies of every release. One to spin, one to frame, one to keep sealed, and one to... sniff?
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    Infamous Lunchbox

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Iam8Bit at it again: http://store.iam8bit.com/collections/vinyl/products/thumper-collector-s-edition-vinyl Looks neat, but wish it wasn't a picture disc.
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    Because they're... bad? (Case in point: your brand new record is skipping)
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    Awesome Goodwill Finds

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    Awesome Goodwill Finds

    Rancid- Let's Go on cassette. $0.69 yet again. It's fuckin' $15 on Discogs. I'm so excited.
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    Awesome Goodwill Finds

    Jeff Foxworthy- Games Rednecks Play cassette for $0.69. Had to buy it.
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    Ask me about my seven inches.

    Yup, it was me. I designed this shirt in 2005. I just found the art file and decided to put it up on TeePublic. It was the first t-shirt I designed to sell on our own. I'd been selling seven inches at a show, and made a sign that turned into a shirt. That year, we sold it at Comic Conventions, and during San Diego Comic-Con, a buyer from Hot Topic approached us. I was actually working at a Hot Topic store in our local mall, so I thought that was funny. He wanted to test it out in certain markets, maybe order 100, or even 700 tops. After SDCC, he got in contact and upped his order to 7000. This was December 2005. Straight up, they ordered way too many way. In 2005, vinyl was still very niche, and they sold it at my store a bit. Nowhere near what vinyl is doing now. I'm amazed anyone could still find it at Hot Topic in 2007, mostly because they marked that shit down after it shipped. We still sold it for a few years until I stopped screen printing. That was our first and last Hot Topic order. The buyer who ordered it left shortly after the sale. But it started us on a crazy, decade long bout of self-employment and weird projects. It's weird how a dumb shirt idea became a way to pave our own path.
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    sorry I got 4
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