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    PO: Pixies - Head Carrier

    agreed, gonna have to paz on this
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    Ordered the Darling soundtrack and a few older releases this morning and just received shipping notification! Woohoo. Heard the sampler for darling and very excited to hear this in its entirety next week. I suggest if you enjoyed the insidious soundtrack and/or eery dissonance to check this out. It's worth your time.
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    It really is sad to see someone like that get away with anything she does. It's hard to believe that all of her supporters just look past her crimes. Kind of scary!
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    That is the exact injustice.
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    I've fired people for forwarding their work email through their personal email. If the email server is not internal it's not secure, period. Illegal? Not inherently, it depends on what contracts you've signed and what your employer decides to do about the infraction. But I wouldn't want someone so careless in my employ, let alone running a country.
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    Several new titles on the Collectors Choice / Discogs page: Govt Mule 'Dark Side Of The Mule' $9.96 Govt Mule 'DUB Side Of the Mule' $9.85 Weezer 'Everything Will Be Alright' $7.50 Sharon Jones & Dap-Kings 'Give The People' $5.60 Helio Sequence s/t on Sub Pop  $7.18 Can 'Unlimited Edition' 2LP reissue 2014  $8.18 James Horner's score to 'The Amazing Spider-Man' $8.93 Train 'Bulletproof Picasso' $6.90 Franz Ferdinand & Sparks 'FFS' $8.79 Ting Tings 'Super Critical' $5.91
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    sad, sad state of affairs. politicians are supposed to uphold the law. not be above it, break it, lie about it, face zero consequences, and then run for office.
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    I almost became a fan of this album midway when Mark sings: "Some daaaaaaaay you will come back to me and I'll saaaaay..." Except he didn't end it with "Why don't you go fuck yourself!" which is inexplicable and wrong.
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    I have a hard time believing this is real, but it's still funny. http://m.imgur.com/a/f9puH
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    it's really sad to see this thread without posts making fun of Trump.
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    Charles Barkley

    PO: Pixies - Head Carrier

    As far as I'm concerned, it's not a Pixies album if Kim isn't on bass. This is clearly a no "deal" for me.
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    Orchid Tapes Club

    Been getting kind messages, especially from rockpocketz, you a straight up baller. But i really was testing the waters. Maybe somewhere down the line I'll let this go, maybe orchid tapes will reissue this on a seven inch or bird tapes might finally release all the rest of these batches. I think everyone should have this honestly cause it's a raw and sick album. anyways here's some pictures of it! Original order came with stickers!
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    ate a ribeye tonight for ya butcha. happy bday.
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    Every spec of this was detailed by requests from the band, down to the colors of the vinyl. Black was an obvious color option, so it seemed that they deliberately shied away from it. However, if this pressing does well enough... ;-)
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    various download codes

    Sinister Haze - Laid Low in the Dust of Death Code: cfjn-xfau sinisterhaze.bandcamp.com/yum
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    Nah no conspiracy. Quantity per order became limited when we saw a couple of unusually high number of box sets being ordered by one person. Wanted to make sure real fans could buy them and not just some guy w/ an online store who wants to try to flip them for a profit once they sold out.
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    Now that we've relocated from Boston to San Diego and are finally well settled into our new space (lol at how long this takes), we began a project of archiving and cataloging every vinyl variant of every album we've ever released. As you can imagine, with 10+ years worth of physical releases, this is a somewhat cumbersome task. Also with 10+ years worth of releases (and despite our best efforts), we have a few missing things, a few holes to fill — sometimes entire pressings that we don't even have a single variant of. There are also albums we have a surplus of things for so we figured we'd reach out to publicly solicit some trades so we can get a few copies of the album variants we're missing and give people the opportunity to grab some rare/OOP stuff from us in return. Below is a list of what we have available for trade as well as what we need. All serious inquiries should reach out to orders at topshelfrecords dot com. I'll do my best to keep this post updated with current quantities of what we have/need. Thank you!! NEED: TSR013: Defeater "Travels" 12" – 5 Brown, 4 Dark Gray w/ Red, 5 Translucent Red w/ Black, 5 Clear TSR015: Pianos Become The Teeth "Old Pride" LP – 5 White, 5 Amber, 4 Maroon/Gold, 5 White TSR017: We Were Skeletons "S/T" LP – 4 Black TSR021: Into It. Over It. / Casetvet "Snack Town" 7" – 4 Gray, 5 Brown, 3 Tour Cover TSR023: Grown Ups "More Songs" LP – 5 Rust, 3 Tan TSR028: TWIABP "Formlessness" 7" – 5 Clear TSR033: You Me And Everyone We Know "Things Are Really Weird Right Now" 7" – 5 White TSR036: The Saddest Landscape/We Were Skeletons "Split" 7" – 5 Opaque Green w/ Black, 5 Glow in the Dark w/ Black TSR038: Into It. Over It. "Twelve Towns" LP – 5 Clear, 5 Light Blue w/ Red TSR039: Caravels "Floorboards" LP – 5 Black TSR043: Empire! Empire! "On Time Spent Waiting…" 7" – 5 Blue, 4 Red TSR044: TWIABP/Deer Leap "Are Here To Help" LP – 4 Opaque Yellow Marble TSR051: Pianos Become The Teeth "The Lack Long After" LP – 5 Blue w/ Black Smoke TSR052: Prawn "You Can Just Leave It All" LP – 5 Black, 4 White, 5 Translucent Red w/ Black TSR053: The Saddest Landscape "After The Lights" LP – 5 Coke Bottle TSR054: You Blew It! "Grow Up, Dude" LP – 5 Yellow/White, 5 Clear, 4 Maroon TSR069: Fake Problems/You Blew It! "Florida Doesn't Suck" 7" – 5 Coke Bottle TSR071: Pianos Become The Teeth/Touche Amore "Split" 7" – 5 Clear, 5 Electric Blue TSR073: Sainthood Reps/Weatherbox "Split" 7" – 4 Milky Clear TSR080: A Great Big Pile Of Leaves "You're ALways On My Mind" LP – 4 Oxblood, 5 Beer TSR082: TWIABP "Whenever, If Ever" LP – 5 Translucent Red w/ White, 4 Hunter Green or Clearwater TSR084: toe "The Book…" LP – 4 Blue TSR086: toe "For Long Tomorrow" LP – 4 Gold TSR089: Crash Of Rhinos "Knots" 2xLP – 5 White w/ Black Gray Speckle, 5 Transparent Red TSR090: Tancred "S/T" LP – 5 Clear TSR094: You Blew It! "Keep Doing What You're Doing" LP – 4 Translucent Yellow w/ Green Splatter HAVE: TSR015: Pianos Become The Teeth "Old Pride" LP – 11 Green/White, 5 Red/White, 5 Navy, 4 Red, 1 Yellow, 1 Pink TSR016: Rooftops "A Forest of Polarity" LP – 2 Yellow TSR018: Big Kids "Hoop Dreams" LP – 5 Pink TSR022: Into It. Over It./Everyone Everywhere "Split" 7" – 3 Black, 1 Clear, 1 Gold TSR023: Grown Ups "More Songs" LP – 3 Black, 1 Gold, 1 White, 1 Coke TSR026: Caravels "S/T" 7" – 4 Gray, 3 Green, 8 Clear w/ Random Splatter, 1 Yellow TSR027: The Clippers "An Evening With" 7" – 1 Half Yellow/Half Orange TSR028: TWIABP "Formlessness" 7" – 9 Purple w/ White, 7 Gray, 5 Green w/ White, 4 Translucent Blue, 3 White, 3 Light Blue, 1 Gold TSR029: My Heart To Joy "Reason To Be" 7" – 1 White, 1 Red TSR030: The Clippers/Coping "Split" 7" – 3 White, 2 Black TSR031: We Were Skeletons/MNWA "Split" 7" – 1 Yellow, 1 Brown, 1 Red TSR033: You Me And Everyone We Know "Things Are Really Weird Right Now" 7" – 4 Blue TSR034: By Surprise "Mountain Smashers" LP – 1 Black TSR035: TWIABP "Josh Is Dead" 7" – 4 Pink, 1 Yellow, 1 Dark Red TSR036: The Saddest Landscape/We Were Skeletons "Split" 7" – 2 Pink, 1 Sky Blue, 1 Translucent Blue TSR037: Pianos Become The Teeth/The Saddest Landscape "Split" 7" – 11 Navy, 5 Translucent Blue w/ Black Smoke, 5 Orange w/ Black Smoke, 2 Rust, 1 Black w/ White Stripe, 1 Clear w/ Black Smoke, 1 Translucent Red w/ Black Smoke TSR038: Into It. Over It. "Twelve Towns" LP – 8 Cream, 3 Clear/White, 2 Blue, 2 Red, 2 Gold TSR042: Empire! Empire! "On Time Spent Waiting…" 7" – 5 Violet, 5 Yellow, 4 Tan, 1 Orange, 1 Green, 1 Cream TSR044: TWIABP/Deer Leap "Are Here Tp Help" LP – 2 Mint Green TSR045: Sirs/run,WALK! "Split" 7" – 1 White/Blue Color in Color, 1 Pink/Blue Color in Color TSR047: Native "Wrestling Moves" LP – 6 Clear/Black, 3 Clear/Orange Splatter, 1 Red/Black, 1 Maroon TSR049: A Great Big Pile Of Leaves "Boom!" LP – 10 Blue, 4 Cream TSR049: A Great Big Pile Of Leaves "Live From The Living Room" 7" – 7 Black, 1 Translucent Blue TSR051: Pianos Become The Teeth "The Lack Long After" LP – 2 Clear/Black, 3 Gold, 3 Amber, 2 Navy, 1 Black, 1 White, 1 Translucent Dark Red TSR052: Prawn "You Can Just Leave It All" LP – 5 Gold, 1 Green TSR053: The Saddest Landscape "After The Lights" LP – 11 Dark Wine, 8 Clear/Red Half/Half, 8 Pink/Black Pinwheel, 5 Clear/Navy Half/Half, 1 Orange/Black, 1 Clear/Green Half/Half TSR054: You Blew It! "Grow Up, Dude" LP – 9 Black w/ Green Labels, 5 Pink TSR056: Code Orange Kids/Full Of Hell "Split" 7" – 1 Purple w/ Black Smoke, 1 Yellow TSR058: The Saddest Landscape "Cover Your Heart" 7" – 2 Navy(RSD), 1 Cream TSR060: Suis La Lune "Riala" LP – 7 Clear w/ Red Haze, 5 Clear w/ Black Splatter, 4 Blue w/ White Splatter, 1 Black and Pink TSR061: Sirs "S/T" LP – 2 Cream, 1 Maroon, 1 Black TSR062: Duck. Little Brother, Duck! "Don't Take Out Filth Away" LP – 1 Clear w/ Black Splatter TSR063: Cut Teeth "Televandalism" LP – 5 White w/ Red Splatter TSR064: Prawn "Ships" LP – 1 Clear w/ Blue Smoke, 1 Biege TSR065: My Fictions "Always Trapped" 7" – 4 Half Black/Half White, 2 Black w/ White Lables(Tour edition #9 & 10/100) TSR066: By Surprise "Criteria" 7" – 1 White TSR067: We Were Skeletons "Blame & Aging" LP – 1 Black TSR068: toe "The Future Is Now" 10" – 14 Lavender, 1 Black TSR069: Fake Problems/You Blew It! "Florida Doesn't Suck" 7" – 2 Baby Pink, 6 Coke Bottle w/ Pink Splatter TSR071: Pianos Become The Teeth/Touche Amore "Split" 7" – 6 Opaque Aqua Blue, 1 Beer, 1 Gold, 1 Half Electric Blue/Half Gold, 1 Baby Blue TSR072: Tigers Jaw/TWIABP/Code Orange Kids/SDF "4 way split" 7" – 1 Peach TSR074: You Blew It! "The Past In Present" LP – 5 Blue, 2 Cream, 1 Red, 1 Clear TSR075: Diamond Youth "Orange" LP – 2 Clear w/ Orange Splatter, 1 Orange TSR077: The Saddest Landscape "Exit Wounded" LP – 2 Red/White/Black Tri Stripe, 2 Picture Disc TSR078: Caravels "Lacuna" LP – 1 Clear w/ Blue Haze, 1 Gray TSR079: Into It. Over It. "Life Is Suffering" 7" – 7 Half White/Half Black TSR080 – A Great Big Pile Of Leaves "You're Always On My Mind" LP – 2 Mint, 1 Boris Purple TSR081: Have Mercy "The Earth Pushed Back" LP – 2 Gray, 1 Clear w/ Black Smoke, 1 Black, 1 White, 1 Clear, 5 Translucent Purple TSR082: TWIABP "Whenever, If Ever" LP – 5 Brown(Newbury Comics), 5 Black, 2 White w/ Green Swirl, 2 White w/ Red Swirl, 2 Clear w/ Blue/Green Splatter, 1 Clearwater Green, 1 Coke Bottle w/ Blue Smoke, 1 Clear w/ Random Splatter, 1 Yellow TSR084: toe "The Book…" LP – 7 Green, 6 Gray, 1 Clear, 1 Clear w/ Black Smoke TSR085: toe "Songs…" LP – 1 Green, I Clear w/ Purple Splatter TSR086: toe "For Long Tomorrow" LP – 3 Half Blue/Half Cream, 2 Rust, 1 Cream, 1 Olive, 1 Sea Blue, 1 White TSR087: toe "New Sentimentality" LP – 13 Black, 2 Yellow, 2 Pink, 2 White TSR088: Enemies "Embark, Embrace" LP – 1 Clear, 1 Red, 1 Gold, 4 Yellow/Red TSR089: Crash Of Rhinos "Knots" 2xLP – 2 Black TSR090: Tancred "S/T" LP – 5 White TSR091: Joie De Vivre/Prawn "Split" 7" – 1 Brown, 1 Red TSR093: My Fictions/The Saddest Landscape "When You Are Close, I Am Gone" LP – 1 Deep Purple, 1 Black w/ Gold Haze, 1 Blood Red w/ Black Haze TSR094: You Blew It! "Keep Doing What You're Doing" LP – 3 Coke, 1 Translucent Green, 1 Gray, 1 Yellow TSR095: Diamond Youth "Shake" 7" – 2 Highlighter Yellow, 1 Magenta TSR097: Nai Harvest "Hold Open Your Head" 7" – 2 Blue w/ Yellow, 2 Solid Red, 1 Blue w/ Red TSR098: Donovan Wolfington "Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark" 7" – 2 Half White/Half Green, 1 Forest Green TSR101: Frameworks "Loom" LP – 4 Black, 3 Translucent Purple, 3 Cream TSR102: Street Smart Cyclist "Discography" LP – 1 Tan TSR104: The Jazz June "The Medicine" 2xLP – 2 Translucent Blue/Clear, 1 Blue Marble/Black TSR105: Braid "No Coast" LP – 6 Blue, 5 Electric Blue w/ Black Haze, 4 Black w/ Tour Cover, 2 Light Blue w/ White Splatter, 1 Half Orange/Half Translucent Orange TSR107: Empire! Empire! "You WIll Eventually Be Forgotten" LP – 2 Black, 1 Milky Clear w/ Blue/Pink/Yellow Splatter, 1 Clear/Cyan Color in Color TSR110: You Blew It! "You Blue It" 10" – 11 Cyan Half/Royal Blue Half w/ White Splatter, 2 Cyan/Royal Blue Color in Color w/ White Splatter, 1 Cyan Blue/White Color in Color, 1 White Half/Cyan Half, 1 Blue TSR111: Prawn "Kingfisher" LP – 4 Orange/Bronze AsideBside, 1 Black, 1 Aqua Blue, 1 Clear w/ Orange/Blue Splatter, 1 Electric Blue Half/Bone Half TSR116: Lite "Installation" LP – 7 Black, 2 White, 1 Clear w/ Black Smoke TSR117: The Jazz June "After The Earthquake" LP – 1 Glitter, 1 Silver, 1 Gray TSR118: Prawn "Settled" 7" – 2 White w/ Blue TSR120: City On Film "La Vella" LP – 2 Red, 2 Gold TSR125: Braid "Kids Get Grids" 7" – 8 Black, 5 Baby Blue TSR127: Diamond Youth "Nothing Matters" LP – 1 180g Black TSR128: Sorority Noise "Joy, Departed" LP – 8 Yellow, 5 Dark Blue, 2 Yellow/Royal Blue Color in Color, 2 Coke Bottle, 2 Clear Beer w/ Royal Blue Splatter, 2 Half Mustard/Half Electric Blue TSR136: toe "Hear You" LP – 4 Black, 2 Yellow, 1 Half Black/Half Yellow, 1 Yellow/Black Color in Color TSR138: Moving Moutains "Pneuma" 2xLP – 1 White w/ Silk Screen Thank you!!
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    Dave Grohl


    People are hilarious and assholes.
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    I can't wait to share all of the details on this one (soon!) because it was very much a group project between all of the crazy shit that I wanted to do and all of the things that Brett & Co wanted to do. They really wanted to go out with a "bang" and there were some details about the CD release that were never handled properly (i.e. the artwork/layout, etc), so there was about 2 years worth of back and forth that went into getting this ready to press. I'm glad it's finally seeing the light of day!
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    I tweeted Sargent House, and they confirmed it's 12" this time around too.
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    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Also available here - supposedly shipping to the US is cheaper from this site as well (can't check, though, as it registers my IP from Europe): http://furi.hitpoint.tv/furi-original-soundtrack-vinyl-2xlp
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    We sold out of every copy of "d:/death/within/ourselv.exe," thanks so much to anyone who grabbed a copy! We still have about 10 remaining copies each of Soft's "Milk Explosion" and Grave Architecture's "Ink." More fun things soon!
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    Just saw these guys last night. So good live. They should be much more popular than they are. Can't wait for the new album.
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    I'm hoping Matt can answer. He wasn't on blood pressure meds then.
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    interesting to see Vagrant getting back into the scene more again. Also starting the usual "why Will Yip?" talk Also rip No Sleep records 2006-2016
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    i still don't understand how hillary and her lawyers got to decide which emails to provide to FBI. isn't the job of the FBI to seize the entire private server and determine exactly what type of negligence and corruption took place? if this was us regular folk and we were under FBI criminal investigation, there is no way in hell we would be able to delete emails and hand over to the FBI the ones we pre-approved. whole investigation was a sham and she still broke the law and lied about it! SAD!
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    Gonna wait for my copy to come in the mail but I'm pretty stoked to listen.
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    I've paid $100+ for Mark Kozelek vinyl in the past, but I can't bring myself to buy the Jesu / Sun Kil Moon album. I find it unlistenable.
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    Positive vibes Ryan. Why do people care what fucking stamps they get? I got stuck behind someone at the post office for 20 minutes because the lady could not decide which stamps to get. It's a fucking stamp.
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    Already linked in the Newbury thread but I thought it should be here as well.... https://www.newburycomics.com/products/jesu_sun_kil_moon-jesu_sun_kil_moon_exclusive_lp?variant=22766821638 Limited to 300 according to the pre-order link on Newbury's home page... https://www.newburycomics.com/
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    Good morning all. Hope everyone has a great day! Positive vibes in your direction buddy +++
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    Orchid Tapes Club

    Yup same material, i think they were printed by the same company. Also whats your favorite Alex G album? Rules is mine because it's just so catchy and melodic, like every song and lyrics sticks with me like...... glue.
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    For over 8 years Tiny Engines has been on the forefront of vinyl technology and development, but not until today has a record label attempted something so innovative and groundbreaking. Mark it on your calendar, folks: we're about to break the internet. This weekend, take 15% off nearly everything in our webstore with code july4! Minds blown, right? But prepare to have your brain matter scattered throughout the universe even further when you visit our Sales section. Here you'll find nearly 30 titles that have been discounted an additional 20-50% percent! No code needed for these giant, mother-honking savings, but you can still use the july4 code for a total discount of up to 65%. C'mon guys ... this deal can't be beat! In fact, the Supreme President of the Coalition of Cool Records Labels just called to congratulate us on on this monumental achievement of "kicking some major ass." Her words, not mine. That's right - the supreme president of the CoCRL is a woman, because this is America, dammit. In conclusion, can you imagine how proud your parents will be when you tell them that their lazy, no-good sack of a son / daughter finally got a job and you plan on using your first paycheck to buy a bunch of Tiny Engines records for a what is basically the cost of 6 bags of drainage gravel? The adulation will never stop. Prepare to be loved by everyone and immortalized in the history books. You're welcome, world!
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    Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    Saw the band this past weekend. Fantastic show. They sounded great and were loud and just felt so comforting. Got a chance to talk to Nicky and Kyle for a bit afterwards and they were super-friendly and courteous. They were all sold out of the tour poster. Bummer. But picked up the tour color of ToT instead.
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    PO: Frameworks - Smother

    This album is really fucking amazing. Like top-5-of-2016 amazing. Soooo good.
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    NBA Discussion

    This KD move is awful... I enjoyed GSW up until now (why did they need him, to make 77-5 next year? totally pointless on their part and more than likely it will ruin their chemistry), but this is just as disgusting as the Miami move was. Shame on the NBA cap policy that this kinda stuff can be done...
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    AK3 are the best Midwest punk band in my opinion. The lyrics on From Here to Infirmary all the way through Crimson are fucking great.
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    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    Be Forest - some Italian dream pop that some folks may enjoy. http://www.wwnbb.net/artists/beforest/
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    The three songs released thus far. One week til the album comes out, and I'm totally ready .
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    The Third Man Records Thread

    I think I will buy the deluxe Radiohead album instead of 80$ on album that I will probably listen one time.
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    AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread

    I kid I kid
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    Killers Hot Fuss Re Press 10th June 2016

    Finally got a chance to listen to this - holy cow, does it sound good! Though Indie Rock & Roll kinda sticks out like a sore thumb, definitely doesn't fit in with the rest of the album.
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    bloody record store day causing the backlog
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    Was hoping it would be up already
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    I enjoyed them in Austin and I saw at least 2 people around me mock Jordan's dancing style. But there were a lot of bros at that show so it was probably attributed to that and them trying to be cool in front of their buddies. I would enjoy live music so much more if it wasn't for the idiots that attend shows, people suck.
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    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    Anyone else kind of happy that Hot Topic is going online only? I mean, don't get me wrong, I love being able to pop into a store and pick up a record, but my local stores do not take good care of their vinyl AT ALL. So many dings, dents and creases with some of the vinyl just crammed in there so tight that you can't even flick through them. Hopefully the warehouse will take better care of the records and ship safely and securely.
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    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    I remember when VC was practically giving away copies of Make Yourself Sick. That shit was around forever.
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