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    Blink-182 - California (Out Now!)

    Just gonna leave this here...
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    Today I mentioned the TWIABP pre-order to my co-worker and he started talking about like trying to get his girlfriend to move around some money or some shit and I was just like "Bruh...I got you, fam" He was all like "Oh my god no, you don't have to do that!" So I said "Dude, seriously. I've done that for people I've never met but talk to on the internet...worst case scenario you don't give me the money, I sell it at cost to someone on discogs or something, and then I'll randomly bust your balls about it." He was stunned and baffled by the fact that I'd help out like that but if you collect records then we ride or die motherfucker.
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    don't say I never gave you anything.. it's up. get it now before the /150's are gone http://store.brokenworldmedia.com/
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    Wish I could help you out, but tonight I'll just be tired.
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    Got mine today. The artwork + packaging + variants are dope. Really diggin' the back cover and insert. The splatters are cool too but I really like how the easter yellow looks. Anyway, here's my haul:
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    He's a niche composer. Most people know 'Reqieum' when they hear it, but that's it. It's sad because a lot of people that aren't about "soundtracks" would still really dig 'The Fountain' as a standalone album. I don't know that there will ever be a soundtrack that hits me as hard, especially in the context of the film.
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    If you got it at a thrift store just be happy one of the records was right.
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    True, but he did mention press vs. repress... and he's not wrong. I'd kill for Flood and (Orange) Heavy Rocks on vinyl.
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    Or maybe somewhere on another forum someone's making a useless thread about finding 2 copies of a 70s Kinks record side 3/4 in a thrift store
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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    I just found The Cure's Happily Ever After comp which was a rerelease of Faith and Seventeen Seconds from 1981. I paid $12. Today is a good day.
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    Recent purchases

    Get out of here with that shit, Rudy.
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    Someone press The Fountain Soundtrack

    The other images he posted to instagram indicate it's Mondo.
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    I got my /350 original press of Doppelganger for $75. Just saying...
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    This thing is so heavy that it murders international shipping costs. :-( if if no one wants to do a group buy, send me an email - I'm sure we can work something out so that you don't get hosed too badly. [email protected]
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    Someone press The Fountain Soundtrack

    I am rock hard!
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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    someone in the office has been brewing awful pots of coffee lately. been going on for about a month and a half. i suspect its the interns but i dont have any solid leads. Im drafting a copy right now in our weekly office update email/pdf to get this under control. "Something's Brewing" and then a drawing of a pissed off cup of coffee looking like crap.
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    This forum I stumbled across was doing alternate artwork for California. Here were my attempts:
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    various download codes

    Hey Mercedes - Everynight Fire Works http://www.bandcamp.com/yum rwe2-ya4f
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    I'm all over this when the pre order drops! Now if Emotion is Dead got the once over then my life would indeed "be complete"
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    Hey that's me who they responded to! Too excited for this... I know I'm in the minority, but I love the S/T album. Call Me In The Morning is one of my all time fav songs
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    There's a reason you were kicked off of Reddit a year or two ago - You spam your Discogs link on every single vinyl forum on the internet & every city on Craigslist, and then you get defensive about people calling you out for it. Honestly, it comes across as really desperate, makes me never want to buy from you, and makes me want to actively encourage others not to as well. Your replies to your negative reviews are very unprofessional & telling as well... Your reply to that review: There's also the issue of your prices being completely absurd (Aren't you the person who was once charging ~$150 for a Barbra Streisand LP?!): The Latin Brothers ‎– La Negra Quiere Cheapest VG+/VG copy available: $15 Your price for a VG+/VG copy: $100 Grandmaster Caz ‎– MC Delight (Casanova's Revenge) Cheapest VG+/VG+ copy available: $55 Your price for a VG+/VG copy: $140 Lex (46) ‎– Commin Up Cheapest NM copy available: $79 Your price for a NM copy: $200 Reggée* ‎– Dick Is Hard / Jimbo Is Hard Cheapest Mint copy available: $35 Your price for a Mint copy: $200 I could go on and on, but I don't have the time. Seriously... if you want to actually sell your stuff, you shouldn't price it 2-3x what it has ever sold for & sell dusty-ass over-graded records. Watch out for this guy everyone. EDIT: My apologies... you weren't charging $150 for that Streisand LP... you were only charging $90. http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/109766-large-collection-of-records-15000-lps-and-12in/#entry2181230
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