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    Blink-182 - California (Out Now!)

    Just gonna leave this here...
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    haha who am I kidding? This guy will most likely never be back to see these replies.
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    Pretty sweet seeing them all together. They did a great job choosing colors that went right with album art. But I can't help but think this is your wallet right now... Godspeed brotha
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    Today I mentioned the TWIABP pre-order to my co-worker and he started talking about like trying to get his girlfriend to move around some money or some shit and I was just like "Bruh...I got you, fam" He was all like "Oh my god no, you don't have to do that!" So I said "Dude, seriously. I've done that for people I've never met but talk to on the internet...worst case scenario you don't give me the money, I sell it at cost to someone on discogs or something, and then I'll randomly bust your balls about it." He was stunned and baffled by the fact that I'd help out like that but if you collect records then we ride or die motherfucker.
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    Bella Muerte

    FYE Exclusives

    Got the A7X self titled today and the splatter was.... disappointing....
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    don't say I never gave you anything.. it's up. get it now before the /150's are gone http://store.brokenworldmedia.com/
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    Wish I could help you out, but tonight I'll just be tired.
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    Got mine today. The artwork + packaging + variants are dope. Really diggin' the back cover and insert. The splatters are cool too but I really like how the easter yellow looks. Anyway, here's my haul:
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    In response to the standard vinyl release... I am in this band, and we had a ton of cool stuff we wanted to do vinyl-wise (different colored artwork covers that matched the vinyl, included pieces of feather or other objects relative to the artwork, etc, packaged in a box and more) but the 2xLP had the label skimping. But, they are open to letting us do what we want for record store day next year if these sell. So if that sounds cool, grab one of these to help us make what we really wanted to do.
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    various download codes

    You Blew It! - Keep Doing What You're Doing bandcamp.com/yum kqgt-jw84
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    why doesn't Chris just give it up already?
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    I want the Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind Soundtrack to be pressed. To my knowledge, it hasn't been pressed yet and I think the soundtrack is amazing.
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    I mean, I'm a little disappointed that the splatter doesn't match the mock-up (which was stunning), but I'm not going to burn the world down over it. Still looks pretty solid. Plus, it's Crash on vinyl for the first time ever. It could be shit colored for all I care, as long as I have a copy.
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    Recent purchases

    Woo, now I just need Messengers AUGUST BURNS RED - Leveler (/1000 Green Splatter/Swirl) AUGUST BURNS RED - Rescue & Restore (/1000? Gold/White Swirl)
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    Haha, it's just Jayla's version of a bump
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    various download codes

    Nothing - Tired Of Tomorrow http://relapserecords.bandcamp.com/yum kdm7-uqj5 Beach Slang - The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us http://www.polyvinylrecords.com/iheartvinyl QFVNJDEN9JSD5UST
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    Eternal Sunshine now please.
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    Bernie 2016

    this is unequivocally false. hillary and bill clinton have a $2 billion foundation that exists solely to collect bribe money for political favors. the clinton foundation not only accepts large donations and speaking fees from mega corps in USA, but from international mega corps and foreign governments as well. nothing places the american people at greater risk than elected officials who sell out to highest bidder, spread violence across the world for money, and make things worse for the citizens of their country.
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    Wow... did it take you 5 months to come up with that badly worded, grammatically disastrous reply? Your recent Discogs ratings & reviews haven't changed at all since your last post, and now your calling all the people who leave negative feedback "SCAMMERS." Maybe if you prefaced your listings by saying "WARNING: It will take me a month to ship your records, and they'll be dusty & over-graded if they even show up," people might not leave negative reviews. How are you not banned here yet?
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    Yeah, you're good. If you got a paypal confirmation, that's all you'll need. We did, however, recently make a small upgrade so you'll actually get a shipping confirmation and tracking now! Woooo!
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    I have always found the soundtrack to Moon to be Mansell's best. I think I am in the minority though.
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    He's a niche composer. Most people know 'Reqieum' when they hear it, but that's it. It's sad because a lot of people that aren't about "soundtracks" would still really dig 'The Fountain' as a standalone album. I don't know that there will ever be a soundtrack that hits me as hard, especially in the context of the film.
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    If you got it at a thrift store just be happy one of the records was right.
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    True, but he did mention press vs. repress... and he's not wrong. I'd kill for Flood and (Orange) Heavy Rocks on vinyl.
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    Or maybe somewhere on another forum someone's making a useless thread about finding 2 copies of a 70s Kinks record side 3/4 in a thrift store
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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    I just found The Cure's Happily Ever After comp which was a rerelease of Faith and Seventeen Seconds from 1981. I paid $12. Today is a good day.
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    Recent purchases

    Get out of here with that shit, Rudy.
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    I got my Wet Hot LP in today and am literally cutting diamonds with this boner I have. Show me the fever.
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    Converge "Axe to Fall" pre-orders

    Holy thread bump, Batman! "Axe To Fall" has been repressed Baby Blue and White mix vinyl. http://store.deathwishinc.com/product/DW98v.html
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    Nice VG+ to NM OG copy of Old Ramon at Record Grouch (Greenpoint/Brooklyn). $60
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    Shameless brag post but I just scored a white copy of April for $80. Plus grabbed Tonight The Sky on white for $40 with it.
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    PO'd as soon as I saw them post on FB. Stoked for this album!!! It's gonna be great.
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    Someone press The Fountain Soundtrack

    Moon is my choice as well. I love that score so much.
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    Someone press The Fountain Soundtrack

    I meant in terms of popularity. That song 'Lux Aeterna' is everywhere--people don't know it's Clint Mansell, but they've at least heard it. 'Leaving Earth' is fantastic (I wish he would've done the whole ME score), and I'm also a big fan of his work on 'Moon' and 'Black Swan'. Parts of 'Noah' felt like the spiritual successor to 'The Fountain' but overall not my favorite. I had the opportunity to meet Clint back in March after his show in LA and he's such a nice guy. I can't wait to have this stuff on vinyl.
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    If anyone is still is looking for the cassette: http://www.turntablelab.com/collections/vinyl-cds-date/products/aphex-twin-cheetah-cassette-limited-edition
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    I got my /350 original press of Doppelganger for $75. Just saying...
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    Hopefully sometime between 11-2eastern or I'll probably miss the super ultra rare variant and then the world will NOT be a beautiful place.
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    Damn that's terrible to hear.. Glad it was safe but i wish they'd treat the packages they transport with at least a LITTLE care
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    Dave Grohl

    The Concert Thread

    Just got tickets to see Caspian with Appleseed Cast at the Rock And Roll Hotel in DC. That's going to be an amazing show. Taking my best friend with me. So stoked!
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    I look at the cover and insert as part of the product, not just packaging. That's the difference.
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    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    Hot Cash is on til the 17th.
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    Blink-182 - California (Out Now!)

    Jacket and sleeve seam rips happen ALL the time. I buy a lot of vinyl as most of you do, and it happens to me all the time. It's just one of those things you deal with when buying records. It's just something that happening in transit sometimes whether or not he record is packed properly. At HT we get in huge shipments of records directly from the plants and even those sometimes show up with jacket splits. When you order direct from the label they can sometimes replace the jacket if needed as they usually end up with extras. Retailers just get full finished goods, there are no extra jackets to send out. Sorry guys.
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    Gettin' in on this thread. Patiently waiting on my yellow copy.
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    Recent purchases

    AUGUST BURNS RED - Thrill Seeker (/750 Gold) REAL FRIENDS - Put Yourself Back Together (/800 Milky Clear w/Blue Splatter)
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    Skateboarding/Skateboard Collecting

    Picked up a stack of new Amity Affliction decks and chucked em up in the rumpus room (second living area) little bit excessive but stoked on how it all looks for the moment Havnt actually been out skating in a loooong time......really need to get back out and on it.....even just a roll
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    PO : Hellions - Opera Oblivia

    Merchnow has the US preorders up, they all say limited to 20 so I'd jump on it. Grabbed a Half Purple/Half Orange myself. Half Purple/Half Orange: http://merchnow.com/products/233787/opera-oblivia Half Pink/Half Pink : http://merchnow.com/products/v2/233786/opera-oblivia Pink in Yellow : http://merchnow.com/products/v2/233784/opera-oblivia Pink in Blue : http://merchnow.com/products/v2/233785/opera-oblivia
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    Kanye West

    2814 - Rain Temple

    Instant buy without even listening to anything
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