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    Blink-182 - California (Out Now!)

    Just gonna leave this here...
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    haha who am I kidding? This guy will most likely never be back to see these replies.
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    Pretty sweet seeing them all together. They did a great job choosing colors that went right with album art. But I can't help but think this is your wallet right now... Godspeed brotha
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    Today I mentioned the TWIABP pre-order to my co-worker and he started talking about like trying to get his girlfriend to move around some money or some shit and I was just like "Bruh...I got you, fam" He was all like "Oh my god no, you don't have to do that!" So I said "Dude, seriously. I've done that for people I've never met but talk to on the internet...worst case scenario you don't give me the money, I sell it at cost to someone on discogs or something, and then I'll randomly bust your balls about it." He was stunned and baffled by the fact that I'd help out like that but if you collect records then we ride or die motherfucker.
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    don't say I never gave you anything.. it's up. get it now before the /150's are gone http://store.brokenworldmedia.com/
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    Wish I could help you out, but tonight I'll just be tired.
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    Got mine today. The artwork + packaging + variants are dope. Really diggin' the back cover and insert. The splatters are cool too but I really like how the easter yellow looks. Anyway, here's my haul:
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    I have always found the soundtrack to Moon to be Mansell's best. I think I am in the minority though.
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    He's a niche composer. Most people know 'Reqieum' when they hear it, but that's it. It's sad because a lot of people that aren't about "soundtracks" would still really dig 'The Fountain' as a standalone album. I don't know that there will ever be a soundtrack that hits me as hard, especially in the context of the film.
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    If you got it at a thrift store just be happy one of the records was right.
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    True, but he did mention press vs. repress... and he's not wrong. I'd kill for Flood and (Orange) Heavy Rocks on vinyl.
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    Or maybe somewhere on another forum someone's making a useless thread about finding 2 copies of a 70s Kinks record side 3/4 in a thrift store
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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    I just found The Cure's Happily Ever After comp which was a rerelease of Faith and Seventeen Seconds from 1981. I paid $12. Today is a good day.
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    Recent purchases

    Get out of here with that shit, Rudy.
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    Someone press The Fountain Soundtrack

    Reqieum never hit me... like at all. I dig Aronofsky, and that movie was good but not one I was ready to watch again. Mansell's two that stand out the most to me are The Fountain and "Leaving Earth"
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    Blink-182 - California (Out Now!)

    Here's a pretty cool track by track that Matt and Mark did with NME.. ...'San Diego' is definitely my favorite track, but couldn't listen without knowing Matt was from Chicago everytime I heard it. He puts it into perspective and explains a lot more that I didn't know. It kind of makes it a sad one when you listen to the lyrics and think of Tom, Scott, Rick (ex-manager) and their crew/friends from back then. I always assumed that chorus was about an ex-girlfriend, but now I picture Mark and Tom buying a one way ticket to see The Cure listening to their favorite songs in a parking lot!!
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    You win this round...
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    PO Now: Goldroom - West of the West

    Electronic artist Goldroom has released the lead single from his upcoming album West of the West and put up preorders on his website here: http://store.goldroom.la/ There is no limited variant but can be bundled with a shirt to give you a slight discount. No Amazon link to purchase but I'm sure one will be up in the near future.
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    When these types of threads pop up I'm just going to remove them and send the new user a link to this thread.
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    my records came in much better condition when I could ship to store. i really hope that add that option back...
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    Dave Grohl

    Recent purchases

    Caspian | The Four Trees | 2xLP | Test Press | #7/10 Lavinia | There Is Light Between Us | LP | Test Press #?/10 Nothing | Tired of Tomorrow | LP | Black In Yellow | /200 | Record Release Variant Kings of Leon | The Early Vinyl Box Set | 7xLP Dreamtigers | Wishing Well | LP | Blue | /300
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    No hate, but keep trying. You'll get there, trust me. Gutter Phenomenon had just come out when my friends first exposed themselves and ETID to me, emphasizing how brilliant Hot Damn! is/was. Gave me a CD-R of it, got home, spun it, and I did not get it. At all. Again, and nothing. Again, again, again, nothing. But I had faith in what they told me, they said it with such strong conviction, and so I persevered. And about the 10th or 11th listen, it clicked. All of it, beginning to end. And it's a masterpiece. Don't give up, my friend. I later listened to Gutter, also a terrific album (as well as the rest of their catalog), but Hot Damn! is where it's at. I can't. MayCauseDeath or anyone who hasn't, read through some of the lyrics as you listen. Keith's got to be one of the most interesting lyricists out there. On all of their albums, but Hot Damn! has some of the best. The music is better when you know the words & make up your own metaphors & meanings to it.
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    Skateboarding/Skateboard Collecting

    Bump Picked up a Nostalgia Deck - Hardcore Blank - Everyone i knew skated these.....whether it was all the time.....in between pro decks......found one.....given one..........great warhorse....they took a beating Picked up a couple of Amity Decks to complete the Collection and hung them all up in my new house and also Hung my Signed Mullens in the Computer/Music Room
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