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    these guys are literally giving away Drive shirts, 2000 of them. hop on it and email them ASAP if you want one this is the best fucking label ever
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    Touché Amore - Stage Four 9/16/16

    haaaaaaaaave you met drew?
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    various download codes

    Gather around children, I have 10 download codes for you! Just quote me when you grab one so I can scratch it off the list. Touche Amore - Is Survived By & Stage Four Sleater-Kinney - No Cities to Love (x2) Pig Destroyer - Terrifyer & Phantom Limb Best Coast - Crazy For You Converge - Axe to Fall The Black Keys - Rubber Factory Savages - Silence Yourself CLICK ON THE IMAGES
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    PO NOW : Oathbreaker - Rheia

    My tiny forum post, including duplicate, posted!
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    PINKERTON FINALLY WENT PLATINUM TODAY. Holy fuck that took way too long.
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    I had reached out to the dudes at Monofonus a few weeks back asking about the future availability of this and they told me that repress was in the works. I guess they held onto my email because I got a follow up from them an hour ago with the link to order the repress. Hats off to Monofonus. Not many labels operate like that.
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    PO: Death - The Sound of Perseverance

    Relapse is incredibly excited to announce that Death (Official)'s classic 'The Sound Of Perseverance' will see a deluxe vinyl reissue this November 28! Includes the material from the remastered Relapse reissue on vinyl for the first time plus expanded packaging. Get the full details and grab yours at http://www.relapse.com/death-the-sound-of-perseverance/
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    PO's start Tuesday, October 4th at Eccentric Pop. There WILL be a shirt bundle as well.
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    He's not even using the fact that it was used by Stroke 9 as a selling point! What an amateur.
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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    Last month I saw her on the roof of a three story bar. You could see the whole cityscape from up there and there were fireworks going off in the background while she was playing. It was so picturesque. Unlike the normal bar crowd, everyone was completely silent and respectful. It was one of my unexpected favorite shows of the summer.
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    Finally had some time to get some updated pics done of the rest of the Less Than Jake collection. Complete Hello Rockview/Losing Streak reissue set. Complete Live from Astoria variant set. All the compilations I have. Last few records that arrived after the above pictures were taken. And then the rest of the collection is below for reference lol.
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    Available for PRE-ORDER, shipping on the 28th of October. CD and 180g Magenta Coloured LP https://cargorecordsdirect.co.uk/products/the-brian-jonestown-massacre-third-world-pyramid http://www.resident-music.com/productdetails&product_id=44358 Third World Pyramid is the first album that was fully recorded & produced at Anton’s new Cobra Studio in Berlin. It is the 15th full length release from the Brian Jonestown Massacre recorded from early 2016. Featuring Ricky Maymi, Dan Allaire, Joel Gion, Collin Hegna & Ryan Van Kriedt from the band.Also Emil Nikolaisen from the Norwegian band Serena-Maneesh joins the band on this album , plus vocal performance Tess Parks and Katy Lane. Anton Newcombe has been a very busy man these past 2 years, kicking off with the critically acclaimed Brian Jonestown Massacre album ‘Revelation’ in May 2014. After a successful UK and European tour, the BJM followed this up with the ‘+-‘ EP (Nov 2014). 2015 saw the release of ‘Musique de film imaginé’ (April); an imaginary film soundtrack album featuring the track ‘Bonbon’ which has, ironically, been used in ‘Dheepan’; the Palme D'or winner at Cannes film festival 2015. In June, Anton and Tess Parks embarked on a well received tour of the UK and Europe to support the release of ‘I Declare Nothing’. Anton finished the year with a BJM mini-album release entitled ‘Mini-Album Thingy Wingy’. The band have been touring the world since November 2015, playing Australia, New Zealand, and then in 2016 USA, Canada & Europe. They will play Desert Daze at Joshua Tree National Park in October and finish their tour in South America playing Argentina and Chile in NovemberVinyl LP Tracklisting: Side A: 1. Good Mourning2. Government Beard3. Don't Get Lost4. Assignment Song Side B: 1. Oh Bother2. Third World Pyramid3. Like describing colors to a blind man on acid4. Lunar Surf Graveyard5. The Sun Ship CD Tracklisting:1. Good Mourning2. Governmant Beard3. Don't Get Lost4. Assignement Song5. Oh Bother6. Third World Pyramid7. Like Describing Colors To A Blind Man On Acid8. Lunar Surf Graveyard9. The Sun Ship
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    Got in just under the gun and got the violet. Everybody should also get the Troller album that was posted in this thread earlier. Or at least check the album out. It's really good. Link
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    New DRIVE 12", 4 songs... Ultra Clear dipped in Driver's blood, Foil stamped /3000 http://italiansdoitbetter.bigcartel.com/product/drive
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    Trying to resist the urge until Friday
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    If it was the 17th Stranger Things variant, it would have lasted 10 minutes. Under the band's name, it's lasting all night. Go figure.
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    MF064 repress pre-order up... Standard /500 Opaque violet /100
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    The Weezer Thread

    The band just announced Pinkerton finally went platinum 8 days shy of its 20th anniversary.
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    Recent purchases

    got this in the mail today, so freaking nice in person. the box is really thick and heavy. best part, managed to score all this goodness for just $100 shipped on ebay, it's missing the 12" soundtrack and the latch is broken on the box, but other than that it's all there, absolutely worth the asking price to me
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    Today is the 7th anniversary of my mom passing away from lung cancer. I made the three hour drive this morning and visited her grave for the first time. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, and this album has helped me feel a little better on the ride home. I am so thankful for this album.
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    Time for a new update! This one is for those Drive fans. DRIVE 12" On 180 Gram Ultra Clear Dipped In Driver's Blood $12.00 Limited Edition Of 3000 This Item Is Mail Order Only We Ship Throughout The Galaxy In Celebration Of The 5 Year Anniversary Of The Theatrical Release Of DRIVE The 4 Songs That Introduced The Electronic Underground To Audiences Everywhere Pressed On 180 Gram Ultra Clear Vinyl Dipped In Driver's Blood Full Color Insert Sleeve With An Embossed Foil Stamped Back Cover Record Ships With 22 Inch x 34 Inch Giant Cinema Poster Folded Cut For The First Time At 45 Rpm For Maximum Impact Kavinsky & Lovefoxx "Nightcall" (4:17) Desire "Under Your Spell" (4:57) College & Electric Youth "A Real Hero" (4:27) Chromatics "Tick Of The Clock" (4:47) Total Running Time (18:28)
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    There's been a shitload of releases this year, most of them have been overwhelming boring. This one isn't. Would swing mic around/10
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    The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    Could get it for $17. I'm pretty sure if you sign up with a referral code (I can get you one too ) and you sign up for the monthly plan, the $10 comes off when you are charged for October's AOTM On October 2nd. I referred a friend for Z and that's how his $10 came off.
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    all AOTM are $27 lol
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    Dave Grohl

    The Weezer Thread

    I had an OG copy, and it sounded good.
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    PO: Ghost - Meliora

    OK I'm pretty dissapointed by this "Deluxe Edition" Meliora only Cover, no Gatefold, no booklet insert, No Popestar Artwork or even anything mentioning that the second disc is in fact called Popestar EP I would say don't waste money on this release. Personally am glad I have the actual popestar EP coming, also this copy of Meliora will be a nice sub for the fucked up press I got from the original version I have (skips a lot on He Is, even after being cleaned)
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    True. I just like having the prettiest variant of albums I like and pink is one of my favourite colours. Purple isn't bad though and I'll still enjoy it when I pick it up. I'm just whining for no reason, haha, music's still good, I'm still gonna buy it.
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    I love Dave Grohl now that I know so much more about him as a person and his awesome taste in music, but to be honest, the first thing that drew me to even check out Foo Fighters was the fact that he had the rythym section of SDRE playing behind him lol
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    Diary is a masterpiece, and that goes without even needing to be said. LP2 took time for me to warm up to but knowing the facts behind it that the band was basically falling apart while trying to put it together and Jeremy not even wanting to write lyrics to half the songs made it turn into something wondrous because of the fact something so beautiful came from such chaos and malcontent among friends.
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    Totally agree... the Bends is awesome
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    PO : Jon Snodgrass - Charpet Thief 7"

    This is from Hometown Caravan in Germany : "Our Colorado based mastermind JON SNODGRASS comes back to Europe in November / December. For this tour we will release a very limited 2 Song 7inch with a 4 song download inside. It’s also possible to save your own copy through our Webstore right now." For further Infos look here http://hometowncaravan.de/
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    I find it hard to believe the violet hasn't sold out yet...should be interesting to see if everyone who ordered one actually gets one.
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    Chubbie Wubbie is a Bear...Chubbie Wubbie has no hair...Tommy is always chartreuse when ...Bullmoose sends a package like a stuffed goose...
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    @kisol Kudos glad I checked the boards before bed!!!!
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    The Weezer Thread

    Say it ain't so, your variant is a wallet breaker
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    Dave Grohl

    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    Move over jazz dad, "gaze dad" is here to play. Just make sure to annunciate.
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    They're doing an in-store at Vintage Vinyl in New Jersey too, I already got a wristband.
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    Double up: New ETID is solid as fuck!
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    Oh no, I feel you! I get that totally. I think everyone has records and bands like that. I was just being transparent because often times we see funny stuff about how we suck now because somebody who never had much hand in the song writing left the band. But it's way more of a collective effort that feeds off the vibe rather than dictated by anyone person. The songs write themselves so to speak. Just saying our sound or mood for any given record is always very much a conscious decision.
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    Recent purchases

    Beware of Safety - Dogs (Pilsner) Slow Mass - Treasure Pains (Landland Silkscreen cover edition)
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    Bummed I hesitated on the Carbon Based Lifeforms releases from this summer. Luckily found a World Of Sleepers splatter for list price on Discogs, now I hunt for the other two.
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    Complete Ion Dissonance collection. Anxiously waiting to expand this with their next release coming this November. Also keeping my fingers crossed for a pressing of 'Cursed' through Century Media. Ion Dissonance | Solace | Abacus | Black (/???) Ion Dissonance | Solace | Abacus | Silver (/???) Ion Dissonance | Solace | Abacus | White/Black & Brown Splatter (/???) Ion Dissonance | Minus The Herd | Garden Of Exile | Black (/300) Ion Dissonance | Minus The Herd | Garden Of Exile | Silver (/200) Ion Dissonance | Minus The Herd | Garden Of Exile | Silver/Black (/100)
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    Complete The Amity Affliction collection
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    In anticipation of the new Kurt Baker album. Here is my collection. I'm in need of the following: Rockin' For A Living LP For Spanish Ears Only CDammit No Voy A Estar Pendiente De Ti (Don't Go Falling In Love) CD I'm also missing, but not in dire need of: Don't Steal My Heart Away CDR Single Got It Covered / Rockin'.... Memory stick
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    Thanks for the PM dude! This sounds great. Number four is my favorite.
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    new tattoo appresh

    FINALLY got my ETID piece tonight as a birthday present. Stoked So who invited the Russian soldier?
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    Team Avatar

    new tattoo appresh

    and.... I ended up getting tattooed by her and her boyfriend @jacobzamore at the same time.
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