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    Not everything needs to be pressed.
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    I love the number of folks who evidently despise bands like Panic! but still feel the need post on threads about the band. Get over yourselves!
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    How have you not made a thread for your band yet?
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    EVERY TIME I DIE PLAYED EBOLORAMA!!!! I went pretty hard for most of their set. But after that song and then again after Floater I had to leave and chug a bottle of water really quick.
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    Nothing in John Podesta's emails is bigger than the Tom DeLonge emails about UFOs. That is a fact that cannot be disputed.
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    Jumbo Gumbo™ from Gumbo's rating system officially rated this album: — "Could be longer."
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    No one owes you anything.
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    I'm hoping for less of a tank job than the new De La, but with Elton John and Jack White on the guest list, I'm not hopeful.
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    Dave Grohl

    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    @chkadea so I sanded and stained it. I'm also going to take a hammer and chain to it to distress it.
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    Unwound Discography Repress

    Figured I would post here Justin and Sarah teamed up for an album . Nocturnal Habits-New Skin For Old Children out now on Glacial Pace. Pretty solid album
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    Awesome! I appreciate you supporting the release
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    0 people on the planet will listen to this more than once.
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    This may be a worse crime than what you were accused of. Gross.
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    WTB: This Day Forward

    I'm looking to buy This Day Forward - Transient Effects of Light on Water - clear variant 3, 7"
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    various download codes

    Got one thanks
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    Oh ok, so you've never actually met a Satanist. Cool. In 2016 America, Satanism is basically "Be chill. Everyone is equal. No one should police/violate/harm another person's body. Also how dope was paganism, right?" There are less Satanists (approx zero) desecrating churches than there are Christains bombing/shooting up Planned Parenthood.
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    Black Earth is 30.98 on Amazon releasing on the 9th.
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    mine was in one of the sleeves to strategic grill locations.
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    LOL. first world democratic republics should require voter id.
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    Would have purchased if it was the first movie soundtrack.
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    Annoyed there's no love for the Green Ranger on the cover or record.
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    So this is what I'm doing for the top. Antiquing it, sanding it, staining it. It's gonna look like old barn doors. I'm stoked.
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    The Weezer Thread

    I don't have any problem with what you're saying but this sentence reads like it's from an alien's perspective
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    I actually plan on buying 2/4 of these represses, but I don't freak out and and ask the same question that's been answered a million times when it's not for sale on a website that usually doesn't put things on sale when they are supposed to be.
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    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    I know some of you missed out on the Hyper Light Drifter tapes last time, so we've got a new Titan edition reissue on cyan & lavender tapes out next Friday. 250 of these bundles available and they go up at 12PM EST!
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    How do you spell Ugh wrong?
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    Will get in store or down the line when it's on one of those discogs shops for like 10 dollars.
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    This repress has been a debacle from the start. I did really want this, now I'm so over it...
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    I used to really like them. And still enjoy some of the music, but a lot of their fans are really weird and ruin the shows for me.
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    Brand New's been doing it since 2009
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    PO Now: Code Orange - Forever.

    This, basically. Jammed I Am King a few times but I felt like it was a step back from Cycles and Love is Love. The song structures just aren't nearly as interesting IMO
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    Pretty sure we were making fun of Code Orange Bizkit in the I Am King thread too.
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    While I was listening to the new song, I kept waiting for someone to start rapping.
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    I disagree. I like over the top heavy shit and thats inherently kinda silly. However, CO definitely take themselves REALLY seriously, so the giggles probably aren't a good sign. I don't feel one way or the other about the new song. Dudes who go to shows to hurt people in the pit are probably stoked though.
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    Recent purchases

    Been a fruitful last few months Crosses box set (complete) /500? Chance -Coloring book (boot) FOT - OK #2 /500 FOT - Doppel 1st press clear /150 FOT- Doppel, test press /20 (2nd press) FOT _ s/t "splatter crazyness" /10 MF DOOM - Op DoomsDay (got both OG cover and Jeff Jank cover) red/blk vinyl /1000 MF DOOM - Op Doomsday, gun metal press Grieves - Together/Apart King Geedorah - Take me to your leader, clr/red splatter /300 Thursday/ Envy - gold/blk vinyl /500 Giraffe Tongue Orchestra, crl vinyl DEP - Ire Works, aqua blue /900 DEP - Miss Machine, doublemint green/900 Autolux - live at Thirdman Records Ras Kass - Soul on Ice, blu/wht splatter /150 MCR - Death, clr/wht, HT exc MCR - Black Parade/ Living with Ghosts, clr/wht swirl, Fye exc The High and Mighty - Home field advantage Jazzmatazz - clr/blu swirl VMP exc Schoolboy Q - Blank Face, orange vinyl Mac Dre - both Ronald Dregun and Genie on colored vinyl Non Phixion - the future is now, red /250 ETID - Big dirty, Leopard press P.O.S. - Audition, clr/red splatter /1000 I'm sure there is more cuz I been broke AF... The Hobby!
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    PO Now: Code Orange - Forever.

    Heavy music shouldn't make me giggle.
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    The most offensive thing about this is assuming someone likes NOFX. Fat Mike is a scumbag but his whole "thing" as the clown is him being like "I'm a scumbag and I did all these scumbag things" It's like SUPER easy not to assault someone though.
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    Not gonna bother after I Am King
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    Thankfully I got my thirst for signed TNAF vinyl quenched a couple of years ago
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    I have a black copy that I've always been happy with. Couldn't see dropping more than $20 or so on a colored copy before the repress, can't see doing it now either.
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    You should look into the new KALLAX coffins from IKEA. Not as much outer limb protection as the old EXPEDIT coffins, but I doubt you (or your vinyl) will notice.
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    I've been doing this thing lately where I'll put some kind of memory (pictures of friends/family, concert ticket stubs, etc) that had happened around the same I bought the albums and put them in their sleeves. Whenever I pass, certain albums will be given to certain friends and when they play the record, I hope they find the little memories I put in there. Nothing like a nice surprise, eh?
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    I hope I'll stop caring about records way before that, get rid of them, and use those funds for something more meaningful.
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