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    I love the number of folks who evidently despise bands like Panic! but still feel the need post on threads about the band. Get over yourselves!
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    Jumbo Gumbo™ from Gumbo's rating system officially rated this album: — "Could be longer."
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    No one owes you anything.
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    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    I know some of you missed out on the Hyper Light Drifter tapes last time, so we've got a new Titan edition reissue on cyan & lavender tapes out next Friday. 250 of these bundles available and they go up at 12PM EST!
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    How do you spell Ugh wrong?
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    Will get in store or down the line when it's on one of those discogs shops for like 10 dollars.
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    This repress has been a debacle from the start. I did really want this, now I'm so over it...
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    Make sure to post pics when it comes!
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    Brand New's been doing it since 2009
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    PO Now: Code Orange - Forever.

    This, basically. Jammed I Am King a few times but I felt like it was a step back from Cycles and Love is Love. The song structures just aren't nearly as interesting IMO
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    While I was listening to the new song, I kept waiting for someone to start rapping.
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    I disagree. I like over the top heavy shit and thats inherently kinda silly. However, CO definitely take themselves REALLY seriously, so the giggles probably aren't a good sign. I don't feel one way or the other about the new song. Dudes who go to shows to hurt people in the pit are probably stoked though.
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    Recent purchases

    Been a fruitful last few months Crosses box set (complete) /500? Chance -Coloring book (boot) FOT - OK #2 /500 FOT - Doppel 1st press clear /150 FOT- Doppel, test press /20 (2nd press) FOT _ s/t "splatter crazyness" /10 MF DOOM - Op DoomsDay (got both OG cover and Jeff Jank cover) red/blk vinyl /1000 MF DOOM - Op Doomsday, gun metal press Grieves - Together/Apart King Geedorah - Take me to your leader, clr/red splatter /300 Thursday/ Envy - gold/blk vinyl /500 Giraffe Tongue Orchestra, crl vinyl DEP - Ire Works, aqua blue /900 DEP - Miss Machine, doublemint green/900 Autolux - live at Thirdman Records Ras Kass - Soul on Ice, blu/wht splatter /150 MCR - Death, clr/wht, HT exc MCR - Black Parade/ Living with Ghosts, clr/wht swirl, Fye exc The High and Mighty - Home field advantage Jazzmatazz - clr/blu swirl VMP exc Schoolboy Q - Blank Face, orange vinyl Mac Dre - both Ronald Dregun and Genie on colored vinyl Non Phixion - the future is now, red /250 ETID - Big dirty, Leopard press P.O.S. - Audition, clr/red splatter /1000 I'm sure there is more cuz I been broke AF... The Hobby!
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    Heavy music shouldn't make me giggle.
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    The most offensive thing about this is assuming someone likes NOFX. Fat Mike is a scumbag but his whole "thing" as the clown is him being like "I'm a scumbag and I did all these scumbag things" It's like SUPER easy not to assault someone though.
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    Not gonna bother after I Am King
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    PO: Avenged Sevenfold - The Stage

    Each album the band releases is worse then the one before. Maybe you could say waking the fallen is as good as sounding the seventh trumpet. City of evil was the last album worth listening too by these guys.
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    Thankfully I got my thirst for signed TNAF vinyl quenched a couple of years ago
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    I have a black copy that I've always been happy with. Couldn't see dropping more than $20 or so on a colored copy before the repress, can't see doing it now either.
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    You should look into the new KALLAX coffins from IKEA. Not as much outer limb protection as the old EXPEDIT coffins, but I doubt you (or your vinyl) will notice.
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    I've been doing this thing lately where I'll put some kind of memory (pictures of friends/family, concert ticket stubs, etc) that had happened around the same I bought the albums and put them in their sleeves. Whenever I pass, certain albums will be given to certain friends and when they play the record, I hope they find the little memories I put in there. Nothing like a nice surprise, eh?
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    This is ridiculous, I know, but I actually have it specified in my will not only that my records will go to the record store I worked at for 14 years, but which employee gets to price them.
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    I'm gonna spin forever! http://m.noisey.vice.com/en_uk/blog/when-you-die-a-company-will-press-your-ashes-into-a-vinyl
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    I hope I'll stop caring about records way before that, get rid of them, and use those funds for something more meaningful.
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