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    http://www.alternativeslabel.com/products/587158-self-defense-family-bastard-form-b-w-maybe-you-could-explain-it-to-me-7 Info Alternatives 007. Self Defense return with a new single recorded by Jon Markson at The Gallery in NYC. 1. Bastard Form 2. Maybe You Could Explain It To Me Pressing Information: 150 Opaque Pink 350 Opaque White 500 Black THIS ITEM IS A PREORDER AND WILL SHIP TO ARRIVE ON OR AROUND MARCH 10th
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    new tattoo appresh

    1st of two 3.5h sessions last week on this piece, starting to cover up my first tattoo. Second session early next month, can't wait to get this finished!
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    Next time I'm over there I'll see what I can find. I'll also probably throw in some more movies if you end up wanting any of the shirts. I WILL edcucate you on cinema, god damn it.
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    Yeah, I probably have a bunch of medium/large shirts back at my dad's house because I didn't know how to wear clothes that fit properly in high school. Watched Aliens last night. RIP Bill Paxton Then watched Green Room again. RIP Anton Yelchin
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    The only one ive managed to find is IM Supervisor.......Would be awesome to have more IM albums on vinyl A really nice repress of Converting Vegitarians with all the tracks would be great
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    new tattoo appresh

    So here's my collection up to this point. All of my tattoos are from different artists, a lot of whom are from different parts of the world and were traveling near me. My right arm is (mostly) color and my left arm is (so far) all blackwork. My first tattoo was from Alex Zampiri with a quote from Millstone: Then I have an anglerfish from Tomas Garcia: And a carousel horse from Ivan Soyars which was inspired by a line in I Must Belong Somewhere by Bright Eyes: And a burning house from Noel'le Longhaul: And a heart dagger from Emi Lynn Holler: And a two-headed swan creature from Zox Svetorovich: And a lightbulb with peace lilies from Andy Robinson. This is the only one with a really deep emotional meaning; on my parent's first date my dad brought my mom home several hours late and my grandmother was pissed. So, on their next date, he brought my grandmom a peace lily plant as an apology. When I was a kid I remember watching it grow larger and larger over the years. My grandmom died last year, so this was a memorial piece for me to remember her by: And a famous flash cat from Katya Krasnova: This crazy acid spider from Chimu Grigio: And finally (to match my avatar) the radio from The Brave Little Toaster from Adam Perjatel (the only picture I have of it its still wrapped in tegaderm):
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    new tattoo appresh

    Just got this guy done:
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    new tattoo appresh

    Got this Undertaker themed demon from Davee Blows while he was a guest at Three Kings Tattoo in Brooklyn last night. And this one is an inside joke and my cat Dizzy from several months ago done by Phil DeAngulo at Allied Tattoo in Brooklyn. I need to take a healed photo soon.
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    Still no official announcement, but I'd expect it within the next few weeks. Enjoy the Ride records has been teasing that he's working on the art for this release on his instagram "Story". It's currently up right now. Basically you can see ",So Insane" and the handprint from the original CD cover. Everyone's thoughts? I know a lot of people don't like ETR, but I'm sure there are some YMAEWK / Max Bemis fans that would be excited for this.
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    Looking for Some Recommendations

    If you like the Rega and Project style then my recommendation would be buy a used Rega P3 / Planer 3 and a better cartridge
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    Record Vinyl Album thing...
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    best turntable ~$1000? $1500?

    old thread bump, but just dropped $1100 on the marantz and am really really happy with it. stepping up from a $350 debut carbon so some growing pains as I learn how to set it up correctly and whether I need new components, but it adds an unquantifiable "presence" to my records. it looks better too.
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    I stopped trusting people the day I gave a kid at school my last Hi-C Ecto Cooler for the promise of a Pacific Cooler Capri Sun the next day. Damn you little Timmy Henderson. Damn you to hell.
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    We all remember the day we sold a stranger our 4th copy of a record at cost only for them to flip it themselves hours later. We remember it because it was the last day we trusted another person. Never again.
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    That room was packed full of sweaty vinyl nerds and the mummies killed it First time really checking them out and will for sure dig into them more. Bolivians were good but I only half caught their set as so much was going on.
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    Thanks for this, I have ordered along with the new Holly Throsby LP which is her first release on vinyl.
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    Nah that's after conversion with shipping God that sucks. At least you have that awesome weather and all those deadly animals
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    Recent purchases

    I am now in the possession of two grails I never thought I'd own. These were worth every cent. True Widow - AVVOLGERE (/100 Milky Clear w/Brown, Bronze, and Orange Splatter) Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind (/110 Clear) (Friends & Family Variant)
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    The line doesn't seem more than a few blocks as of now. Should be win/win for everyone.
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    PO: Mark Lanegan Band - Gargoyle

    White Indie exclusive, /400! http://www.bullmoose.com/p/24804968/mark-lanegan-gargoyle-white-vinyl-indie-exclusive-limited-to-400-copies
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    Can't wait to be in NOLA in April and do some digging for some classic funk gems. I'm privy to Euclid, but are there any other record shops I should check out? Also if y'all aren't hip to this Betty Harris comp that came out last year, get on it. Basically every track is backed by The Meters and produced by Allen Toussaint. Ridiculous.
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    new tattoo appresh

    More work on my Weatherbox sleeve.
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    Party For The Grown and Sexy is happening too. And he's working with Ben, so whatever, I'm gonna buy it.
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    Probably pressed from that same cd
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    Titanic OST

    seether18244 = theusedguy
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