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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    Took the urchin to Big Apple Comic Con today... Everyone was calling him "the littlest Deadpool" or "Little DP" Haha
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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    My vacation is off to a strong start. Watched a few movies, had dinner with a friend last night and today has mostly been beer, coffee and comics.
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    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    I've been there. I've been fortunate enough that a lot of the shit I listen to – and you as well, I'm sure – isn't exactly sought after. Or at least not clearly, upfront. Dude isn't going to gamble and buy 3 copies of weird ambient records or obscure shoegaze that Newbury isn't peddling. But I still prefer to play it safe and just text friends or VCers directly, before making a thread. After a bit of time and confidence that we're all hooked up, I'll make a thread if there isn't one already... and it's really shitty that that's what it has come to, as a community, but it's the safest route. And I'm so grateful for the people who text me when shit pops up, immediately: you know who you are. I give a lot of shit in this thread and others when I see copies of the new Green Day record being flipped, or some limited Day To Remember variant, or whatever. I joke around and suggest that no one should care enough about those records, in the first place, and that they're better off without them. But I can practice enough empathy to realize that the situation fucking blows. I see a lot of defense for flipping – "it's their money, dude, who are you to care what he does with it?" and "lol, Derek doesn't understand supply and demand" – but at the end of the day, if a release I wanted - really, seriously wanted - popped up and sold out while I took a night to sleep and a day to work, and was being sold immediately after at triple the price... I'd be crushed. "Ya' snooze ya' lose" is a horse-shit rebuttal to that and I think we all know it. I spend a ton of time tinkering on VC on my breaks, or during the evenings when I'm home, and I still find stuff that has slipped through the cracks that pertain to my interest. It's harder for me to sympathize with people when they don't log in for a week and are devastated that they missed a PO in that timeframe, but I can actually understand why some people had been waiting on that BCR repress for years, and were miffed when it went up with minimal heads-up, and sold out within 24 hours. That isn't to fault Pseudo Travis' subtle and brief marketing strategies in this thread – but instead of giving everyone a week or a month to mark their calendars and prepare a bulk-buy to offload on Ebay, only the unemployed neckbeard lurkers were privy to the drop. I guess it's better to have 2-3 sweaty flippers divebomb a limited release rather than 12+? But again, this loops back to my first paragraph, and how tricky the situation is however you cut it. These aren't people who are buying a copy to listen to – that's a given. But they're not even people who are buying a copy to frame, maybe eventually play, photograph on Instagram, and then resell at twice the MSRP. These are people with zero interest in any of the bands in these threads, buying 10, 15, 20 copies of a release /900 or so, and listing them for sale before they even have them on their doorstep. Really stupid. And considering the limited nature of vinyl and its aftermarket these days, they can afford to cast a wide net over any topics consistently bumped at VC, because the ones that "strike it rich" will more-than compensate for purchases that they wash even on or lose money with. It's greed and its worst, and it's gross to consider that some of these sellers probably give a cursory glance at the album art or a quizzical look over the packaging before putting it in a mailer and sending it out. "Huh. Is a King Gizzard Wizard Lizard the new Circus Survive? Is that what you kids are into these days? Alright." If they're not already among us as a shitlord in sheep's clothing, I imagine RareLimiteds' introductory post on VC would be akin to
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    Can we all agree on that "vinyl me please" is the dumbest fuckin name ever though.
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    Much like EL VY itself, this message board seems like to revolve around Matt Berninger. So, I feel right at home. Anyhow, I thought i'd give y'all a heads up that Ramona Falls (the project I do in addition to EL VY) is gonna release a third LP soon. I just approved the acetate. Thanks to everyone who supported EL VY (and, for that matter, Menomena too) by the way. - B
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    Record Store Day 2017

    An unpopular opinion around these parts, but as someone who had Coheed in my top 5 bands for a good chunk of my later-teen years, I'm inclined to agree with you.
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    Maybe a bad time to share Amazon Warehouse Deals, but here are a couple I saw: Widespread Panic 'Wood' 3-LP set (next cheapest is $48): VG condition for $11.89 Prime Shipping: Widespread Panic ============================================ The XX's new album: Box Set version (I bought one of these a few weeks ago from Amazon Warehouse and it was basically new, but I might have just got lucky): $32.50 Prime Shipping: The XX Box ============================================ The Wedding Present 'Take Fountain' 2016 (next cheapest is $29): $6.76 with Prime Shipping: Wedding Present ============================================ Gorillaz 'Plastic Beach' sealed for $9.22 with Prime Shipping: Gorillaz ============================================
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    Sucks I missed this, in for a second pressing if it happens.
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    Thanks Eric for pressing up the limited edition lathe-cut 7-inch. It's been a pleasure working with you! - Brent / Ramona Falls
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    The US list also contained an Elastica reissue that was a UK import a few years ago. Waited 90 minutes in line and a slow as molasses crawl through the store only to be told it didn't arrive in the shipment. Neither of these bands have a strong US following; the labels reissuing this stuff are both UK-based anyway. I'm 99.9% certain the listing means "available to order for the North American market" rather than "made/distributed in North America". Oh damn, this changes everything. I'm going to grab Nassau Coliseum and David Live soon and this is an essential piece of the Diamond Dogs Tour which is one of the few Bowie tours that I really care about. Too bad they couldn't fill out side 6 with some extra live cuts from the era but maybe there aren't any.
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    Take it all in folks
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    Just finished The Last Of Us Remastered (first playthrough ever), and while I think the gameplay seriously lacked in most areas, the story was pretty incredible. I'm very excited for the sequel.
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    Looking for a friend for Talon of the Hawk on tape by TFB. Willing to drop $100 on it. Let me know if you got it.
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    And even those 4-5 songs sound the same
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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    Good morning all, feel better T3 Ugh drank too much and passed out with the needle on, and woke up like 2 hours later. Always a bummer, but I did it to myself. No real damage, just a couple extra hours on the cartridge. Rocking some Slowdive now, got to open the store in a few hours but its a short day today since I covered so many extra hours this week. I think I can survive 5 hours of record pricing and RSD planning
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    Beach Slang $10 The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014U6V46S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_lB7WybZ716Q1E GUK - Currently OOS - $10 Four Minute Mile [LP] https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00R7CCAES/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_nG7Wyb8HR7B48 JEW - 1 left - $10 Integrity Blues https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01J979050/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_zH7WybQNZNKZ6 Bleached $10 Welcome The Worms https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AFSJLFG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_7I7WybE2HZPNM
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    PO NOW: Spoon - Hot Thoughts

    I was under the impression the RSD release was just a 12 inch single with two additional tracks, not the entire album +2.
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    Children 18:3 - Come In

    Available for purchase here: http://children183.bigcartel.com/product/come-in-vinyl
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    Never said critical acclaim, I said acclaim
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    I'm shocked and confused at all the acclaim it seems to be getting outside VC
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    The only point of contact I had with Post-Rock lately was the RUSSIAN CIRCLES gig ~ 10 days ago! This gig proved again that they are the one and only PR-band I need! I love them so much!
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    Easily the best non avengers comic movie, hands down. It might be the best, period. The feels were so real.
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    All good mah dude. I've been after that smoke variant for seems like forever now
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    Record Store Day 2017

    Deja repress in a plastic bag this time so you can suffocate yourself after listening
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