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    I'd settle for a vinyl reish of Binge and Purge at this point.
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    SRC is not the type of business to charge when it ships. Let's get real. I hope to get some info soon.
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    They never shipped out MTTS to you even though they had it in stock and instead made you wait for it for a year to ship both together and save them $7 of shipping?
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    My Pink Floyd collection. This is a month old though, and there's 3 albums missing from the pics.
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    It is because so many people have these brutally awful turntables and freak out over the smallest defects on even the jacket because it will not frame as nicely anymore. Out of hundreds of bought records I have probably returned 2-3 due to being warped from amazon. On say a Crosley though you throw a record that is just minimally warped and it is going to have all kinds of problems while that same record on a solid setup would not even be noticed whatsoever. There are plenty of legit fuck ups by amazon for sure but the majority are due to people that have shitty equipment or/and do not know wtf they are doing.
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    Just ordered this the other day, found out about her last week, absolutely in love with her music! Hopefully she'll release her debutalbum in the next year or so!
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    Music is such a subjective thing... Love how many oceansize fellows we have here. Didn't know there were so many in here! A shame they disbanded
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    Metallica - Live at Webster Hall

    This landed today in Australia. Its a fucking beast.....sounds rad.....well Packaged. Hopefully they release some more live shit on vinyl from this cycle Between this and the House of Vans Bootleg im feeling a little spoilt
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    Hey just messaged you a list. Also have to say. Long live hospital records, which was the best NYC record store of the last 10-20 years.
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    The Leftovers [HBO Show]

    i'm not ready
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    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Not sure if this has been said already but i just got a ship notification for Hyper Light Drifter, yay
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    I have both and Hang Ups is waaaay better than S/T. Been a minute since I've listened to it but I remember sounding great.
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    Fuck yea, love the new song! Rancid cant go wrong with their 90's reggae ska punk vibe Good to hear Lars too, hope theres more like this and more Lars!
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    This is why I flag every order confirmation email I get until I receive it in the mail, otherwise I know I would completely forget about half the things I ordered haha.
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    Finally made it to the show despite a hiccup (had to basically pay twice for the ticket). Roland Tings was fun: The only hip-hop/rnb played the whole night. Clark went first, played with more keyboard than you'd expect. It was a great overview of all his styles but some people there weren't quite ready for the noisier, darker sounds. Com Truise went next and played less keyboards than you'd expect (These guys are borrowing from each other's process it looks like). Played a lot of new stuff at the beginning and the end, played a lot of classics in the middle of his set. Don't miss out on this show! It's a great pairing, bringing together synthwave purists and older-style IDM fans together. Anyway, bought the (not-that-cheap) split and will play it later tonight.
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    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Are you sure that there isn't just some old lady sweeping a broom on your porch every 1.8 seconds? Best to double-check!
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    I didn't always work for SlyVinyl... Started as a fan, now I'm steering the ship in many ways... (still missing two test presses for what it's worth!) Complete Main Label + Near-Completed Test Presses (in custom case) https://www.discogs.com/label/596211-SlyVinyl-Records
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    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    Dynatron's Aeternus has been confirmed for vinyl release.
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    post your set-up thread

    Here's a current, ever so slightly crooked photo of what I'm working with these days:
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    not complete...but slowly working at it.
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    Metallica - Live at Webster Hall

    Decent track listing... will download.
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