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    There's also always that guy who doesn't understand what whining is.
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    Nah tugger is offended Dan posted his post better than him and is trying to do the same thing. Trying.
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    Arcade Fire- Everything Now

    No One is Lost definitely grew on me - can't wait for the new Stars album!
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    SRC is by far the worst customer service experience I've had in many years. There are 4 employees (online and both retail stores combined) including the manager (owner?) who is never there but controls everything the people who are there do. The customer service number is a joke. We got someone to contact us by calling the Canadian retail location and sending messages Morse code. They had sent me a damaged item, made me send them different photos twice. The lone online customer service worker is also the one employee at the US store and took days to answer each email. When they decided they would bless me with a replacement, the album was out of stock but they didn't ask or offer credit or a refund, they just said it would ship as soon as they got more with no estimate of when. I asked for a refund. Then she started answering emails very quickly! We already shipped your replacement, when all they had done was made a label. Two days later a package actually shipped, "Oh look we just got one copy in!" Wait, I thought the story was you already shipped it? Funny how it was the same day my returned copy made it there (seriously). Sometime during the lying about shipping, I went ahead and filed a PayPal claim WHICH I LOST because the manager lied in his reply to the claim and used the original tracking number to prove they had shipped me something and paypal hadn't connected the emails I forwarded them with the claim. Then I had to appeal the ruling while the customer service is still telling me that this is a misunderstanding and she'll talk to her manager about a refund. Finally, I won the appeal and I will NEVER deal with them again. This took a month and a half BTW. If I want an exclusive they have, I'll get it second hand, even if I end up paying more. It's worth it not to deal with them and to not give them any profit.
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    Literally the direct response to that post, right below it. Does this confirm that you don't actually read threads before shitposting in them? I feel like it may.
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    PO: Boris - Dear

    Listened to the leak. Very slow/drone type record. Pretty forgetable after 1 listen
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    Shit looks like rubber soul is down to $13.81 now Also: Snoop Dogg Doggystyle [Vinyl] $9.99 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00005AQF6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_Jvjyzb58W6HBR
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    Music on the disc > cover art C'mon VC, you're better than this
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    ETR Superfans

    At least his style of advertisement is finally relevant to a release he's putting out. It was bound to happen.
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    thanks captain obvious. you can fuck off now
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    Amenra . Mass VI

    Wish that tour was coming West.
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    Wow. You win the cheap Amazon vinyl contest. Thread's over boys, pack it in.
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    Innerspeaker - Tame Impala (2 LP) = $11.06 (Prime) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0041C1ZXE In the Aeroplane Over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel = $11.18 (Prime) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002PHVHFI Vessel (Clear Vinyl) - Twenty-One Pilots = $10.83 (Prime) https://www.amazon.com/Vessel-Clear-Colored-Digital-Download/dp/B00JMBQE76/
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    I'm basing it off the fact that I ordered it and then received a CD~
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    I'm so excited to hear that. Mine is on the way and the stoke is high. Planning on seeing them on the 21st too, can't wait!
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    Got my test today! Wow, this sounds fucking phenomenal.
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    Oddest places you've seen records for sale.

    I don't think it's weird to see records in a record store :/ ...maybe a weird place to see a record store but not a weird place to see record.
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    It's the most interesting post in this whole thread, so of course someone has to whine about it.
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    I remember reading about this a couple of years ago, the guy literally runs it from his back garden in a residential street in Peterborough. It is claimed to be the smallest record store in the UK, but they have a website and do RSD every year.
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    Can we please get a Marilyn Manson box set? Perhaps around the time or a little after the the new album comes out? Yeah? Yeah. Black vinyl. All albums and Smells Like Children definitely. I'd love Remix and Repent, Best Of, and Last Tour on Earth as well. But I don't want to be too greedy. Please vinyl gods.
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    Holy shit I never actually realized this was you hahaha.
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    When are these supposed to ship?
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    They announced a west coast tour. So pumped.
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    lucky bastard! i want one!!
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    I'd love to see a 7" box set or a 4xLP of all of the 10" and 7" songs. That's in addition to keeping the LPs in print.
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