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    The Black Dahlia Murder - NIGHTBRINGERS Out October 6th. Pre-order now IN-PERSON at the Summer Slaughter Tour. First single and online pre-orders out now. US: https://www.indiemerch.com/blackdahliamurder/pre-orders EU/UK: https://www.impericon.com/en/the-black-dahlia-murder.html Like this TRACKLIST: Widowmaker Of God and Serpent, of Spectre and Snake Matriarch Nightbringers Jars Kings of the Nightworld Catacomb Hetacomb As Good As Dead The Lonely Deceased
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    PO NOW : PARAMORE - After Laughter

    What was the point of making me sign up for the newsletter to get the info if it didn't even tell me a time? I missed out on the teal because it was gone by the time Paramore tweeted about the vinyl
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    I got this. @TGSNick
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    PO: Radiohead - OK Computer - oknotok

    LMAO at all the jokers stuck with multiple blue copies.
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    found some dead stock while cleaning storage. giving these away for free, just pay for shipping + mailer. $4 for one, $5 for both (stateside only, sorry). pm me if you want either/both. champollion - s/t LP (20 copies avail) indie rock space opera. 3 tracks up here: https://museumpeople.bandcamp.com/ landlady - keeping to yourself LP (8 copies avail) psychedelic/catchy indie with two drummers. their first album. full album streaming here: https://landlady.bandcamp.com/album/keeping-to-yourself
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    PO NOW : PARAMORE - After Laughter

    Good news if you still want the teal - you can get one for $661 on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/PARAMORE-After-Laughter-Rare-Vinyl-/332330503002?hash=item4d60710b5a:g:-84AAOSwutFZgzBx
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    Nice! Cover has a nocturnal vibe to it
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    To be fair, those bands are not good.
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    TEN WHOLE PERCENT?! You guys must be flush as fuck to be able to offer a 10% off sale. Judging by the length of this post, whoever wrote this probably gets paid by the word too, you big spender!
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    Warning: may still mean it's notok
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    I haven't seen NIN as much as some on this thread, but I've seen 'em a fair amount of times on a lot of different tours, and they've never disappointed. I guess my claim to fame is seeing them 3 times supporting TDS.... Once at the Fox in ATL (with Marilyn Manson opening) which STILL might be my favorite show.... And then supporting Bowie.... And then late in the tour when they'd changed the whole setlist around. It was cool to get so many PHM songs back then... I don't think Trent does many of them anymore beyond Head Like A Hole and Terrible Lie. (Sanctified was played on the HM tour, which was a very cool version.) I doubt I'm gonna get The Only Time or Sin or Something I Can Never Have again. What else.... Seeing With Teeth in Charlotte where a rain delay stopped the show halfway through.... When they came back, Trent basically blew up the setlist and played Dead Souls, Reptile, Get Down Make Love, and Down In It (with the whole crowd screaming "Rain rain go away"). Took a good show and made it great. Oh, and the NIN/JA tour had lots of deep cuts: Home, Metal, Non-Entity, I'm Afraid Of Americans, Head Down, Suck... THAT was pretty fantastic. Honestly I've heard Somewhat Damaged and Burn more than I can count. But I'll never turn down the former. Somewhat Damaged is almost always a highlight of any show.
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    PO: Hot Water Music - Light It Up

    Whoosh .. copy number five ordered ..
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    Always excited for TBDM.
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    You're not the hero we deserve, but god damnit you're the one we need.
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    Not familiar with the artist but my interest is piqued from the inverted crosses. Will check out!
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    VC Official Pro Wrestling Thread

    Nak vs. Mahal is most definitely not a dream match. I can't imagine any feud with Mahal as a dream feud. Nak vs. Cena was great though. I'd watch that program over and over again. Say what you want about Cena, but matched with the right guy, the dude puts on a hell of a match (Punk, Styles, Nak, etc.). With Mahal's foreign heel gimmick, it'll be interesting to see how they script him again Nak, since he's Japanese and not pro-America Cena. Would love to see Nak win, but I'd also be more interested in him grabbing the WWE title later, maybe Royal Rumble, and taking it into Mania on a feud vs. Styles. One can dream. Been mainly into NXT, Progress, Evolve, and ROH lately. WWE main roster product is fine, but not enough to keep me coming back week to week. Might have something to do with Mahal having the belt, idk.
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    PO NOW: The Fall of Troy - OK

    Is it just a coincidence this thread was started on April 1st?
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    PO NOW: Ducktails - Jersey Devil

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    I don't understand the soft complaints. The Gold, The Moth, Lead, SD, The Grocery, The Wolf, and especially The Silence are pretty huge sounding rock songs. Yeah, they are much more dynamic than COPE so they have quieter parts, but that makes the "heavy" parts hold even more weight.
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    Boom. https://shponglemusic.bandcamp.com/album/codex-vi
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    Well...If 21 times constitutes being a crazy person...the number of times I've seen NIN live, I may as well be the lunatic running the proverbial asylum.
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    Vinyl Storage…We Need Your Help!

    I was going to do this as well but got worried that by resting them or sliding them back i would indent the covers with that a strip..... paranoid hahaha
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