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    The Black Dahlia Murder - NIGHTBRINGERS Out October 6th. Pre-order now IN-PERSON at the Summer Slaughter Tour. First single and online pre-orders out now. US: https://www.indiemerch.com/blackdahliamurder/pre-orders EU/UK: https://www.impericon.com/en/the-black-dahlia-murder.html Like this TRACKLIST: Widowmaker Of God and Serpent, of Spectre and Snake Matriarch Nightbringers Jars Kings of the Nightworld Catacomb Hetacomb As Good As Dead The Lonely Deceased
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    No, but we know it's under $10 with free shipping, so who gives a good goddamn?
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    PO NOW : PARAMORE - After Laughter

    What was the point of making me sign up for the newsletter to get the info if it didn't even tell me a time? I missed out on the teal because it was gone by the time Paramore tweeted about the vinyl
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    Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy

    We talked about this.
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    Songs not to get married to. C'mon!
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    Vagrant Records 20th Anniversary Vinyl

    you do realize this has been in print for the last 2 years or so, right?
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    I had my car stolen at gunpoint and the police wouldn't stop accusing me of getting ripped off in a drug deal while being casually racist about the neighborhood. They're bastards.
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    PO NOW : PARAMORE - After Laughter

    just got an email from the band....Vinyl is on sale. Teal is first image you see. What a cluster in regards to communication.
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    I got this. @TGSNick
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    PO: Radiohead - OK Computer - oknotok

    LMAO at all the jokers stuck with multiple blue copies.
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    at least its not a longboard
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    found some dead stock while cleaning storage. giving these away for free, just pay for shipping + mailer. $4 for one, $5 for both (stateside only, sorry). pm me if you want either/both. champollion - s/t LP (20 copies avail) indie rock space opera. 3 tracks up here: https://museumpeople.bandcamp.com/ landlady - keeping to yourself LP (8 copies avail) psychedelic/catchy indie with two drummers. their first album. full album streaming here: https://landlady.bandcamp.com/album/keeping-to-yourself
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    New Stuff in the DW Estore

    that Portrayal of Guilt jaaaaaaaams
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    bug sessions would make my whole damn year, vinyl wise
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    more saves please
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    LOL. That is insane. I have no faith in humanity if someone buys that.
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    PO NOW : PARAMORE - After Laughter

    Good news if you still want the teal - you can get one for $661 on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/PARAMORE-After-Laughter-Rare-Vinyl-/332330503002?hash=item4d60710b5a:g:-84AAOSwutFZgzBx
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    Nice! Cover has a nocturnal vibe to it
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    To be fair, those bands are not good.
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    TEN WHOLE PERCENT?! You guys must be flush as fuck to be able to offer a 10% off sale. Judging by the length of this post, whoever wrote this probably gets paid by the word too, you big spender!
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    Warning: may still mean it's notok
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    This guy knows whats up!!
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    Two sides to every story. Here's Geoff's statement:
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    Tunes has the price matched with free shipping
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    Story of the year - page avenue?

    Never expect an SRC release to make the first.... let's say 5 scheduled release dates or you're destined to be let down.
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    She's the female voice on "Devil in my Bloodstream". Yeah... getting kinda upset about that splatter price now. $27 for what isn't even the rarest variant now.
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    I feel like it's been popping in and out of print for closer to 8 years at this point.
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    Sand(Shit)bag told me they'd ship out my replacement jacket the week of June 24th and that there'd be no tracking info email or anything. Haven't seen anything as of yet.
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    for real though, I would pay an absurd amount of money for Pure Moods on vinyl.
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    PO NOW : PARAMORE - After Laughter

    Pink is over half gone now even... Around 1800 copies left. Glad I was online at the right time.
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    WOW this is much more reasonable for those of us in the US.
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    PO NOW : PARAMORE - After Laughter

    Yeah the lack of information about when they were going on sale was kinda wack. I mean, I still bought the other three colors, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    No joke, the Spotify presale password is WILLOWBANK
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    Always excited for TBDM.
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    You're not the hero we deserve, but god damnit you're the one we need.
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    Manly music for REAL MEN

    Same post high-five double-win!
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    Best Coast - Crazy For You - $9.81 (Prime) - http://amzn.to/2f8Yehu Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes - $8.87 (Prime) - http://amzn.to/2vjmDHo Jimmy Eat World - Chase This Light - $8.56 (Prime) - http://amzn.to/2uXOc8h The Killers - Hot Fuss - $14.29 (Prime) - http://amzn.to/2v0jiKZ Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker - $9.48 (Prime) - http://amzn.to/2u5kLlN Lord Huron - Lonesome Dreams - $9.88 (Prime) - http://amzn.to/2f8Y1ec Ryan Adams - Follow The Lights - $6.64 (Prime) - http://amzn.to/2f9nKDh Ryan Adams - Gold - $9.56 (Prime) - http://amzn.to/2uZS7Qm
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    Just gonna leave this here.
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    PO NOW: Ducktails - Jersey Devil

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    PO Helmet Meantime

    Just received this in mail
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    Well...If 21 times constitutes being a crazy person...the number of times I've seen NIN live, I may as well be the lunatic running the proverbial asylum.
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    appropriate name if so.
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    4th page of the Vinyl section, dude. Either go back more than 2 pages once in a while or use the search function.
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    Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy

    these types of releases always turn the thread into a complaint hotline when it's over. I don't get it, everyone gets plenty of notice and is guaranteed it won't sell out yet people's money problems make it a shitty thing? im really sorry you guys didn't have the money on release day but to sit here and complain about your money issues as a way to shit on the release is ridiculous. it always helps to have an emergency fund/credit card for stuff like this...
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    Vinyl Storage…We Need Your Help!

    I was going to do this as well but got worried that by resting them or sliding them back i would indent the covers with that a strip..... paranoid hahaha
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