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    Its a 4-Way split 7" with international bands. Coming out on Moms Basement Records, "very soon"
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    Hey, I'm planning on cutting down my collection a bit and decided to get rid of the following. I'll put them up here first before ebay if anyone's interested. If you feel the fee is unreasonable, make an offer, I'm just going off discogs. Brand New - Your Favourite Weapon - 2011 repress baby blue/500 - offers Fall Out Boy - Take This to Your Grave - 2009 blue reissue - offers Funeral For a Friend - Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation - 2xLp 2009 white reissue £60 Something Corporate - Leaving Through the Window - 2xLP 2012 green marble £100 Alkaline Trio - Good Mourning - 2xLP 2008 reissue black £35 More Than Life - What's Left of Me - first press baby pink/gold haze Lydia - Illuminate - first press- sea blue £30 Added; Northstar - Pollyanna - offers New Found Glory - Sticks & Stones - first press, white - offers New Found Glory - Self Titled - first press (joystick) - offers New Found Glory - From the Screen to Your Stereo - first press, blue marble - offers All records are in excellent condition. Photos can be provided. Posted from Glasgow ya bass. International postage will apply.
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    It's in press, just not through Relapse. It sounds good, too.
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    this week's episode was insane!!! so good.
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    PO Now: (Thee) Oh Sees - Orc

    Variants went up when I was at a wedding. Went to the show tonight--all they had was black (which I picked up), but didn't grab any extra copies since they're on the site. Also, had no idea Damaged Bug put out a record this year and picked that up as well. Also, fantastic show!
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    After spending a lot of time with this it has really grown on me. Although I had to delete the second song to make the beginning of the record not flow terribly... It's not Twiabp as we've known and I doubt I'll ever enjoy it as much as past material but it's pretty good. Edit:aaaaaaaaand now it's boring
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    What's wrong with the other Symbolic press? My white sounds great
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    Have you ever read any crazy news article and it hasn't been from Florida? Thought so hahaha. Edit: http://time.com/4935117/hurricane-irma-guns-florida/ I rest my case lmao
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    http://quicksand.merchdirect.com/products/61665-interiors-autographed-vinyl Autographed orange on the band merch site
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    Idc what anybody says. Like the album or not, Good to Sea is an amazing song.
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    Worse than the album title itself?
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    AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread

    Mine just came in the mail its the 2014 pressing...I'll guess I hear what all the negativity is about.
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    PO Now: (Thee) Oh Sees - Orc

    UK orders are up and all variants are still available. https://castlefacerecords.co.uk/products/oh-sees-orc I unfortunately went beserk and got one of each. I'll be only keeping one though so if any of you miss out, I will be glad to part ways with two copies for a reasonable price once they arrive.
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    They shipped my copy of Ride the Lightning. When I click the album link in Amazon, the listing goes to the sale page for the 2016 pressing. Crossing my fingers I get the good pressing of this album for $10.
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    Is dead format.........dead?

    No, people are complaining because on DF you could track your records with exactly what you wanted to input them as. You could put as much or as little as you wanted. I'm a bit OCD and had all my stuff in the order Artist - Album (Colour) /pressing number. I liked my list like that but I'll move on to Discogs and get over it.
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    PO Now: (Thee) Oh Sees - Orc

    Booo- missed out again; will gladly buy a variant if someone's willing to part with one
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    PO Now: (Thee) Oh Sees - Orc

    Whoops, wasn't fast enough again. Oh well.
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    Still no idea.
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    no worries, youre not missing much homie.
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    I want to become a Full-Time YouTuber !

    Cool story....so if this doesn't have to do with vinyl....maybe find a youtube forum to chat about your vlog instead?
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    I want to become a Full-Time YouTuber !

    Boooooooooo. There are enough turds on the internet trying to be famous with too little talent or motivation. Get a job, hippy.
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    I want to become a Full-Time YouTuber !

    Can I get your youtube videos on vinyl?
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    I don't think *ANYTHING* could defeat the one I'm thinking of.
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    I don't get it.
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