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    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    My guess is some sort of limited vinyl, possibly with music by Brand New on it.
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    My Best Buy copy arrived today. 3xLP score confirmed.
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    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I think the difference between limited and normal is the elitism that you spent money on a record you like before anyone else did.
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    As posted on ETS: And also brief note about the packaging: "it's three (sturdy cardstock(?)) picture sleeves in a sturdy outer slipcase. side F is blank but still has an image printed label. nothing too fancy but a vast improvement over, say, the fragile deviations. it also sounds pristine, just like all the recent pressings. "
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    BTW if some of you are still looking for the killer 7", they're available for 6 dollars in the ryan adams store: https://shop.paxamrecords.com/collections/7/products/phoebe-bridgers-killer-7 They cost around 35 dollars on ebay so i thought some of you might want to pick it up!
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    Whoa I should've got it, dang it... Hehe awesome man !!!
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    must be a typo think they meant 2081
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    So, they restocked 4 copies of the red wax version of self-titled, which they previously told me wasn't going to see the light of day. If you're interested I'd hop on one now. No idea if uDiscover will ever release the other copies. https://shop.musicvaultz.com/*/*/Thirty-Seconds-To-Mars-Red-Vinyl-2LP/5D690000000 Edit: nevermind, looks to be available on their official shop and here as well: https://thesoundofvinyl.us/thirty-seconds-to-mars-limited-edition.html
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    Represses of The Obsessed's debut and demo are up on Relapse. https://store.relapse.com/search?q=the+obsessed And also their newest from this year is selling for cheap, both single LP and Deluxe double https://store.relapse.com/item/43918 - 12" https://store.relapse.com/item/43922 - deluxe
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    PO: Morrissey - Low In High School

    I bought the 4 LP Bundle. Zero fucks given. After shipping they were $22 Each. How could I not? Right?... Right?... My wifes gonna fucking kill me...
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    only 11 more days until October! You know what that means? Countless amount of questions and complaints of not getting their vinyl yet. I say November personally lol.
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    If anyone wants to own this album on vinyl, you can still find non-color, standard weight copies. It doesn't say its remastered or remixed or anything. Just a different weight and color. Here are ways to score it: https://pinback-online-store.myshopify.com/collections/vinyl/products/autumn-of-the-seraphs-lp https://www.amazon.com/AUTUMN-SERAPHS-Vinyl-PINBACK/dp/B000TQCEU4 http://www.soundstagedirect.com/pinback-autumn-of-the-seraphs-vinyl-lp.shtml?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8_mypvKx1gIVBbbACh3yHQOsEAYYASABEgJAPfD_BwE https://www.merchbar.com/vinyl-records/pinback/pinback-autumn-of-the-seraphs
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    everyone relax, Jesse called me personally (because i left my number in the instructions when i PO) and told me he is sending HJ coupons with each Limited Vinyl $45 order. #cantwait
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    I'm seeing them play in a month or too, so maybe I can try to snag one for you then.
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    I ordered my copy from Amazon and received a blood red copy. I'm assuming it's the /5000 Retail Variant.
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    THE CON X: COVERS – ARTIST ANNOUNCEMENT! SEPTEMBER 13, 2017 Hello, This past winter, as the 10th anniversary of The Con quickly approached, Sara and I started to brainstorm meaningful ways to celebrate what was easily one of our most important records. Important not just because of the music or the elaborate way we approached recording it 10 years ago with Chris Walla. Important because it was the biggest leap we had made in attempting to write a cohesive group of songs that told a painful and anxious story about our different relationships to loss, death, love, compulsion, fear, letting go and moving on. Indisputably our most raw and intimate record, we wanted to ensure we created a new package that did justice to the layers of attachment that both we and our fans have had to The Con. Almost immediately we established that a tour playing all 14 songs in a more intimate and stripped-down arrangement would be special and memorable for our diehard fans. But we also wanted a companion piece that would live on past the anniversary, hence The Con X: Covers album was born. From day one we wanted the proceeds to go to our newly-launched Tegan and Sara Foundation, which raises money for self-identified women and girls in the LGBTQ community. With that intention set, we asked 14 artists who were either outspoken allies of the LGTBQ community or LGBTQ themselves to each cover a song from The Con. We encouraged each artist to approach the song they were covering in any fashion they saw fit. Their inspiration could come from the original record or The Con Demos, our first home recordings that were released after The Con came out. All the artists agreed to donate their time and energy to the project and their labels all agreed to waive their fees as well. At the core of our planning was the hope that this new project would tell another chapter in the story that was The Con. Music allows us to project our own stories, losses, and anxieties onto the melodies and words of someone else. It’s a universal language that bonds people together from different worlds, countries, and experiences. Somehow all these new covers manage to come together to add a new chapter to The Con. We are beyond grateful for the contributions of each artist, and we hope fans of The Con will be moved by their interpretations. The preorder for The Con X: Covers will begin on September 19 via teganandsara.com. The CD and digital/streaming album will be released on October 20. Vinyl will be released on December 22. Below is the tracklisting! xo Tegan and Sara CD and Vinyl Tracklisting: 1. Ruth B. – I Was Married 2. MUNA – Relief Next to Me 3. Shura – The Con 4. Mykki Blanco – Knife Going In 5. PVRIS – Are You Ten Years Ago 6. Ryan Adams – Back in Your Head 7. City and Colour – Hop a Plane 8. Kelly Lee Owens – Soil, Soil 9. Bleachers – Burn Your Life Down 10. Hayley Williams of Paramore – Nineteen 11. Sara Bareilles – Floorplan 12. Shamir – Like O, Like H 13. Trashique (GRIMES X HANA) – Dark Come Soon 14. CHVRCHES – Call it Off Digital Bonus Tracks: 15. Cyndi Lauper – Back in Your Head (Bonus Track) 16. Bleached – One Second (Bonus Track) 17. Vivek Shraya – I Take All the Blame (Bonus Track) 18. Tegan and Sara – Miami Still (Bonus Track Demo) I'm SUPER hype about this
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    First post has been updated with pressing info and linked to where you can get them, I'll keep updating it throughout the day.
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    Looks like we got ourselves a stream.
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    PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    Mother of God...keep us updated.
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    I ordered 2 copies from best Buy and my package is listed around 5lbs so it does appear to be the vinyl. Crazy deal if it really is the same 3lp.
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    If you click on "music" in the menu at the side you should see the standalone versions. Front page is littered with unnecessary bundles!
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    Got my Texas copy yesterday. Didn't fully pay attention and thought it was just the $10 extra that was going towards charity. Saw the sticker on the front that it was 100% of the purchase price that they donated. That's pretty fucking cool of them.
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    I replaced my side mirror, so I'm basically a mechanic now.
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    Hurricane Irma vs. VC

    Power finally came back Sunday afternoon/evening. Worked from home yesterday and deep cleaned the fuck outta the fridge and freezer.
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    The tour variant was on display but it was (at least at this show) behind the table, hanging alongside the t-shirts, so you couldn't read the hype sticker. Fortunately, I recognized it from the copy I bought previously. I didn't specifically ask for it. The lady selling merch just grabbed a copy from the pile of 20 or so. I'm guessing that on the first leg of the tour, if you wanted the tour variant, you had to ask for it. But seeing as this is the second (?) leg of the US tour, most people probably already have a copy of the album and the band just want to get rid of them now.
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    [PO] Deafheaven // Sunbather

    Hot Pink & Beer.
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    [PO] Deafheaven // Sunbather

    also, it appears LP4 is now underway
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    Yes, unless the UK versions have slightly different coloration.
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    PO: Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss Spun

    Re: Etchings; I think its just a way that labels try to beautify a side that would otherwise be blank when the music won't fit on 2 sides but doesn't need more than 3. As far as NPR is concerned, I feel they have in general an acceptably humane leaning with less bias than any other news source I've received. It may have been a reach to mention the Burzum thing but I don't find any problem in it. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to remind the audience where someone stands especially if its important enough to the artist to make it clear the first time. Maybe it was the writer's dilemma to use real examples of their featured artist's history to make the genre association clear but also to retain the political separation between the artist being discussed and one of the examples of said artists' source of genre influence. And not to stir shit, but I always feel a bit uneasy when people express an intimidation to what they call Social Justice Warriors. I can agree that there is a level of political correctness that goes too far technically and only serves to hinder a supposed SJW's ability to properly identify and keep tabs on its antagonists but if the way in which someone insults another is by referring to them as a SOCIAL JUSTICE warrior, what is it about social justice that makes that person uneasy? It just seems like its goes against a basic level of decency in humanity to have such an issue with social justice, whether its propagated by so-called "warriors" of that cause or not. I guess I'm saying it doesn't bode well to put such a negative slant on such a phrase.
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    I can wrap this up and put it under the tree for myself.
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    I thought my hype for this album was already through the roof and then this happened.
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    PO: Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss Spun

    SJW? Because they referred to a racist as being just that and mentioned that Wolfe has disowned him? That you considered "awful"?
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    Love that Upsetters record. Got that.
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    The Third Man Records Thread

    Just a reminder: They announced the last Vault a little earlier than normal (6/19) so if you signed up on the day it was announced & want to wait to see what the new one is, cancel today or you will be charged tonight/tomorrow morning
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    PO Now: The Used - The Canyon 10/27

    i did the same thing The pancake i had during their set was way better and less flat.
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    new tattoo appresh

    http://i65.tinypic.com/dp8thu.jpg posting photos in this board is the most painful experience I've pushed through. Even worse than the tattoo above.
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    APPLESEED cast? Godspeed you black emperor
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    I wonder how limited it is? It's the best looking variant yet, and it's not through MerchNow. Kind of a no brainer.
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    Gwar. You probably want Gwar.
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    Looking for a certain genre

    The Beatles?
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    I think you're being defensive. My comment was about people defending Discogs needlessly when we're mourning the death of Dead Format.
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    Is dead format.........dead?

    No, people are complaining because on DF you could track your records with exactly what you wanted to input them as. You could put as much or as little as you wanted. I'm a bit OCD and had all my stuff in the order Artist - Album (Colour) /pressing number. I liked my list like that but I'll move on to Discogs and get over it.
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    [PO] Deafheaven // Sunbather

    She could take a quite palpable load, I imagine.
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