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    I miss when Travis ran HT
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    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    aka no point in ever ordering from hot topic ever again
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    Sign up is closed! Deadline for signing up is one week from today...Oct 12! VC Secret Santa 2K17 Rules Your moderators will be me Lauren (@themeconspiracy) and Brandon (@backpackoat) will be helping me organize this year as well. Any questions regarding the sign up go to me initially. after that you'll have your assigned moderator that you can contact with any info or questions. Of course even if I'm not your designated mod i'm still always available for questions or assistance 1. Everyone interested in participating must sign up via link: • Full Name (that means first and last at least) • Address (please place on one line only and not on three.) • Avatar name and original name registered under (your login name when logging into the board, this issue comes up every year because people switch names a lot and often, myself included, started my account with a different name…and when trying to track somebody down it can be impossible to find them) • (if you participated last year) the person you had last time, if you remember (to give you somebody new to buy for!). • The link to your trade list. (if it's a google spreadsheet, please make shareable) • Size of shirt just in case they have clothing in mind • If you’re willing to ship between USA and Canada,…(this will probably drastically increase your monetary involvement somewhat, no skimping on the gift value if you spending most of the agreed amount on postage, only agree to do this is you can afford to do it.). Also, overseas people are SOL this year unless you get someone in your area to sign up. The shipping overseas from the states has gotten way to expensive and it's not fair to anyone to have to pay say $50 to ship a package. • Please enter any other contact info so if we need to contact you besides VC we can. (Ex: Facebook, instagram, email, etc etc) • Send this info by the end of the day (wherever you are) Oct 12, 2017. This will be the cut off date unless we have an odd person and from there we’ll accept requests to take the missing spot. • Wait for confirmation (there will be a list underneath the rules and will be corrected daily) below is the preferred format i would ask of you all as it's going into a excel sheet: Name: Efrain Jordaci Address: 2495 rockford lane, fleetwood mac, fl 95857 USA Avatar/screen name/og screen name: riffrafff2 (aka slimeball 2) tradelist: [email protected]@@@@ shirt size: L Yes, i'm willing/No i'm not up to sending overseas This is my first year doing secret santa.: Yes/no If no, who was your recipient last year?: Juan blah blah blah Please list any other contact info so if we need to contact you: email, Facebook, instagram grinder, etc etc. 2. Buy a gift for the person you get spending no less than $20 and no more than ????. There isn't a cap for gifts and people often go overboard which of course you're welcome to do but isn't required. These gifts can be vinyl, music related or just rad things you think they’ll like. It can be a few small things or one big thing, whatever. Don't send anything gross or crude (NO PORN, unless you know the person loves porn). If you don't know what your person likes, look up some of their posts and use what you've learned about them from this board as a guide. If you have questions ask around, or we'll ask for you. If you want to participate, you probably need to have a trade list; post the link in your signature so that your Secret Santa can get ideas of what to buy and what not to buy for you. If this is your first time participating i recommend reading through some previous years threads to get an idea for the process and what kind of gifts people send (plus they're just fun to read through) http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/122651-secret-santa-2016-the-unisex-edition/ http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/115292-secret-santa-2015-update-dec-16-please-read/ http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/105910-secret-santa-2014-the-saga-continues-update-12272014-post-your-gift-pix-lazy-bastards/ 4. Pack up and send out your gift no later than November 25th. Unless you specify that you’ll agree to send packages to other countries, we’ll try to keep people to mailing within their own country, as easy cheap delivery confirmations don’t work for the USPS’s international Mail…but there are more deluxe forms of tracking, but all of them raise the price considerably for international mail. Pick the type of shipping most appropriate or affordable(in the US please remember media mail can ONLY be used for audio recorded material, books, video recordings on whatever format, ie: this is media, breaking this rule could cause your box, should it be inspected to be deemed mail fraud and not delivered, and if you’re lucky returned to sender, but most likely will be thrown away!). This is assuming that all people outside the US will use their countries equivalent delivery confirmation tracking information. • And this is very important: ALL PACKAGES ARE TO BE SENT WITH SOME SORT OF CONFIRMATION OR TRACKING. NO EXCUSES. Send the tracking information to your Secret Santa Moderator once your package has been sent (that means you fuckers that don't follow rules), so we have a idea of who is sending what and when, also save your receipts just in case!!!! Everyone please use my address as the return address. Please be sure to put VC Secret Santa, ATT: Lauren DeLuca, 239 Troutman St. Apt. 2R, Brooklyn, NY 11237. 5. This year is same as last year. This year please include 1 or several (you choose) cd mixes with music you think said person might like. Hell send them music they might not have even heard. You never know. they might be turned on to something totally new they never even thought of listening to. Also include with the gift a piece of paper with three hints about who you are. It can be anything you want, your hometown, your favorite band, something anyone familiar with the board could figure out. Or, be vague…this is part of the fun! 6. When you receive your gift: • post what you got in this the main thread and guess who sent it to you. • PM your Secret Santa Moderator that you received your gift so we can mark you off our list. It takes a minute. This is a must. I don't want to have to be PMing people daily to see if they received their gifts. Once its been noted, please, please say THANK YOU. There's nothing more thoughtless than not at least giving a “thank you.” It's rude to say the least! 7. If you don't receive your gift by December 17th, PM your moderator (me) AND post in the main thread (do not create a new thread). We'll find a way to punish that person. If it arrives after that, we'll forgive them. 8. If you don't like what you got, feel free to swap with someone else, re-gift or sell the item in secret. Please don't complain even if you didnt like the gift. it's the thought that counts. right? 9. On Jan. 1 (or shortly thereafter) we will reveal who everyone's Secret Santa was. 10. All new Boardies. Rather than completely disqualify you from participating, we need you to go through a few extra hoops in order to participate. All new board members (aka if you have less than 1000 posts, less than a year old, or have never participated in Secret Santa) are required, after all initial info is entered, to send first. and have a shipping date a little over a week shorter (NOV 11) than regular members. This is for good reason. We ask this so there's a less likely chance of anyone getting ripped off. Secondly, we ask this so your package arrives in a timely manner because once your package as been confirmed upon arrival (again, please send with confirm so we can track it) by your recipient, we will then allow your Secret Santa to send your gift. Hope you understand. *= not including those who deleted their accounts and re-joined, were part of last years Secret Santa gift exchange, or are longtime members but don't post often (again, we know who you are). At least 100 posts are required to participate (sorry, but a lot of the people who have flaked out in the past signed up with very low post counts. If you have less than this and would still like to participate, reach out to me directly to discuss) 11. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE YOUR SCREEN NAME! It's a pain in the ass to try to find someone halfway during this thing if they change their name. Please wait if you can. **Note to any future Secret Santa’s from overseas. We must have 2 of Secret Santas across the pond or in your area. There will be no overseas shipping anymore. Please remember to note that in your initial email/PM so we put people together in this instance. Be aware you might not be able to join. Last year someone had to spend $50 just to send said gifts, so please understand if we can't include you in the festivities. Our apologies. ***I also ask, once this starts rolling to have everyone hide who their recipient is until after everyone has received their gifts and figured out their Secret Santa or till we announce the list... it makes it more confusing and fun This list of rules is not set in stone, feel free to make more suggestions and we'll alter it accordingly. This can be really fun if everyone holds up their end of the bargain. Thanks everyone. Lauren Participants themeconspiracy youinreverse ozfacter marc32137 Roadmonkey FiggyPud Batman Sasan cside daegor ScottHeisel deadreckoning himynameisShane Reshiram454 backpackoat billya Green Tea Papi Jhulud
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    On Sale Now - Onsale Now - Since the 2014 release of Philly outfit Death of Lover’s acclaimed debut EP “Buried Under a World of Roses”, many wondered if a full length follow-up for the band was even possible – largely due to the extensive touring schedule of Domenic, Nick, and Kyle’s other band: Nothing. But between 2016 and 2017, the four piece band (that includes keyboard player CC Loo) was able to find the time to focus, demo, write, and carve out a stunning new direction and polished sound for the band. “The Acrobat” represents that labor of love, and Death of Lovers have created one of the most eye-opening alternative records we’ve heard in years. Thoughtful compositions weave driving synths, drums and guitars through lock-step rhythm and nostalgia before shattering into intricate and spacious instrumental breaks. There is a welcome complexity and depth to the tracks, which dance between moody and sweeping to sparkling and bright – creating a beautiful contrast to the honest and dark lyrics. On the album single “The Absolute”, Domenic’s vocals (accompanied in harmony by drummer Kyle Kimball) take on the topics of selfishness and greed - “All in all is trembling fear – bound to fall on bludgeoned bell rung ears. A senseless world of worth, deceived by needing, and the crow who perches on your tongue – reminding you it won’t be too long.” “Lowly People” is the band’s answer to PULP’s “Common People”, cast through the lens of their own upbringing: the streets of Kensington, Philly – where “Broken glass shimmers like the stars, summer air breeds a certain violence.” Somehow, The Acrobat achieves warm familiarity while sounding completely new. While the tracks could easily have been included on the soundtrack to every one of your favorite 80s films, there is a fresh perspective and process evident in the songwriting that rewrites the “post-punk” rulebook. Vinyl comes in standard black as well as limited edition color versions of 100 on Clear, 200 on Red, 300 on Yellow, and 400 on Blue.
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    Hi everybody, I would like to introduce this crazy project of mine I did recently - find records in your shelf with a laser pointer! The main idea is that I organize my shelves based on my Discogs collection and then I find them with a Raspberry Pi pan-tilt laser pointer. I build an manager app and everything! The official Raspberry Pi blog was kind enough to do a write up - find all the info here: https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/vinyl-shelf-finder/ (also a reddit with the full setup picture https://redd.it/70muep) The full hardware setup is harder to replicate and it's not always 100% accurate (this wasn't the idea anyway) but the app is quite cool - I use it everyday, especially for the Last.fm integration. Will be happy to answer any question and requests!
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    Does someone know great bands?

    Hey i'm kind of a hippie and looking for some creat bands. I like bands like Pink Floyd, tool, mettalica, pearl jam, psychedelic rock, some songs from tom petty. and Nirvanna. I hope someone can give me some band names because I like to listen to completely new songs Thankss
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    Ministry PO's

    Just wanted to give any Ministry fans a heads up in case you've missed these like I had. Let Them Eat Vinyl in the UK has put out 3 Ministry albums that have never been pressed before: Sphinctour (Blue Double LP), Animositisomina (Red Double LP), and Houses of the Mole (Clear Double LP). Cheapest I was able to find them was via import cd's and Moviemars on Ebay. Snagged each of them for ~22 bucks a pop.
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    Channel Zero> AHS Check it out if you haven’t yet. The whole first season is available to stream on syfy.com
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    also, here is a referral link for 20% off: https://share.thinkgeek.com/x/SgNmXR
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    So after failing to get a question sent through their website n blog i started following the label on fb n asked they said preorders will go live late october n theyll have more info soon. Might be an idea to follow them on fb those who r desperate to be in that first 100.
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    I imagine that the delayed schedule is what is putting off new releases. I'd expect more announced once everything catches up because it would be bad practice to announce something that won't come out until mid 2018 when everything is backed up a month+
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    Spent so much time playing this game and still couldn’t give a fuck all about this release.
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    This PO made me wanna listen to this
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    Alphabetical (last name first; no 'the' in band names) and chronological of original release (not actual pressing date). It seems like pure madness to do it any other way. Also, this app seems useless for anybody who doesn't have a collection less than 2K records.
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    My wallet used to be an adventurer like you, then it took an arrow in the knee
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    The X-Files - Songs In The Key Of X
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    Can yo mamma walk around up there without the floor collapsing? If so, then you're probably good.
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    PO: Morrissey - Low In High School

    MOZMEFIFTEEN for 15% off the US Store, including album pre orders
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    [Banned User]

    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    Is Hot Topic... not Hot anymore...? (sound off in the comments below)
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    Marilyn Manson - Heaven Upside Down

    Call me a sucker, but I picked up the T-shirt and Red bundle.
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    Just got this email from the Underoath merch store. How cold! When I click says cart is empty Ethan! We know distractions happen sometimes, so as a friendly reminder, we want to let you know that the items left in your shopping cart have been reserved and are waiting for your return! Rebirth Vinyl INTERNATIONAL Tour Exclusive DTGL x TOCS x 2xLP Vinyl All you have to do is click the button below to return to your cart and complete your purchase: Return To Cart If there’s anything we can do to help, just hit the reply button and drop us a line with any product or order questions. Thank you so much for your support with your order! - Underoath View in Your Browser | Manage Preferences No longer want to receive these emails? Unsubscribe here Underøath Official Storefront powered by Merchline
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