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    The Duke isn't trying to get a rise out of anybody, and he has more spirit than most. I wondered about him at first but his determination about cataloging Polygondwanaland is staggering, and there's such genuine, earnest interest I can't help but be happy he's here. Not one drop of sarcasm from him whatsoever, it's refreshing.
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    Thrice - The Alchemy Index [Reissue]

    I'll try harder next time dad
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    Thrice - The Alchemy Index [Reissue]

    but I am only 737 and a pretty terrible person so that can't be right
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    The music in this was phenomenal. I wish they just threw the songs on a 12 inch
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    The parts where he speculates about things he has no idea about and than has a solo conversation about it bring me to the edge
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    That's rough... I am the same way socially. I get by on the few souls who recognize that and take pity on me haha.
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    it’s hard for me to order orange/black swirl/merge variants based on mock-up when this type of stuff happens... I love this type of variant, just not with black. 9 out of 10 times it’s mostly black with minor color. im sure Flightless will do a decent job though, went with gumboot death to be on the safe side. plus the red matches the label nicely.
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    The official Horror fan topic

    We watched Mayhem last night and I loved it. Not sure I would call it horror but it’s close
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    The official Horror fan topic

    My exact thoughts on both films.
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    Defintrly felt like this seasons “San Junipero” in a way. Amazing. And that last episode was pretty fucked up (and awesome).
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    The official Horror fan topic

    A Cure For Wellness - It was a beautiful looking film and past that, it was a turd. The ending was real easy to figure out, dialogue was terrible, it was VERY poorly paced and too long by about 45 minutes. The protagonist was painfully unlikeable too. They Look Like People - Nothing special, but I found myself liking it, even though I couldn't really say why.
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    Yes! Metalhead was such a thriller. And I absolutely loved Hang The DJ.
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    Do you like other bands?
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    New season of Black Mirror was unbelievable. Usually each season has at least one episode that I don’t really care for, but there wasn’t one to be found in this one.
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    PO Now:NSYNC-S/T

    The reason I jumped. You're dumb if you didn't. HAIL SATAN.
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    Whenever I see the duke post in a gizzard thread (which is about every 30 mins), I can't get put of my head the tug passion for the used
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    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    I ordered one of their records forever ago and they never sent it, so buyer beware. I had to open a PayPal dispute because they never responded to any emails.
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    Fuck YES! I can’t believe this got a US distribution. Favorite anime of all-time. Ordered without hesitation.
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    ATO pressing will go live in 1-2 weeks, ships out around April as well https://imgur.com/wucXGNs
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    To quote Eddie Murphy..."what a bargain".
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    PO Now:NSYNC-S/T

    I just want No Strings Attached and Celebrity tbh
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    The Butcha

    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    Gotta get them San marzano tomato’s from Italy dude! Only canned tomato I’ll use.
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    Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

    Did indeed :). I wish it had wiated one extra day to go wild like this, I was planning to grab more last night, but I'll probably just let it ride for a while now instead and get something else inexpensive
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    oh and hey! my secret santa this year was @batman! how about that! got a couple cd samplers, some stickers (pretty stoked on those mario stickers!), a very lovely note, a few pins (including one not-so-subtle hint as to the sender haha), a Thrice patch, and a LEGO KNIGHT RIDER MINI FIG. it actually took me a sec to realize what the lego was, but as soon as i put him together i was like HOLY CRAP! MICHAEL KNIGHT! i have a whole collection of carefully curated minifigs and some other random toys (and some hoff swag) that live on top of one of my kallaxes. i go through random spurts of buying them, and its been a while since i bought any. somehow i didnt even know they made a knight rider one and oh man. so freaking pumped. this was a super exciting addition to the collection. here is knight rider hoff hanging next to my baywatch hoff mini fig (and thats actually a vintage knight rider lunchbox in the background haha) *not pictured: a bag of awesome texas beef jerky. im not even gonna lie. i already ate the whole bag. it was delicious and i have no self control around dehydrated meats haha. that was so awesome. seriously. i love good jerky and it isnt easy to come by here (although trader joes has surprisingly awesome jerky) so that was definitely a real treat vinyl! the appleseed cast - illumination ritual. i enjoyed these guys back in high school. this is their most recent album from a few years ago and i never got around to listening to it or picking up a copy so very curious to check this out. the good life - i loved this album back in high school! even though i saw them play a couple times back then and have a good life shirt i somehow forgot about these guys for a while. funny enough earlier this year my boss and i started bonding over cursive and tim kasher and i rediscovered my love of the good life as well as got into some cursive albums i never really listened to. somehow i never bought any good life vinyl. i'm pretty stoked. i'm actually going to spin this and then probably fall down a cursive/saddle creek rabbit hole right now while i do some late night cleaning moving mountains - pneuma. i am actually totally unfamiliar with these guys. i feel like i've heard the name but never really checked them out. definitely looking forward to giving this a listen! also. look how dang pretty this variant is y'all thank you so much for everything! i think it's so funny that we both got each other especially with our very different musical tastes and still loved everything we got for the other one. i seriously love all of this. and i will love and treasure my mini michael knight forever haha
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    Right... but you are assuming people read and abide by a line of text on a god damn internet. As seen, even here, people can order them without any express purpose of picking them up or now trying to get someone else to pick em up for them. Say 15 people do this... that's 15% of the run, gone, on hold for someone not even attending or going to be thrown back up online AFTER the festival. I can only assume that wasn't SIgur Ros's intent, but what was supposed to be a nice treat for those willing to make the trek to Iceland, became a bloody internet preorder with no checks and balances that sold out in 24 hours. I'm not really interested in these releases, but given the vinyl lovers out there, I expect some very disappointed fans during the fest when they are told they needed to preorder the festival exclusive and can't buy it on-site while they see a stock pile of sleeves behind the merhcant.
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