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    Amazon Warehouse deal packaging in general is an art form. I recently received a baby monitor no bigger than a pencil sharpener in a zip lock bag taped inside a ball of air pillows and shipped in a box bigger than my 50 pound dog.
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    Fowty Dollaz

    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    Yep. I bought from them b/c I missed the initial order. Plus ryantark said my name in the initial post.
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    I got a copy of Bonsai Superstar earlier today. Side A: GROW046 S-30338 A 28451.1(2)... A GOLDEN Side B: GROW046 S-30338 B 28451.2(2)...A GOLDEN
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    Black Metal Discussion Thread

    This is cool bit of early burzum about it
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    It's sold out so many times I'd imagine it was. [Repressed]
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    haunt u forever is a ricky eat acid release
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    Alright, I'm officially in. Some great bands here, and MOM & Austin rule.
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    I work as a mail order manager/customer service for a record label here in San Diego and I deal with this shit all the time. If I work for a company that’s doing something that’s not practical then that’s your job to deal with. I would never do something questionable any not expect a response. I’m not trying to seem cool, just shared my experience with this record and their shitty shipping techniques. Exaggerating is far from what I did, but more or less made a joke. Sounds it hit a nerve with you, assuming you have/still have experience w/ crazy mom(s) and their fits. Sorry for your experience, hopefully things will get better for you.
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    Shitty Rambo

    Boycott Uline

    Jesus christ dude, you really gonna start accusing users of being homoohobes and racists because they don't want to stand shoulder to shoulder with you on this? You can take whatever stance on whatever issue you want, but don't use this as a vehicle to shame and mislabel our community members.
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    That's not "throwing a crazy mom fit" then. Sounds like you sent a polite email letting them know their shipping method was inadequate. Don't exaggerate shit, it makes you look like an idiot.
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    Boycott Uline

    Glad to hear you're not hapf-assing it. I'll holster my snark now.
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    AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread

    Nine Inch Nails - Not The Actual Events - $10.83 ( Prime) - http://amzn.to/2CBhzic
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    Fuzz Pig

    Thrice - The Alchemy Index [Reissue]

    That's what I figured. Launching pigeon shortly.
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    VC Official Pro Wrestling Thread

    Yeah, I agree. I wasn't too big on White but he keeps getting better and better every time he shows up. The next title matches are already set for the New Beginning shows next month (spoilers in case you haven't seen WK and New Year's Dash): These are all rather unexpected, but very intriguing developments and I'm already hyped for the next couple of months. I hope WWE has something good planned for the RTWM season too. Reigns-Lesnar is a lock but I really don't want Reigns to win the Rumble again. Nakamura-Styles needs to happen and while I don't expect it, I'd love to see Nakamura win instead.
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    Boycott Uline

    Have already done that. Film industry is also starting a movement to boycott Uline.
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    This kind of insanity isn't just limited to the warehouse deals. My girlfriend recently got a bottle of nail polish shipped the same way
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    http://www.nonamehiding.com/merchandise/telefone-vinyl Telefone back up!
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    Recent Additions at DEAD TANK

    Recent Additions http://deadtankrecords.com Fister/CHRCH split 12" Keeper "The Space Between Your Teeth" 12" Primitive Man "P//M" 2x12" Monoliths "S/T" 12" Reproacher "Nature's Bastard" 12" Palace of Worms/Ecferus split 12" Hive "Parasitic Twin" 12" Hexis "XII" 10"
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    What's your latest purchase?

    recently updated my phone situation to an iPhone 8 Plus. Which, of course, comes with the opportunity to dive into the world of portable headphone amp/dacs. Ended up picking up a refurb Oppo HA-2SE. It's kind of overkill for me but I liked the features and it does sound good in addition to being a beautiful piece of gear that is oddly satisfying to hold in your hand.
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    PO NOW: Eve 6 - Horrorscope

    Yesssssssss. Fingers crossed Anytime ended up as a bonus track on it.
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    Make a record out of ice so it eventually melts away into nothing like your profile here will after you're done trying to promote your bab
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