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    Sooooo...let me understand this. Dude walks in here and gives his honest & lengthy opinion & review of the song as a fan of the band, and people are giving him shit & calling him pretentious?!?! Get the fuck out of here with that shitty attitude. He’s a fan who loves the band & expressed his appreciation. If you don’t like it, take your toxic bashing somewhere else. Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.
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    And the winner is...randomfortunepa. There were a lot of gasps and awws from my wife as she looked through the entries. Her reasoning for the winner was, "I love black cats and I love Halloween." So there's that. Thanks for everyone who joined! Full disclosure, the shit that went down when I was going to give this 7" away initially was that one of our cats was diagnosed with cancer and was gone within a month. It was one of the hardest things I've had to go through, so sharing all these cat pictures was a great tribute. Hug your babies close!
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    If I had your taste in music, I wouldn't either.
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    PO: Weezer "Van Weezer"

    Please stop buying their music, guys.
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    I believe it said a friend stole it so I think I'm good.
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    Shouldn’t there be a period in there somewhere?
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    PO: Bon Iver: i,i

    Well, guys...
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    Oh hey, it’s been like 2 years but the deluxe version of PS IS happening. Got to see the packaging yesterday and it looks super rad, so despite the label dragging ass hard on getting these made I’m stoked it’s finally happening. Trying to have proper info out within the next month or two.
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    [PO] Tycho – Weather

    We in it now. https://merch.ambientinks.com/collections/tychoiso50/weather I still think Awake is the best thing they've released; 2016's Epoch has some incredible moments but doesn't feel quite as consistent with its staying power. I'm really enjoying the direction of this first single, though. At this point in the game, Tycho can afford to push their horizons a bit... and that's what I'm hoping for with LP5. Who else is hyped on this thing?
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    More like Boatheed and Catamarandia
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    7.2 7 + 2 = 9 The word ‘Jesus’ is referenced 111 times on Jesus is King 9x111 = 999 flip it over 666
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    Hahaha Post Malone fucking sucks but I'm officially a B Dosia fanboy. Kid is pulling down 450k a year with a first grade education. #inspired
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    I imagine it went down something like this. ETR: Hey Andy can we press Get Wet and overcharge for gimmicky vinyl variants sourced from CD? AWK: I’d prefer you didn’t. ETR: Well, too bad. We do what we like and we like what we do. AWK: Fair enough.
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    PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    there really is always some chowderhead, their opinionatedness only surpassed by ignorance, eager to trot out this gross shit, isn't there. my god.
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    Women have been afraid to speak up about sexual assault/harassment/abuse forever. So until millions of innocent men are harmed, "me too" has not gone too far. "Innocent until proven guilty" applies to a court of law. Where it's not uncommon for the guilty to be found innocent and vice versa. So that is irrelevant horsehit. Maynard has always been a piece of shit creep. This story is pretty believable and with the way dudes on the internet have been reacting to this, the victim was right to remain anonymous. Fuck that Blue Lives Matter shithead and his music.
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    Got mine today... Looks like I was lucky enough to score the "sacred" number...
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    Update: I won the paypal appeal and got the $$ back. Big thanks to @thievedrelic for the advice on checking the weight since I'm pretty sure that evidence tipped the scales in my favor. Here's the buyer's info for anyone who wants to make sure they avoid him. I'll be posting in the bad buyers thread too. Ryan La Rue Colton, Oregon https://www.discogs.com/user/Skeletal-Life https://www.facebook.com/ryan.larue.946
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    i thought this was for the band thursday
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    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Tight this thread just exists for people in the know to feel elite and brag?
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    This is wack. Jesus sucks.
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    Look a Tool fan explaining Tool
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    Just wanted to pop by and say how sweet it feels to see the stuff bein chatted about. Sorry to the few of you whose xtra vinyl I somehow forgot, it's been a crazy coupla months, but I'm sortin it out. As to the master, my friend Will Quinnell is a badass mastering engineer who also loves W&S, and he made us a special vinyl master for this pressing. Yay music! Anyway, say hi anytime at jonahmatranga.com :) xo
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    major life events like not getting a specific album variant will do that to a person
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    This isn’t a Deafheaven thread until Gumbo comes in here and posts about how the single moved him to tears but then clarifies that he’s not gay or anything.
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    Stress On The Sky

    Ultra Vinyl Releases

    all those bells and whistles don't stop it from being a Jack White record though sadly.
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    My condolences.
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    It has officially been a year since our bet. Post has his face on bud light cans nationwide and the number 4 song on Spotify’s global top 50 songs. Post Malone is still relevant. @B-dosia owes me $100 my Venmo is @thedillon
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    Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated (5/17)

    Never feel guilty about any music you listen to & artists/bands you love. Ain’t no shame.
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    For me it's Self Titled > Self Titled > Self Titled
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    RSD 2019 Limited and First Releases

    Throw away those 10” sleeves @tug
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    Hum - Downward is Heavenward Reissue

    Why are any of you pricks complaining about the delay on this?!? One man is in charge of giving you something you want. You can fucking wait! Sometimes this board make me want to piss on strangers’ mail.
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    Looks like my local Walmart got some copies ahead of release date
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    sorry your favorite band fucking sucks
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    Looks like the QOTSA store has put up some first presses that they had in storage. https://store.qotsa.com/collections/music
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    RSD 2019 Limited and First Releases

    mpitts: "PM me, do not comment on this thread" everyone else: "fuck you i'm commenting on this thread"
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    Sleeve “Cracking”

    I'm being a little facetious but there's something freeing about seam splits and corner bends. I spend a lot of time reading vinyl forums and browsing Discogs and the Great Quest for Vinyl Perfection can seep it's way into my subconscious as I read about people's frustrations with imperfect jackets or sleeves. It's sort of like getting your first ding on a new car; now, you can stop worrying about getting your first ding and continue with your life. "My jacket has a seam split. Phew. Now, I can just enjoy listening to this and not care about being an archivist and collector of mint memorabilia. I AM FREE."
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    PO: Hellogoodbye - S'Only Natural

    Here's an artist's rendering of this set.
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    Tidal Wave

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I made my user name Jason Taint for the chorus switch over. I got banned after 1 post just for the name.
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    Black Friday RSD 2018

    No better feeling these days than skimming through a RSD list and finding nothing I want.
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    This is my nomination for the general VC slogan of 2018.
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    PO: Converge - Beautiful Ruin EP

    First world problems.
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    PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    Can confirm. 10k pressing of the green. 2.5k went to stores. 1.5k went to various upholsterers in Belgium. 1k to Outpost 31 in Antarctica. 1k to Nick Alt. 1k to the band, but they got high and lost them. 1k hidden inside used Bay City Rollers albums 750 sent on a weather balloon into space 500 to Piggly Wiggly locations in West Virginia 500 were incinerated immediately to forge a new throne for Jack The remaining 250 were pressed without a B side, So Jack will put those up as rare for $420 next week. Hope this helps.
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    Group Buy Guy

    Record Store Day 2018

    Guys, I don't typically do this but I need a favor. Can you one of you that are attending RSD please pick me up a copy of that overpriced record that nobody will want 3 months later. I really need one. Thank you. Will send presents.
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