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    this comment works perfectly with your avatar
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    The Third Man Records Thread

    “Muddy Gold” Sounds like a K-Tel collection featuring The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackfoot...AND MORE!!!
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    Mine too, but fuck it sounds massive. This has really opened up and grown on me. Less Sex, the lords song, and The Reason They Hate Me are fucking phenomenal. Also super satisfied with the London fog variant. It matches the artwork perfectly.
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    Album is garbage. This band has gotten worse with age. Sucks because they released two of my favorite albums of all time (Through Being Cool and Stay What You Are).
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    Yeah dude. This label is not a fucking joke haha. Their products are like drugs; people go crazy for them. As they should! This is why I do group-buys also.... because everything they release WILL sell out. Group buy members: we're still tying up some loose ends, but I will have final price notices out to you guys within a few days at most. I haven't received an invoice yet, I want to give the label some time to tackle things on their end, but we all have our copies secured so we're all good. Thank you all again!
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    and the first time they have played SIN in about a decade
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    What video games have you been playing?

    I would suggest the “shotgun” bullets or whatever as a secondary weapon for Cuphead for sure for the last boss. Helped so much.
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    Just got out of the second Chicago show and THEY PLAYED AND ALL THAT COULD HAVE BEEN
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    pizza face

    [PO NOW] BROCKHAMPTON - Iridescence

    https://www.bullmoose.com/p/28301760/brockhampton-iridescence-2-lp-clear-crystal-vinyl-includes-download-insert $24.97
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    No This Is Patrick

    Rise Records 7" Series

    No, I didn't see anything. I'll update if something comes up... or I'm sure someone will bump this. On topic though... didn't pay attention to the price tags, but ouch. Glad I'm not into 7"/singles in general. Maybe if I owned a jukebox???
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    Haaaappy Haaaaalloween!
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    VMP stands for Vinyl Me, Please. It is a monthly vinyl subscription service. You can sign up on their website: www.vinylmeplease.com.
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    WTB - Codeseven : The Rescue

    Can't help you, but I'd love to see Dancing Echoes / Dead Sounds get a vinyl pressing.
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    I would take copy of Violence. That art would look sick with a bright yellow/ or maybe Orange variant.
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    You do realize the silver is being produced by a label on an entirely different continent?
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    The truest commitment to that album title.
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    Kurt Vile - Bottle It In (10/12)

    Streaming this today for the first time. Dang why's it gotta be so damn long? 78 minutes! I mean yes, b'lieve was 60 and Wakin was about 70 min, so I guess that's his MO and I'm not sure why it's a surprise, but it's a bit excessive to me. b'lieve felt too long because to me it didn't have as many strong tracks as Wakin. This one so far who knows, I've definitely been enjoying ti so far but I doubt it'll justify the length (to me). Hardly any albums can really justify being over an hour for me. I caught this lyric from "One Trick Ponies" while walking to work this morning and it certainly rang true: "Cause I've always had a soft spot for repetition."
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