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    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Apparently a "best of" of the first 3 Megaman games? Can't remember if this has been known for a while or not. https://www.amazon.com/Rockman-Sound-Collection-Original-Soundtrack/dp/B07GRM8SS6/ref=sr_1_218?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1540773912&sr=1-218&refinements=p_n_binding_browse-bin%3A387647011%2Cp_n_date%3A1249114011
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    The official Horror fan topic

    Week 4 22. 14 Cameras 23. Happy Death Day 24. The Slumber Party Massacre 25. Lake Bodom 26. The Witch in the Window 27. Bordello of Blood 28. Cabin in the Woods Also watched The Haunting of Hill House over the last 10 days (episode a day) and agree with everyone's sentiments, it's very good.
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    I got like 6 Ribbed Store editions, 7 lagwagons (2 of the band color) a bunch of comps... And far as the SE's go, it was slim pickings and pretty much just the subscription stuff and some other doodads. AND THE IRON CHIC!! So if we talked and I'm helping you, give some time to get sorted alright?
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    Introduction! Where is everyone from?

    I'm gon' ask you one more time, homie Where is you from? Or it is a problem. Ayy, you over here for Sherane, homie? Yo, I don't care who this nigga over here for. If he don't tell me where he from, it's a wrap! I'm sorry. Hol' up, hol' up, hol' up, we gon' do it like this, okay? I'ma tell you where I'm from, okay? You gon' tell me where you from, okay? Or where your grandma stay, where your mama stay, or where your daddy stay, okay? Enough with all this talkin'. Matter of fact, get out the van, homie! Get out the car before I snatch you out that motherfucker, homie!
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    Got this today, stoked to give it a spin. Info is not on discogs yet to log so if I get time I’ll try to do it tonight
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    PO (soon) Glasir - New Dark Age

    Group buy members: I'll have final price notices sent out in the next few days! All of your copies are secured, I just haven't gotten an invoice yet from the label to reconcile my initial calculations. I wanna give them some time to breathe and collect themselves after that crazy response they had yesterday. Stay tuned!
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    various download codes

    Julia Holter's new album 'Aviary' download here: I don't plan to use it: https://juliaholter.dominomart.com/orderstatus/VYHAVcwv3LsLPrh6Tz
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    PO (soon) Glasir - New Dark Age

    Cheers! You're in for a great and sturdy mailer and our packaging Thanks a lot! Big big thanks to everyone that showed their support! We sold out of the Glasir Deluxe LP in less than 30 minutes which is a new record!
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    That last song though... Could have been a pretty good EP at 21.5 minutes
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    Smoke colored (US) variant available again at the store: https://kingsroadmerch.com/touche-amore/view/?id=14437&cid=1723 edit: sold out again
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    this thread had a crazy good run when we were shaqqing the shit out of it. funny thing is i found this the other day, i remember poorly photoshopping it for this thread but don't remember the context. probably my most upvoted post ever, too. so, for posterity:
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    PO: Migos- Culture II (Red 3xLP)

    No reply for the label, I ended up filing a chargeback. I would not order this if you want an actual autograph.
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    I failed the age verification on checkout for the Skype variant.
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    Yeah, that shit was embarrassing. I called out Aaron Lunsford on Facebook because he was shit talking fans and his fuckin' wife told me she would pray for me.
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    Suing you for defamation of character
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