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    UK vinyl deals

    Elsewhere is having a pretty good Black Friday sale going on till the 26th. 2 for 25 pounds (or 20 for club members) https://elsewhere.community/collections/black-friday-2-for-25 (only the records listed here are eligible) just got The Weakerthans' Reconstruction Site and Hey Mercedes' Everynight Fire Works for 27 pounds shipped.
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    UK vinyl deals

    just got this in the post from amazon germany, the postal service - give up deluxe 10th anniversary 3LP. came to £12.45. its a really nice package, although took a while to get here https://www.amazon.de/dp/B00BB5OJV4?ref_=pe_3044161_248799201_302_E_DDE_dt_1
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    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Either show up at 3AM or find another store, it's probably the worst place to go on RSD if you're trying to get RSD releases. You wait in a line and they give you a paper form of all the releases and you fill out what you want, only for you to get there and they tell you all the shit you want isn't in stock anymore. If you work an hour away from Amoeba I'm sure there's another store closer to your work.
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    Black Friday RSD 2018

    It's usually a mad house there. That is my go-to local store but I go to a couple others on RSD instead to avoid it.
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    Flenser Releases

    I bought the bell witch longing LP and am stoked about it but after years of collecting have no idea why someone would want a test press of an album
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    Well, the dick measuring of one band v. another over arbitrary criteria that is meaningful only to the opinion holder. But you are right,the bigger driver won't stop.
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    The Skyrim box set is getting another release. PRE-SALE will be up tomorrow on Spacelab9's site. Emerald Circlet limited to #500 Sapphire Circlet limited to #200
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    JJ’s Vapor LP is now up. I believe it was not pressed for public release previously. I had been hoping for this for a while, so nice surprise for me. https://italiansdoitbetter.com/product/johnny-jewel-vapor/
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    Black Friday RSD 2018

    My store is saving people $200 off the Ortofon 2m black. $550. Normally $750
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    Arrivals /Departures is underrated in their catalog
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    faaip de oiad

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    I've seen pictures of the lines going down the block quite a ways on RSD...
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    UK vinyl deals

    I got Interpol on cream, Death Grips clear and You Were Never Really Here soundtrack on amber for £60 delivered. Always worth letting your order build up to get everything shipped for a reasonable price per LP so to speak. They do seem to hold onto the more limited stuff and are a good place to go if you missed the boat on a limited edition or indies only press.
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    Clear Red, there are pictures on Instagram if you search #whenbrokeniseasilyfixed
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    We still saying, this band sucks - this band is awesome in 2018? People still care about that shit?
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    WTB: TOOL Aemina LP

    Yeah with TOOL this may take 10 years......
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    LMAO at all the folks on this thread shitting on Semisonic..... But then happily listening to songs from Adele, MMJ, Weezer, Panic At The Disco, Phantogram, Halsey, Vance Joy, and Leon Bridges. All of which were written by.... the guy from Semisonic.
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    WTB: Records at 2011 prices

    if you thought 2011 was great, you should've been around in 2002...you could find loads of great finds in the stores and they were practically giving them away pushing the vinyl off into corners of the store...
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    Some serious reference-level equipment there for judging that test pressing.
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    Rise Records Holiday Vinyl

    I just Googled to see if it was the 10 year anniversary of Of Machines - It Must Belong Somewhere, but sadly, it was only released 9 years ago .
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