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    I was just looking at items on my wish list and the new Joyce Manor album is $9.99 at the moment.
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    I believe this is the third Delton variant Newbury has done for the album. Don't get me wrong, its an amazing album but I'm sure there's other albums they could have pressed up before doing this one again.
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    Shitty Rambo

    Christmas 2018

    My wife and I decided to not get each other gifts this year and just buy shit when want if we see it on sale. I still got her a new Fossil watch but gave it to her in November. Basically bought myself like 7 video games I have 0 time to play and got us a new TV and media center for our entry room. Parents got me a Ridge wallet which I really love, in-laws got us a Google Home display which was a nice upgrade to the speaker only devixe we've had. Our kids made out like bandits. We got the oldest ones new Samsung tablets, the youngest a big ass doll house, and like 9,000 LOL Surprise capsule things for all of them.
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    Cos that’s what Newbury’s FB post does. He left out the link to their exclusive vinyl page though. Oh and Carl’s signature.
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    Um why post hyperlinks to their FBs rather than the NC links?
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    Waxwork Records Thread

    No, it's true. I'm still interested in the soundtracks I genuinely love (recently picked up MOV's expanded Daughters of Darkness score), but I'm way past sick to death of endless, ugly, supposedly "collectible" peanut butter barf variants of every half-popular nerd niche title in the licensing rolodex. In shitty packaging that looks like a "prestige" issue of some lame indie comic! I mean, if you can't afford genuinely good art, why not settle for bad, lazy, Etsy-level "design", right? Plus super limited hand-poured purple and brown merge with mint green splatter wank wank wank...
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    AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread

    Accidentally posted in the other deal thread but I picked up RHCP - Greatest Hits for $8.13 after the 10% off coupon.
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    For those of you interested in adding this to your discogs collection I just added the release as a compilation on the Far page there. It was kind of a pain in the ass. <3
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    Leon Bridges - Coming Home @ $7.19 Lana Del Rey - Born To Die @ $7.99 Bruno Mars - 24K Magic @ $9.99 Imagine Dragons - Evolve @ $10.71 Halsey - hopeless fountain kingdom [Clear w/Teal Splatter] @ $11.19 Foo Fighters - Concrete and Gold [2 LP] @ $13.78
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    Conditions - Fluorescent Youth
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    [PO] HOLY FAWN – Death Spells

    Sound advice right here. Couple it with that AXETOGRIND coupon above and you can pre-order the album for $25.08 PPD.
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    [PO] HOLY FAWN – Death Spells

    USA RESIDENTS: return your preorders on Bandcamp and buy a Deathwish Gift Card for 20% off today (code: FREEMONEY) and then use that Gift Card to buy the vinyl!!!!!!!!
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    Po : Slow Crush - Aurora

    soooo this ended up on my doorstep on Christmas eve still ever so happy
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    Christmas 2018

    Got the one copy of Owel’s live album I was missing to give me a 100% Owel collection again. Gave Deftones - Gore to my bro & a New Edition album to my wife.
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    I just don't understand some members on this site. They are all ready to go and sell originals when a new press/remaster is released. No idea how good/bad it will sound, but they want to sell the originals to get max $$$$. I've seen it mentioned many times. I am the complete opposite. I never sell my originals, and will buy remasters etc, if I hear it sounds good.
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