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    VC Secret Santa 2018

    daegor - reshiram youinreverse - sasan reshiram - dunc ozfacter - youinreverse swb - ozfacter dunc - daegor sasan - swb That just about does it for this year. Thanks everyone!
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    Love this album but just won't give that pos a dollar more of my money.
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    Expect something January 23rd.
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    Paw - Dragline

    Treat yourself to some 90s goodness: https://edsawesomesounds.com/products/paw-dragline-debut-lp-180-gram-audiophile-vinyl-alt-rock-mov-import-new-sealed-preorder Also at UK and German Amazons, and a few on Ebay.
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    Damn you're fragile.
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    New Stuff in the DW Estore

    Don't forget to add on some of they honey DW is selling now https://deathwishinc.com/products/the-martin-hives-co-raw-connecticut-honey
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    VC Secret Santa 2018

    Cheers! Thanks everyone, great little group this year.
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    VC Secret Santa 2018

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    New Stuff in the DW Estore

    Oathbreaker represses are up now! ‘Rheia’ Electric Blue w/ Bone & Grey Splatter (Limited to 1000) ‘Eros | Anteros’ Aqua Blue / Clear Half & Half w/ Black Splatter (Limited to 1000) ‘Maelstrom’ Black inside Beer w/ Bone Splatter (Limited to 1000)
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    This’s the first Bowie album I heard front to back and also bought. So it holds a very special place in my heart!
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    Ordered that 4th press of simple math.
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    VC Secret Santa 2018

    So this is what I posted when I received my gift. Both records wee great and the book stays on my pub table. Thanks again to whoever it's from. backpackcoat has been kind enough to allow to text him my pic. I have tried uploading a bunch of times and for some reason I can't do it. Imgur will not allow me to upload it any way other than hidden.
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    i have the smoke and it sounds fine
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    You cap'n' my jazz right now?
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    Hum - Downward is Heavenward Reissue

    So now we're believing the fully unconfirmed and second-hand report of an unnamed person who supposedly went to the bar, in a facebook post no one can link to, over multiple instances by the actual person doing the sale stating when the onsale is happening. Cool. Great. $500 says Matt told this theoretical person Sunday and their drunk ass heard Saturday.
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    Victory Records represses (2019)

    I would love for Believe what we tell you to be pressed.
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    Victory Records represses (2019)

    How about another pressing of Homesick instead? - Tony Brummel
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    Victory Records represses (2019)

    give me The Sleeping!
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    PO: Hellogoodbye - S'Only Natural

    Finally got shipping confirmation for the box set.
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    Just in case anyone was wondering the differences in art between the original press and the MOV press...
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    Murder For Hire Blood Splatter /100.
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    PO : Mineral - One Day When We Are Young

    AF weren't saying to themselves "we gotta tailor this especially for the DIY emo kids, they're our target market" when they were writing AF2. They were just making a bunch of fucking songs. It's also hilarious that apparently the only validation that someone out there actually likes that album you would accept would be if there were a website somewhere where people talked about liking it. The natural state of people online since the onset of forums and whatnot is bitching about things they don't like. The sold out crowd when I saw them last fall didn't seem to think that it "spit in their faces", since they all showed up. People I know offline like it, but of course they didn't post about it on Cool Scene Kids Dot Com or whatever so there's no "proof" of that.
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    Maniac Mansion (NES) World Series Baseball 95 (Genesis)
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