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    Hey everyone, I’m somewhat new to the vinyl world, especially when it comes to storage practices. I’ve done some research over the past few days and was surprised at how much thought goes into vinyl storage. I have around 50 vinyl albums and I’m sure that my collection is going to continue to grow larger. Some of these albums are really special to me...limited editions, special pressings, etc, and I really want to make sure that I keep everything in great shape. What do you guys suggest? I would assume that although there are tons of different strategies, there are a few golden rules that everyone agrees on. I’m open to any suggestions. Thanks in advance. Really enjoying the forum so far.
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    PO NOW: The Felice Brothers "Undress"

    This actually has free shipping worldwide if pre-ordered, not just within the USA. Being from Canada I am not used to that at all, nice!
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    Welcome to the boards. I think the first and biggest “golden rule” to follow is to simply stack your records vertical. Always. As hip as it may look to have a bunch of albums sprawled out on a living room table or laying on top of one another, you can never beat the traditional vertical stack. The most common record shelf comes in the way of IKEA’s Kallax. (Not sure if that’s the name it still has – shouldn’t be hard to locate on their site though.) The opening space is something like 13” x 13” which is perfect for a stack of records, while still providing a little wiggle room. You could probably fit your current collection into 1 cube of these, so I’d probably get a 1 x 2 for immediate use or a 2 x 2 to future-proof your setup a bit. You’ll want to invest in some sleeves for your jackets. I personally sleeve everything I own, regardless of rarity or value. There are a few sites out there that sell sleeves in bulk, so you can get a pack of 50 or more and stash them for later use. Square Deal and Sleeve City seem to be the 2 sites I see referenced the most for sleeves, though I’ve ordered decent sleeves through Amazon in the past, too. It’s not too priority, but you’ll really come to appreciate anti-static polylined record sleeves. Swap them out with the traditional paper sleeves you get with 99% of your records – not only do they attract less dust and crud, but they’re also way less likely to scuff your vinyl when placing them in or taking them out for use. And finally, I’d start looking into a good wet cleaner at some point down the road. Someone may be able to make some suggestions on that front because I don’t have a go-to, but they’re imperative for cleaning up records and will even spruce up a lot of the brand new, modern music releases that sound noisy on first listen. Hope that sets you in the right direction. It’s an expensive hobby but also a rewarding one.
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    I also received my shipping notification from Ed. But no email about a cool number. In regards to the sound of Vol 1, I had no issues with my copy. It sounded good but not amazing. There was nothing wrong with it.
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    Missed your post. I have yet to revisit it, but maybe I should. You experience is very similar to mine (obviously). I will finish it. I played it a bit yesterday. It is great. Never played Titanfall, so I'm getting used to the gun play and such. Despite getting destroyed most of the time, I'm really enjoying it. Titanfall 2 is on sale for $4.50 on xbox live, so grabbed that. Heard great things about the story and play Apex Legends made me want to try similar gunplay.
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    I've only listened to the album once completely so far. I dug the singles, and I like the album as a whole, but it's pretty same-y throughout. I think I still like Death Magic more. As for where to start with Health? The singles. That includes the recent collabs, Euphoria off of Disco3 (which may be my favourite track), and some of their remixes (like stuff for Crystal Castles). There are a lot and they're all over the place, plus they generally have great videos. Then I'd say work backwards on actual albums, from this one to the first album, and then do Disco 3/3+/2/1. **oh yeah, I got the download code for the album last night (glad that they're finally including FLAC), and the shipping notification for the red version came today.
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    I wouldn't worry about it. I'm 41 and I'm doing the same thing.
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    I’m a 29 year old dude about to buy a 12 year old Paramore album where it had an 18 year old girl singer. Welcome to 2019!
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    For anyone else waiting on the José González campaign, he responded to a message I sent to say he is “signing stuff at home as we speak. No change of plans.”
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    vinyl addict

    The Weezer Thread

    I like it, however it is horribly compressed. Count me in when/if they have a separate mastering for vinyl.
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