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    RSD was cancelled this year.
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    Those dummies will never know what hit ‘em.
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    Everyone hates RSD until its RSD, then they go back to hating it the day after.
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    PO NOW: Unwritten Law - Unwritten Law

    so then the answer is they definitely overestimated the demand based on that.
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    Ecordray Orestay Ayday
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    I saw them several years (8-10?) ago and they were really great. If you like them in any capacity I would suggest checking them out. It's also very likely you won't have another opportunity.
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    PO NOW: Unwritten Law - Unwritten Law

    SRC sent me an empty jacket a year or so ago.
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    Next reissue wave incoming 3rd May: 3rd May 2019 sees the start of Stereolab's 7 album reissue campaign when 1993's 'Transient Random Noise-Bursts With Announcements' and 1994's 'Mars Audiac Quintet' will be the first albums reissued, via Warp Records and Duophonic UHF Disks, as expanded and re-mastered editions on vinyl, compact disk and digital. Each album has been re-mastered from the original 1/2" tapes by Bo Kondren at Calyx Mastering and overseen by Tim Gane. Bonus material will include alternate takes, 4 track demos and unreleased mixes. The initial vinyl editions will be pressed onto triple clear numbered vinyl (2500 copies) with a poster / insert containing sleeve notes by Tim. They will also include a lottery style scratch card - all winners will receive a limited edition 12" EP The band have also produced a super limited edition of 500 clear vinyl copies and 250 compact disks - each will have a numbered obi band made from 2" 24 track Stereolab master tape (via stereolab store only). Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements (Expanded Edition) https://duophonic.ochre.store/release/124039-stereolab-transient-random-noise-bursts-with-announcements-expanded-edition Tone Burst Our Trinitone Blast Pack Yr Romantic Mind I’m Going Out Of My Way Golden Ball Pause Jenny Ondioline Analogue Rock Crest Lock-Groove Lullaby Fragments Jenny Ondioline [7/EP Version - Alternative Mix] Drum - Backwards Bass - Organ [Jenny Ondioline Breakdown Full Version] Analogue Rock [Original Mix] Pause [Original Mix] French Disco [Early Version Mix] Jenny Ondioline Part 2 [Breakdown Mix] Fruition - Demo I'm Going Out Of My Way - Demo French Disco - Demo Lock Groove Lullaby - Demo Jenny Ondioline - Demo Pause - Demo Mars Audiac Quintet (Expanded Edition) https://duophonic.ochre.store/release/124040-stereolab-mars-audiac-quintet-expanded-edition Three-Dee Melodie Wow And Flutter Transona Five Des Etoiles Electroniques Ping Pong Anamorphose Three Longers Later Nihilist Assault Group International Colouring Contest The Stars Our Destination Transporte Sans Bouger L’Enfer Des Formes Outer Accelerator New Orthophony Fiery Yellow Ulan Bator Klang Tone Melochord Seventy-Five [Original Pulse Version] Outer Accelerator - [Original Mix] Nihilist assault Group - Part 6 Wow and Flutter [7/EP Version - Alternative Mix] Des Etoile Electroniques - Demo Ping Pong- Demo The Stars Our Destination - Demo Three Longers Later - Demo Transona Five - Demo Transporté Sans Bouger - Demo
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    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Resident Evil 1 & 2 OSTs up on Laced Records https://www.lacedrecords.co/collections/resident-evil RE1 is the 2002 Gamecube music and RE2 is the original 1998 music.
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    Help on how to trade

    You should have been here when the colour changed.
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    Help on how to trade

    So... Thanks all for your advice! Especially those on topic. Condoleances appreciated mainly because it says good things about those of you who left them and the forum. Re the ribbing, I'm on enough forums to recognize the jargong among the initiated. Same goes for discussions sliding into meta territory about the forum, what it was, is and should or shouldn't become... In the end, I'll try for the advice from NapalmBrain and SomethingVinyl, post my current list to ebay and see if anyone bites. Current list as following, in case anyone's interested. May update it with additional items. Cheers everyone, and thanks again! I just may stick around this forum
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    It’s cute that you think New Found Glory are punk and aren’t exactly the kind of band that would end up getting UO exclusives.
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    Help on how to trade

    "representative subset for extrapolation sufficient" Yes.
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    Help on how to trade

    VC is gettin' soft... A few years ago this guy would have been roasted immediately... Now we're handing out advice and even condolences?! Post-Trump is a weird world.
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    300 - Turquoise (Urban Outfitters Exclusive) 700 - Turquoise/Yellow (US Link) - (UK Link) ??? - Black? (unconfirmed, possible variant)
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    First time pressed on vinyl: 292 - Chocolate Brown (Original Artwork) 308 - Blue (Alternate Artwork + B-side Demos) - Sold out 454 - Orange (Original Artwork) 471 - Magenta (Alternate Artwork + B-side Demos)
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    Thanks, ordered both limited variants instantly.
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    Charles Barkley

    PO: Freddie Gibbs - Freddie

    Thanks for the link! Glad I didn’t miss it!
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    RSD 2019 Limited and First Releases

    This will be the most convenient RSD for Brand New fans. .-. -.-- .- -. / .- -.. .- -- ... / .--- . ... ... . / .-.. .- -.-. . -.-- / ... .--. .-.. .. - / --... --..-- / -... .-. --- .-- -. / . -.-- . -.. / --. .. .-. .-.. / .- / ... .. -.. . --..-- / -.. --- -. - / ... - .- -. -.. / ... --- / -.-. .-.. --- ... . / - --- / -- . / -... / ... .. -.. . --..-- / .-.. .. -- .. - . -.. / - --- / ..--- ..... ----- / .--. .. . -.-. . ...
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    PO: Hail The Sun - Elephantitis

    Damn $26 is steep for an EP, but this is my favorite release of theirs. Got one of each of the covers.
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    I'm sure RSD people watch this thread. They've learned how stuff leaks.
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    Yeah, I try fab.ca daily. I am quite surprised about how tightly sealed everything is this year, considering how even BF RSD leaked early just 4-5 months ago.
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    Fairly surprised that fab.ca has nothing on this yet. Last year by this time we had a decent list of stuff (by decent I'm referring to quantity not quality). I tried "2019rsd" and "rsd2019" both giving no results.
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    Still a decent number of these available.
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    That would be phenomenal, considering the success of Bloody Kisses we have to see the others.
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    I was really confused when I saw your avatar next to this thread on the forum index. And then even more confused when I read that post you quoted. But everything is now in its right place.
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    I haven't been this excited for something in such a long time.
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    I have the OPs and I'm definitely double dipping. Outtakes from that era could be awesome. Kinda wish they offered a reissue bundle for all of them with maybe some additional bonus.
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    Hopefully we can expect a bonus disc like these two. I'm double dipping on all the albums anyway lol
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    Here it is https://stereolab.ochre.store/index
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    Just waiting for that next Type O Deluxe 3LP set.
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    3 Brand New Newbury Comics Colored Vinyl Exclusives: AFI 'The Art of Drowning (LTD/500) Basement 'I Wish I Could Stay Here' (LTD/500) Neck Deep 'The Peace and The Panic (LTD/500) All are out on 3/1/19 and available for order NOW: https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl ENJOY [email protected]
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    What makes you say that? RSD has never been terrible
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    You’re right - all bands should self-release their music
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    I don’t know why Brand New was capitalized, but as a true VCer, I looked around online for info for too long before realizing how dumb I am.
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    UK Version is up https://www.hopelessrecords.eu/hlruk/new-found-glory-from-the-screen-to-your-stereo-3-turquoise-yellow-colored-ten-inch.html There's a couple shirt bundles as well
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    PO: Silverstein - REDUX

    Why shouldn't they press it themselves? Fuck Victory lol
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    If you’re going for the best sounding go for the MOV reissues
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    Edit: Newbury also just confirmed that the second pressing will be a different color, FWIW
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    We could use a Monster Fuck 7”
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    It’s just a one-time use code that you get when you subscribe to their newsletter, if you haven’t already. They’re member specific but you can probably activate them with various e-mails if you’ve already done it in the past.
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    Help on how to trade

    As others have noted, if you've got the time and energy to put into it, try to sell the valuable records individually on Discogs and then take the rest to a local record store that deals in classical recordings. If you can't think of such a store, you might consider asking local music teachers. My condolences for your loss.
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    No gatefold is a bummer especially considering the price point and shipping
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    Yup. Remember Tim Lambesis, Donald Trump, Justice Kavanaugh, Louie CK, Chris Hardwick, etc when you hear someone claim a woman's false accusations can ruin a man's life. Because the real ones don't even matter...even when he's convicted.
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    In my world, there are things for which I can and cannot forgive. When you hire a hitman to murder your wife, you've crossed a line and you cannot go back. The fact that he's not in prison is a sin to me. The man should never have walked outside of an institution again... AND the fact that he's out there fronting a major metal band shows....one thing... a woman's accusations doesn't ruin a man's career or life. In fact, it was just a time out.
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    Word. People are the worst though.
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    The prevalence of warping will likely never be known as 1/3 of these were bought by tweens that don't own a turntable, 1/3 were purchased by vaporkids unconcerned with actual vinyl audio quality, and the final 1/3 are sitting in Todd's basement.
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