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    I've got a mate who is the same, I was talking to him about White Silence and how awesome it was and he said "I loved Cave In" then I played him Serpents and his face was priceless so you're not alone. I mean you're WRONG but you're not alone.
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    MOL suggested this band, Numenorean, on their FB page, so I gave them a try. Been looking for the purple or green vinyl ever since. Today it popped up back in stock. Purple is /200(Update- seems to be sold out again). They have the blackgaze thing going. https://shopusa.season-of-mist.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=numenorean
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    Australian here, not much of a line up at my local which was nice. Got both Sigur Ros, the Lost in Translation soundtrack and Pink Floyd record. Hope everyone else gets what is on their wantlist.
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    This album is damn near perfect. EV need to release the self titled on wax already because I need that one in my collection too.
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    Surprised no one's mentioned that My Pet Flamingo have released Aloe Island Anthology by Aloe Island Posse on vinyl for the first time ever a few hours ago. 125/300 left as I type: https://mypetflamingo.bandcamp.com/album/aloe-island-anthology. If I have any money left after RSD 2019 (hahahaha) I'll grab one.
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    Schmaltz hits me like a sack of bricks every time I listen to it. Such a great album. Pretty great that they are on Pure Noise now.
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    The past 2 Volumes of MBD's Kickstarter albums are available separately or in a box set. and the new one Volume 3 2xLP/1000 http://store.murderbydeath.com/ Vinyl 1 side A Countdown To Extinction by MEGADETH chosen by Eric + Jeremy Morse Dead Man's Party by OINGO BOINGO chosen by Adam Fiske Running Down A Dream by TOM PETTY chosen by Michelle Ketchum Everywhere by FLEETWOOD MAC chosen by Adam Jones & Karen Wheeler Vinyl 1 side b Street Spirit (Fade Out) by RADIOHEAD chosen by Keith McClay Avalanche by LEONARD COHEN chosen by Dennis Liggio You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive by DARRELL SCOTT chosen by Steve Brown La Vie En Rose by EDITH PIAF chosen by Jorge & Christine Zogaib Vinyl 2 side a Wasted Years by IRON MAIDEN chosen by Mario Rascon Pints of Guinness Make You Strong by AGAINST ME chosen by Scott Hankinson Back In The Daily by FRANK TURNER chosen by Bill Russo Vinyl 2 side B Paradise By The Dashboard Light by MEATLOAF (Duet w/ Samantha Crain) chosen by Sara Callori Purple Rain by PRINCE chosen by Karin Suni & Rob Winnie
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    7"-ep out April 26th 200 - Bone / Red(ish) A-Side/B-Side 300 - Beer w/ Heavy Black & Red(ish) Splatter 500 - Half Beer / Half Red(ish) 300 on Red available through Uncle M in Europe. http://smarturl.it/SpanishLoveSongs https://shop.uncle-m.com/spanish-love-songs/spanish-love-songs-losers-no-reason-to-believe-7-single-oxblood-red-vinyl.html for Europe
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    It’s supposed to be rainin’ here throughout the mornin’, so I hope that might deter the crowd. But then it was rainin’ on the last RSD I really participated in (some three years ago) and there was a good turnout. I’ll see how I feel at 5am.
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    PO: BARONESS - All Sales Are Final!

    EVERYBODY PILE ON BARONESS!! AKA Nickelback lite hurr durrr! Are people seriously preordering this band's albums and complaining over the new singles 7 YEARS after Yellow & Green came out?? That's rich! Also, suckers! Or maybe flippers... Hah. Haters coming out the woodwork to blast a band that has only gotten more popular with every release. Love it, and I guess that's to be expected. Baroness rules. Comparing them to the Foo Fighters is hilarious btw. Also, I don't think the band has lost anything with regards to complexity ('Seasons' for example). The rhythm section is tight as a mug, and the new female guitarist shreds. Bring on the hate.
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    I got mine today. The pressing is TOP NOTCH.
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    Really want that Aloe Island Posse but I CANNOT spend $40 on it.
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    Few people are aware that 1997’s The Colour and the Shape is the blueprint for Baroness’ discography. After they wrap up and tour G&G, they’re heading straight back into the studio to begin tracking for Square Album and Triangle Record.
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    Wait, you guys are pulling this same shit with a fuckin 7”?? Haha ohh man, the worst.
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    I thought I was good and then I listened to the intro and had to buy it. Sounds like a Hawaiian Airlines sample.
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    Mine came packed in crappy and crushable cardboard. Just from the outside I was certain something was going to be cracked, but just a giant quarter cover crunch and the lightest warp that could be fixed with some heavy books. It sounds great, but I wished they packed it in something sturdier.
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    You guys realize the most limited variant bundle is the only way many labels can break even.
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    Also not a fan of the "buy a bundle to get the most limited variant" thing. I get it, but I don't like it. I was okay with it this time because I wanted a shirt, but I don't like either of the designs, so I just bought the 3x7" bundle. Anyone want a copy of the most common variant at cost + shipping?
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    But the most rare and arguably most desirable variant isn’t available on its own in any capacity. It just sucks that, as a consumer, I can’t have that unless I’m willing to pay for a T-shirt or 3 copies of the same 7”. Thank you for pointing out the obvious though.
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    Nice signing. These guys are great. Last record was fantastic. Instant PO from me.
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    I had to pick the green up from the napalm record euro store. Was pretty impressed after hearing the whole album
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    Just throwing it out there, Neck of the Woods has some of their most aggressive songs IMO, but they weren't obviously heavy b/c of the electronics layered under it. I'm a fairly predictable metalhead in that I gravitate towards aggressive music, which is why I enjoyed SSPU first three albums so much. They're not a "heavy band", but they'll write a riff or melody that's really brash and grating. While I can see why people don't like the direction they're moving, I still have hope with every album that they'll have some songs that follow the themes/tones I just previously mentioned.
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    RSD 2019 Limited and First Releases

    Death Grips is all I’m seriously after, locally, so I’d feel scuzzy buying 2 if my small shop even gets that many... but I’ll definitely try to help you out with Gorillaz and TP if I’m able.
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    RSD 2019 Limited and First Releases

    If you can't afford them right now then just get on SR's mailing list and they'll let you know when exactly they are putting them up for sale on their site.
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    The space-rock Cave In was good, but gd, when Caleb unleashed his roar... I'll definitely grab this record, but I hope there is a little chaos in it.
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    RSD 2019 Limited and First Releases

    Pretty likely. They’re limiting 1 per customer, and are pretty good about pulling down links before they oversell.
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    RSD 2019 Limited and First Releases

    yeah with 8k of them you should have no issues finding one for retail price online after.
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    The lyrical delivery of this first song is very odd, but I hated Better Nature so much that I’m probably enjoying this song more initially than I may down the road. But I do love the strings here. I still think their last really good song was that Cannibal song. I actually wish they would have trended more in that direction. Still had that grittiness but liked the electronics mixed in.
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    Gardghastr pre orders are up are Profound Lore. Or if you want it now you can order it from Iron Bonehead
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    various download codes

    REM - Automatic For The People https://www.dropcards.com/vinyl/ D7RT6G97YX Meat Puppets - Mirage https://dropcards.com/mirage/content/index.php XF4Q62JY9D Scott Lucas & The Married Men - George Lassos the Moon https://www.dropcards.com/vinyl/ 3MK3C6557W The Jayhawks - Paging Mr. Proust https://cascade.cashmusic.org/ 7rkpqpsgy2 Liz Phair - Exile In Guyville https://codes.beggars.com/ GUYAF9T5CWBUM86ZDUFW Bob Dylan - Saved https://www.wearevinyl.com/en/ S2DM5P72V Local H - Hallelujah! I'm A Bum http://www.dropcards.com/localh/content/index.php RHHRY5GSV9 Robbie Fulks & Linda Gail Lewis - Wild! Wild! Wild! https://www.bloodshotrecords.com/download_263 JD6Y99JG74 Bottle Rockets - Bit Logic https://www.bloodshotrecords.com/download_266 53KH5JC6D7 Simon & Garfunkel - Bookends https://www.wearevinyl.com/en/ G6YBHP2S8
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    I can try to call on my break today around 1045. Usually Ian is there and always has answers. Hopefully I get him, if not I will ask for him I guess. If you try again today let me know, I'll let you know if I discover anything about how they're gonna do it. Because if I can get a number at midnight I would much rather do that then show up for like 630
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    The boys signed to pure noise! 7” will be up soon i guess for the us
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    I saw them live on the Better Nature tour and whilst that album gets a lot hate thrown on it (I'd agree it is their weakest) the material translated really well to the live show and yes its a poppy album with a lot of electronics. The thing that got me into these guys was their tasty fuzzed out guitars, their earlier albums and EPs were grittier and I loved Brian's occasional dives into screamy/harsher vocal territory but they were never my go to for heavy angst ridden/gritty music so I'm not fussed by the polish or the softening of edges here. To call both of their last albums abortions is a touch melodramatic to me but I mean opinions are personal and because of that there is no "wrong answer". Swoon was 10 years ago so if you're not digging this I guess its time for you to give in and let these guys go.
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    PO NOW: Secret Band - LP2 (probably)

    Two new singles: Lightning Rabbit Hole
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    I can already tell that Fetid album is going to be one of my favorite albums of the year. Can't wait for a pre-order.
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    RSD 2019 Limited and First Releases

    RSD - The Movie.
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    PO NOW: Pup - Morbid Stuff (Out April 5th)

    If you mean sexy ass then I agree.
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    To be fair, I'm also super picky about composition. I don't know what this is supposed to be but it sounds like a mess. Different strokes I guess. Would be nice to hear rock bands stop turning into squeaky, Pro Tools-dependent sample-based radio fodder that's rigidly hammered to the grid. I'm not listening to a band with most of the last few offerings from this band. It sounds like a DAW frankenstein of generic instrument samples. Sounds flat and plasticy. Its just gross and its not just the production. Its a production that comes from a set of compositional choices. Even if any of the instrumentation was every played live on this new track, it sounds like it was beat-aligned and sample bolstered and process distressed then polished off to a perfect turd finished in lacquer. Why? Why is this music?
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