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    Yes, I think so. I don't think so but maybe? Definite no on Crow, can't recall on Motorhead (though it's worth calling as the owner LOVES Motorhead so I'm sure he at least tried to order it) I don't think they had Tedeschi Trucks, but they may have still had Dylan? The store is My Mind's Eye Records — you can call them at 216-521-6660. I suggest anyone who's still looking for something give them a call, especially if it's more classic rock/underground/soundtracks/compilations-oriented (I remember they had tons in all three of those categories left). Ask for Charles, the owner, as he's the one who will sell over the phone (not sure if his employees are able to or not). If you get Charles, tell him I sent you.
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    Thanks for your interest in the release guys. Lots of news coming soon.
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    The official Horror fan topic

    Monster Party - This isn't good, but it goes in such weird directions by the third act that it was a really fun and bizarre watch. Enjoyable beer movie. Killer Kate! - Total dud. Bad acting, story, dialogue, etc. Into The Dark : All That We Destroy - This was a tad too slow overall, but I mostly liked it. I've watched the first four episodes of The Twilight Zone and I can't say I love it. Not really bad, but it's not doing anything that makes it essential watching. Kind of a just above average show from what I've seen. Couple episodes are way too damn long as well. A set 30-40 minute run time would probably be a benefit here.
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    Nice grabbed a copy today at a local shop and was the 500 random glow in the dark!
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    PO: Seaway - Fresh Produce

    Yes it worked now, thank you!
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    PO: Seaway - Fresh Produce

    should be fixed
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    Year Of The Rabbit - s/t
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    i paid for that gold variant... thinking welp the whole time, too.
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    PO: The Get Up Kids - Problems

    Got the test press package in today, screen printed sleeve is awesome
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    "Hey grab that candle and put on some of your Halloween shit. We can take the picture in my apartment. It's got hardwood floors."
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    Best Ever Math Rock Album

    Yooo. Thanks for all these! I've liked most of the stuff I've heard out of Canada in the past. Weights & Measures, Rockets Red Glare, Blake, North of America, etc. Though those last few are more post hardcore with mathy tendencies. But anywayyyy For modern Canadian stuff, I would like to throw Shipley Hollow from Toronto into the mix. My band played with them some years ago and I was kind of floored. And since then, they went from being a 5 piece down to a 3 piece. And their new format is just as strong in my opinion. Here's their bandcamp link as well https://shipleyhollow.bandcamp.com/
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    Could at least ship with a Sk8ology hook to hang it.
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    The Butcha

    The official Horror fan topic

    Watched All Hallows’ Eve on amazon prime video last night. From the same guy that did Terrifier. This is actually one of Art the clowns first appearances. Fun lil horror anthology flick.
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    [PO] HOLY FAWN – Death Spells

    I just wanna know if any streaky splatters can be detected...
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