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    The verdict is you dont need to post the same stuff in every thread with the words storage in it
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    Here are a few sites that currently have it in stock: https://shop.lunamusic.net/CLIPPING-THERE-EXISTED-p/clipping-there.htm https://www.fatbeats.com/products/clipping-there-existed-an-addiction-to-blood-2xlp-limited-blood-splatter-vinyl
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    In 2008, Tom May and the rest of the Menzingers moved into a house in South Philadelphia from their hometown of Scranton, PA. While Scranton is 84% white, Philadelphia is a majority African-American city. The change from a homogeneously white town to a diverse metropolis quickly had May faced with his privileges
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    Ships 11/20. Pre-order: https://kushgod.bandcamp.com/album/statue-of-limitations 200 Black 50 Green SOLD OUT 50 White SOLD OUT
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    Couple more sweet Goodwill finds today: https://imgur.com/a/qGPlWv0 Edit: ugh, having issues posting the photo. Anyway, best bits were a blue marbled The Mr. T Experience - Love is Dead, and a white copy of The Jazz June - The Boom, The Motion and The Music.
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    Hell yes, thank you so much! I was looking everywhere for a deluxe after waiting too long.
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    Strangers Only might be a top 10 Rise release ever and if you’ve never heard it, you really should give it a listen!!! I bought 4 of these releases- now I can sell my TDWP double record because I have both Dear Love & Plagues on their own finally
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    Not weighing in at all on the overall argument here, but this isn't right. At all. The definition of empathy is sharing feelings with another. It has zero to do with hierarchy or the condescension you're describing. I don't know, maybe you're thinking of sympathy?
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    Wake me up when Lost soundtrack drops.
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    Oh damn yeah that’s another solid one. Never thought I’d be spending this much on Rise releases in 2019 but here we are.
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    https://merchnow.com/products/v2/301171/strangers-only-highlighter-yellow You missed the one I'm most excited about!
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    Obi and Sticker included too.
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    I know B, he's doing well, I don't think he's out of the band for good. just taking some time..
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    Huh... the idea of Doyle taking over is intriguing but as I understood it Brandon was just as involved in the songwriting process as Nicky, so this is worrisome at least a little bit.
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    I’ll make sure to direct both the menzingers and cursive to this thread next time I speak with them.
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    The official Horror fan topic

    I haven't yet, but would be interested to know what ya think if ya get to it! Thomas Jane being in 1922 is a sell for me at the least. Seems like there's been so many King adaptations that I can't really keep up, haha.
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    What are you talking about? Tim literally calls himself out on the 2nd song on the new Cursive record: "I was a middle class kid from the middle west I was the quintessential, sheltered innocent I didn’t know what segregation meant — I didn’t have to know — the world I knew Was white as snow And so I look back now at these severed towns All the hate they spread, simply not spreading out Fuck this denial, fuck their ignorant bliss"
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    PO Now: Duster S/T

    The label stated this will be the only variant.
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    If you missed the /300 Transparent Red, they have some back in stock. One of those "notify me when back in stock" I've probably checked 5 or 6 times after sold out, and this is the first time ever getting a notification.
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    Great to see you posting again, Jonathan. Hoping this grows on me as I went for the /100 Tricolor
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    Well, we are finally getting another repressing before the year ends if the ETR instagram is any proof.
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    "Like most bands in their position, Menzingers commit to living in the moment by proclaiming “we do politics now.”" The guys in Cursive are nearly twice their age and dedicating entire albums to that crap now lol. Nothing us minorities enjoy more than hearing white dudes from mostly white states who've only lived in mostly white metropolitan areas write songs about how hard it is to be a brown person lol.
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    Record Storage Options

    Its about as level as you can get with music taste like that. No heavy riffs to balance that out
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    this peter pan motherfucker needs to grow up. horrible songwriting that makes me cringe. not to mention one of the douchiest live performances i have ever seen when they opened for jimmy eat world. waiting for the pitchfork article about him sending dick pics to 14 year olds.
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    My ULTIMATE Vinyl ripping workflow

    TL;DW? Here's 40mins condensed into a handy list: 1) clean your Thin Lizzy LP using a brush or windex 2) hook your turntable's audio prongs up to a soundcard (ground to pre-amp/paper clip if your turntable is ancient) 3) download audacity and change audio preferences to use said soundcard. 4) slap record in audacity and play your record. Don't forget to flip it. Make sure to walk really heaviliy nearby. (Optional step: add "vinyl noise" SFX onto recording for extra authenticity then use EQ to crank the treble) 5) export recording to a high quality 128kbps MP3 and put it on your Zune. I'll do another 40 minute tutorial soon on how to put this MP3 on your Zune.
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    Thinking of giving up The HobbyTM

    I just turned 40. There was a time (around 2011) that I almost quit. A lot of the same reasons. Burn out, cost, moving, portability. Glad I didn't. I would honestly miss it and would probably be buying it all back now that money is not as tight. I did make a few changes though: 1. No variants - I only need one copy of a record 2. Sell the items I don't listen to 3. Only buy new releases I have already heard and believe they belong in my collection long term 4. No 7"s, singles, novelty items, etc. Just download that stuff. 5. Record player is in between my kitchen/dining room. Not sure of your layout but I would remove the player out of a small "listening: room if that is where you keep it. I play it while cooking meals, friends over, etc. I use a portable bluetooth speaker outside with phone, digital in the car.
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