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    I had a nice guffaw over the "...and a CD" at the end there.
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    [PO Soon] TOOL - Fear Inoculum ?xLP

    Hype faded and I don't need any physical media at this point, not even vinyl. I guess that's because I'm more picky about what I buy lately, due to reduced vinyl listening time, budget, and having combined household with my lady who is not a Tool fan. And after about 3 spins I determined it's 7/10 material, nicely done but I'm not gonna play it often enough going forward. I've changed and they haven't really.
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    What’s really dumb is that there still isn’t a sub $30 version of the cd. Obviously not speaking for any of us idiots here who regularly throw way too much money at physical media... but some mafuckas are broke.
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    Ask and you shall receive. Opaque yellow / 500. Got the double-LP treatment, too. https://thrilljockey.com/products/lightning-bolt https://lightningbolt.bandcamp.com
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    Just saw they updated pics on targets site, and you can see on the center label that “Soon You’ll Get Better” IS definitely on the album. ...and it’s now also in the product details of the listing
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    LADV135 -PASSAGE 4 "world circus" LP REISSUE Limited to 250 copies - 100 green vinyl / 150 black vinyl Originally released in cd by Wounded Records in 1996. For the first time on vinyl! New artwork made by the band itself! https://www.laagoniadevivir.com/product/ladv135-passage-4-world-circus-lp-reissue
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    And you still don't understand how it works lmao thanks for reiterating
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    This stuff is great. Consider me on the hype train. Gonna take advantage of a little Deathwish Black Friday sale on the LPs, assuming there's a sale.
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    [PO Soon] TOOL - Fear Inoculum ?xLP

    My sentiments exactly. Why couldn't this have just been planned better before the official release date and have the multiple formats available all at once? They know how to release physical music. They've done it before and they had plenty of time to figure all this out. This could have been painless and simple for the fans but why do that.
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    Also worth noting that they have the latest album and the greatest hits for 11.99
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    See I refused to buy it because of this and hearing that yet again the 2nd edition is over 30 means I'll probably stick with the copy I half inched off the net. I'm not 5 so the idea of a bunch of cards with pictures of human cross sections that I'd look at once doesn't appeal. I'd feel bad but they don't need my money.
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    PO: Ratboys - Printer's Devil

    /100 is back up right now.
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    [PO Soon] TOOL - Fear Inoculum ?xLP

    Milk it? They're molesting it.
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    It's a live compilation: A1 - All the Wine - Toronto, Canada - 4.11.2014 A2 - Wasp Nest - Manchester, United Kingdom - 9.23.2017 A3 - 90-Mile Water Wall - Rome, Italy - 7.23.2014 A4 - Lucky You - Berlin, Germany - 11.4.2013 A5 - Son - Hudson, United States - 7.15.2017 B1 - All Dolled-Up in Straps - Rome, Italy - 7.23.2014 B2 - Available / Cardinal Song - Chicago, United States - 4.17.2014 B3 - Murder Me Rachael - Austin, United States - 4.23.2014 B4 - About Today - London, United Kingdom - 11.26.2014 https://www.discogs.com/The-National-Cherry-Tree-Vol-1/release/12895673
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    Let me know when the box set is like $40 shipped...all I want is the live album.
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    Thanks Derek!!! So happy to finally get my hands on this. Got the opaque yellow off Thrill Jockey. It’s sold out from LBs band camp. Those prices are awesome!!!!
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    CD version 2 inbound! Giving the people what they were really clamoring for.
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    Well, hell. Got a shipping notification late last night. May have it on hand by Saturday according to the tracking.
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    Maybe they’re onto something though.... Whirr invented surface noise?
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    Ironically enough, they actually just sent out an e-mail update this morning. Paraphrasing here, but they're essentially putting the finishing touches on it and hope to have it sent out before the year is over.
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    those complaining about surface noise must not be familiar with previous Whirr pressings lol
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    PO: Ratboys - Printer's Devil

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    The STAR WARS Thread

    The Mandalorian Pilot was awesome! I really hope they'll release it on blu ray once all episodes of season 1 are out
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    My biggest pet peeve with the hobby. Its not that hard to estimate when a record should arrive, even via media mail. There is no reason in 2019 why a record (assuming its done being manufactured) can't get to your mailbox by release day or a day or two before. But it coming a week later is dumb. Sure we all stream, so its not like we can't listen to a record, but we make the effort to buy a physical edition, at least meet us halfway and get us the record by release day. I'm still waiting on my FKA Twigs from VMP. It came out Friday, it won't arrive until tomorrow. Thats silly.
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    PO: Alcest - Spiritual Instinct

    Got my shipping notification yesterday, it already departed Shenzhen.
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    i dont think i've ever seen black with splatter turn out good.
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    Dr. Dre - 2001 (2019)

    Jesus people calm down. SRC is terrible but they didn't murder your parents.
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    [PO Soon] TOOL - Fear Inoculum ?xLP

    You’ll have to set your turntable’s speed to the Fibonacci Sequence to properly play this back
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    [PO Soon] TOOL - Fear Inoculum ?xLP

    Official side durations below: Side A A1. Fear Inoculum [10:20] A2. Pneuma [11:53] Total duration: 22:13 Side B B1. Litanie contre la Peur [02:14] Total duration: 2:14 Side C C1. Invincible [12:44] C2. Legion Inoculant [03:09] C3. Descending [13:37] C4. Culling Voices [10:05] C5. Chocolate Chip Trip [04:48] C6. 7empest [15:43] C7. Mockingbeat [02:05] C8. Locked Groove Bonus Track Total duration: 99:99 Side D Holographic Spooky Spider Skelly Etching
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    PO: Norma Jean All Hail 10/25

    For those who don't want to brick their systems with that leak: Pretty tasty.
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    really hoping Anthony is able to get back to a good place after his recent relapse. that shit bummed me out so hard this weekend.
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