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  1. Black Clouds was so freaking good. Just listened to both of their albums back-to-back and I'm left wondering why it's so hard for bands these days to pick up the slack. (With all due respect to the good post-rock bands still out there -- there are plenty.)
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  2. No, saw an ad earlier, don’t see much info on it.
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  3. Past Into The Present has a great sale going on all their fantastic ambient / drone releases. LP Prices have been reduced to $18.00 from $25 - $30. THEN the discount code 'drone' drops price by 10% to $16.20. Shipping is $4.00 for any size order - I just ordered 8 LPs for $134 shipped. All limited edition vinyl. It would have cost me $220 or so a few weeks ago. https://pitp.bandcamp.com/merch
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  4. wish some of us peasants could take advantage. Have been itching for any of these releases for years but clearly am not cool enough
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  5. Looks like they have some left here https://cleorecs.com/store/shop/danzig-sings-elvis-limited-edition-gatefold-vinyl/
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  6. As someone who has been going to shows in Denver for the past 10 years a lot of singers have trouble with the high altitude and they have trouble with their voice sometimes, so if the recording is from a Denver show that's probably why his voice sounds rough, I wouldn't know though because I didn't sign up for this record and can't listen to it, but thought I would share my opinion on the topic because i am bored. Also I missed that show and regret it
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  7. Tight this thread just exists for people in the know to feel elite and brag?
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