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    Pure Noise records There is no US preorder currently PO up at coretex https://coretexrecords.com/Strike-Anywhere-nightmares-of-the-west-PRE-ORDER_1 also was up at few other german shops (greenhell and flight13) but was taken down asap
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    Wanted to post the EU link for the tri-color but it's sold out now on CoreTex. Other Xibalba news: Knives Out Records from France will release "Hasta la Muerte" on deluxe double picture disc vinyl. If you don't know Knives Out you have to check his site (yes, it's only one person who does everything). These are all little pieces of art with an insane amount of detail put into the every single release. After buying one release I had to collect all the others. Releases from Knives Out so far included following bands: Excessive Force, Arkangel, Sheer Terror, Grimlock, Hoods, Integrity,... Upcoming releases from: All Out War, Terror, Death by Stereo, Xibalba, From the Dying Sky, Sentence,... His website is also being update and the store is down for the moment. But here you can check things he did so far: https://www.knivesoutrecords.com/releases/picture-disc-vinyl/
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    Also not a label person, but have heard a bunch of stories related to stuff like this. Yeah, pretty standard practice. One, it takes a lot of effort on their part to put an album out, so it would make sense to hold onto at least one copy. Jeremy from Touche Amore recently did a live stream and mentioned a story where he helped the team at Deathwish organize their rare and archive storage where they had all the really rare stuff, or 1-2 variants of stuff they put out. Two, "breakage" as they mentioned earlier. You sell all 800 copies of something, even if you're perfect at packaging, USPS will break stuff and 1-2 people are going to complain about seam splits or something. So you either hold a few back, or look like a jerk who doesn't want to help someone who bought your stuff. Most labels just order extras of the outer sleeve to solve this problem though. Three, as mentioned in the press release here, some of these being released are basically records they "found". Maybe they sent them to Europe to be sold and that distributor wanted to get rid of them, maybe they found a handful in the respective bands storage that they were going to sell on Tours (August Burns Red recently had this happen).
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    The magazine URL trick should hopefully work again unless they’ve fixed that bug.
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    Stepping Stone preorder goes up on Monday and noon.
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    Yeah, this was one of a couple Shazam results I got as well, but I don't believe it is the same song. This De Angelis version has a constant guitar going that I don't hear in the sample.
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    oooor just a global pandemic going on
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    it was under while i stay secluded. it was gone fast though
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    Same. Refreshed the page at 1:59 and all 4 variants were available. Snagged the BTR exclusive.
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    Got the Knuckle Puck split 7". happy about it.
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    Yeah, I'd be really surprised if this ships before the end of the year. I'm cool with that though given the world's circumstances.
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    The official Horror fan topic

    I liked it quite a bit. More style than substance, but I like his style and it kept me interested. Probably take this with a grain of salt, since I very rarely rewatch movies, but I'd say it's a better rental or something to catch when it hits a streamer.
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    Preorder up now for Vinyl for volumes 1 & 2 https://shop.thebronxxx.com/collections/mariachi/products/meb-musica-muerta
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    PO: Alkaline Trio- 7" ep

    I found a guy on IG who bought in bulk for his online store. Yeah I took a hit, but it was just nice seeing them go. And the price was fair.
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    Thanks! I got the half blue/silver split
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    I don't own a label or anything, but I've always figured that labels withheld some copies in case of shipping damages, people complaining about seam splits and slight warps, etc. I know Topshelf has done these "restock sales" in the past. Maybe one of the labels guys on the forum can answer with more knowledge. Gonna try to scoop Valencia and maybe some KP stuff. Good luck everyone!
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    Although I agree with your sentimonies reminds me so much of this: https://thehardtimes.net/music/hardcore-conclave-meets-decide-pop-punk-bands-get-pass/ No
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    I'm sure it will be. Mine was $19 PPD, but was gone within the day.
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    You’ve been blowing through these Marietta releases... I’m fine if a new thread doesn’t go up until after I secure my copy. 🤫
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    Purchased the SLO last week and I’m loving it! Avalanche Run is currently being shipped from GC.
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    Fowty Dollaz

    PO: Alkaline Trio- 7" ep

    I really don't, kind of, but it's new ALK3. I havta
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    Mariachi El Bronx just posted a teaser video for something called "Musica Muerta." Might be their Dead Tracks? Announcement will be tomorrow. Trying to think what it could include. Dirty Leaves I Would Die 4 U Lady Rosales Plays Yr Frvt Songs EP Love Sick Friends Can Make You Smile Happy Birthday Guadalupe anything else?
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    PO: Alkaline Trio- 7" ep

    I'm so glad I dont go after 7" anymore
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    Scruffy's gonna die like he lived...buried in useless plastic.
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    Mine arrived safe and sound, and it sounds awesome on my turntable! This record still rules.
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    For anyone worried: mine sat stagnant for 4 days and travelled from GA to CT for 7. Got it today in absolutely perfect shape. Sharp corners, flat, etc.
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    seems back up
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    I'd be into this if it stays focusesd on hardcore and punk. I feel that if this gets into pop punk and ska, it will be redundant and useless.
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    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    American McGee's Alice
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    don’t worry guys, RareLimiteds will have these up for sale at unaffordable prices shortly
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