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    i thought this was for the band thursday
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    Looks like these are finally coming out! Smartpunk are teasing both for Wednesday 12pm EDT LTJ teasing a surprise for the same time Stoked!
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    Fearless Records Vinyl Sale

    I just wish they'd press Gatsbys Volcano
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    All vinyl on sale https://merchnow.com/catalogs/fearless-records/music
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    New from the Hopeless Vault: We Are The In Crowd 'Weird Kids" B-Sides! Download and stream them now at http://smarturl.it/hopelessvault
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    There is no shit-flinging to be had here. You may need to recalibrate what your definition of that is, as far as internet arguments are concerned. The closest thing to that, we have here, is a group of onlookers spectating one delusional chimp trying to fling its shit and defend its territory.
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    [PO Soon] IDLES - New Album

    New song has been released today and according to an interview on their YouTube channel album release will be „very soon“.
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    [PO Soon] IDLES - New Album

    Excellent news, and fun single. Eager for a new album pre-order – would love to see some reissues while they're at it.
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    Dances for the lonely is the one I go back to the most.
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    Fearless Records Vinyl Sale

    GAAAH thanks for the info ill have to cancel that then. Eff that.
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    I think the bigger problem is the most limited variant is not listed at the same time as the other pre-orders. If the label wants to bundle something like this, I'm fine with it. I'm sure there are people who want to and will buy it. The problem for me is the fact that those people, who are probably pretty big SA fans, already pre-ordered one copy of this during the initial pre-order. Pure Noise has done this several times already. They can run their business any way they want, but it seems like they're gouging the most loyal fans. It smells bad to me and I think its poor form.
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    PO: Bayside - Vacancy

    Super side note, but I saw on Twitter that Hate5Six found some footage of Bayside from 2003 in a Bowling Alley lobby. It's up for voting on when it will next be edited, so I guess if you're into that, go do that...
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    Fearless Records Vinyl Sale

    And self titled!
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    Urban Outfitters Exclusive Neck Deep - All Distortions Are Intentional [Transparent Yellow w/ Purple Splatter] The fourth album from pop punk band Neck Deep, All Distortions Are Intentional is available exclusively at Urban Outfitters on 500 limited units of transparent yellow vinyl with purple splatter and included MP3 download. An expressive album on a journey of self-discovery and existential thought.
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    Official LTJ Thread

    Why would it be Anthem when they have another 75 handscreened covers of GNV FLA to release 8 more times. /s
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    Thoughts on first listen, in no particular order: – I'm not sure if I enjoy it quite as much as the first single. – Guitar tone is incredible. – Album is on the perfect trajectory to be a killer summer jam.
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    New song!
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    The official Horror fan topic

    This weekend we watched: Come to Daddy - Really fun horror comedy. Elijah Wood is fantastic as always and the plot was fairly original. Swallow - In my opinion, this is a perfect example of why you can never trust Rotten Tomato scores. I really can’t believe this is “Certified Fresh.” It wasn’t bad. Really. But it kinda just felt like your average, slow-burn, indie horror/thriller. I don’t even know if you can call this horror or thriller. There were some “hard to watch” scenes but that’s about it. Plus the last 20 minutes or so are allll over the place. Felt like it didn’t know where to go with it. High Life - I wouldn’t necessarily call this a “horror” movie, but there are definitely some freaky and fucked up moments. Really enjoyed it all around though. Can almost never go wrong with anything A24 related.
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    Yeah they did it with Jay Som, Anna Burch. Love PV but hate that fucking tactic - it's a white label release, not test pressings.
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    I'd rather complain about this ^^ Why do you always sound like a late-night TV ad?
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