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  1. Huh. I don't recall this, but my apologies. That shirt is obviously inappropriate.
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  2. I bought a copy of Loveless the day it came out back in the day, and that copy was carried around to parties, left at friends houses and just played a lot. So I am saying it's seen better days. My deluxe has just arrived, and as you say, it's such a nice copy, and album worthy of treating properly, looks and feels gorgeous. This is how to reissue records.
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  3. Hi there! Long story short, I'm moving out soon and I no longer enjoy collecting records. I will always love music and going to concerts, but I'm trying to gather up some funds for future adventures. Everything here listed has been played once, except for the few exceptions which I'll be sure to tell in messages. I take proper care of all my records and will send pictures if requested. I'm located in the U.S. but willing to ship outside if I get decent offers, please keep that in mind. https://www.discogs.com/user/Autumnn/collection?header=1 You can post your questions
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  4. Hey folks, my car felt like dying and I need a new one so I'm selling my entire collection. I will ship out everything on Wednesday. PM if you see something you're interested in. The link to my Discogs collection.
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  5. Just for full disclosure, I was able to find this thread because my man Billy got me thinking about it and I wanted to see how big of a dick I'd been and offer a better apology if I'd really lashed out at him. I do agree that the shirt was surely in poor taste now since the guy wasn't donating any money or anything and because I've grown as a human being, but to hold a grudge for seven years over that is uh...
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  6. Years ago you mocked me for calling someone out for selling shirts with the message "Seasons Beatings" and a photo of police brutality and keeping all proceeds.
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  7. It was part of the price. Personally, I am a fan of signed albums; I dont mind where it's signed, so long as it's not on the record grooves (which I've seen!). I think it's a nice connection to the artist - especially if it's signed in person. Here's the pic from IG I was too lazy post yesterday...
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  8. Finally getting through my repress copies. Done YATC and Four Trees so far. They sound fine, but the pressing's are not good. YATC is noisy as hell, and my Four Trees is scratched for the entire duration of Moksha. Sweet. Been waiting to play them on the new system so i can have an accurate representation of their quality. The music itself sounds great but as we expected, the pressings are dogshit. Should have known. Oh well. We tried.
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  9. billya

    Walmart Vinyl Mania Week

    Totally. Macho Man only thinks it's cool to make a profit selling t-shirts with pictures of people being beaten by police. Profiting from selling a vinyl record that has been out of print for any more than you paid is just wrong.
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  11. I mean...a little judgment.
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  12. I know people love the original 4, but other than her input to Billy on songs/production, D’arcy isn’t anything extraordinary to the band performance wise. never got the hang up on always needing her. Melissa was a better addition IMO.
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  13. i don't think there's any pressing of any record that would get me to buy vinyl (or anything) from fucking wal mart.
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  14. Loveless (analogue cut) sounds great. The fucking sleeve is amazing. The printed inner is great and should be standard practice because it's such a nice touch, but the outer is the nicest fucking sleeve I've ever seen. I don't even want to touch it.
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  15. dnl

    PO NOW : AFI "Bodies"

    The entire vinyl release is delayed until July
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