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  1. So I totally forgot about wanting to compare the Loveless pressings. My digital LP finally came, so I compared the Plain, the 2018 MBV AAA pressing and the 2021 Domino digital. I did this blind because I thought it would be the most fair. To no ones surprise, clearly the Shields cuts are superior to the Plain. Plain sounds very good for being CD sourced, but you can tell the soundstage wasn’t as robust as it is on the 2018 AAA and the 2021 Digital. The lows also sounded better on the Shields cuts. The Shields cuts were also cut a bit quieter than the Plain, which I don’t m
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  2. its LIVE http://store.commonthreadrecords.com/products/698325-my-american-heart-hiding-inside-the-horrible-weather-lp
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  3. A1 - The Talking Horse A2 - A Vast And Filthy Prison A3 - Blood Witch B1 - A History Of Drunks B2 - Rat Faced Granny B3 - The Hawk C1 - You’ve Never Been Right C2 - A History Of Bad Men D1 - The Mechanical Bride D2 - A Vast And Filthy Prison Vast and filthy is on twice.. apparently on all splatter and 500 of aqua for a 1k total mispress
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  4. Reading on Discogs that Ipecac screwed up at least one of the A Senile Animal pressings. Here is what the label had to say about the issue - Thanks for hitting us up and sorry for the hassle. There was a mixup in manufacturing and we just found out about this when we got our samples of the record. The error was on 1000 of this sold-out limited release, so we’re offering full refunds if you return the entire record to your point of purchase. Our webstores are already in the mix on this, and we’re getting the word out to record stores to accept returns as well. I’m sure the copi
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  5. the McCartney record I received has a Barnes & Noble Exclusive sticker on the front.
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  6. While I cannot help you with a solution, I would like to commend you for an A+ first post
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  7. R.E.M. Knowing that they are the energetic rock band that released Murmur/Reckoning adds to the feat of each sound shift in their career, IMO.
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