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  1. Apparently, a Wax Ecstatic pressing is in the works. https://www.spongetheband.com/ 06/29/22 First pressing Wax Ecstatic vinyl coming soon! We are excited to announce the very first pressing of our second full-length Wax Ecstatic this summer! Details to follow... Stay tuned!
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  2. As posted by Doghouse Records: To celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Get Up Kids Four Minute Mile we are releasing some exclusive new vinyl. Available on tour and in your local record shop Sept 28th.
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  3. bruh. what in the fuck is this jazzercise 7 inch? who is buying this shit. why are they making it? what... is happening.
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  4. New Regulate LP PO live from Flatspot: https://flatspotrecords.com/ 1000 - Silver 600 - Black 250 - Gold w/ Yellow Splatter 150 - Half Aqua Blue / Half Orange
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  5. Looks like 8/30 per Wargodcollective’s teaser on IG
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  6. FYI, if you like Bright Eyes, check out the Lifted cover comp Take This to Heart put out last Friday. Really good. https://takethistoheartrecords.bandcamp.com/album/a-monument-to-commemorate-our-time-a-tribute-to-lifted-by-bright-eyes
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  7. SaulManella

    All Things Slow Crush

    A bunch of really good looking represses of Hush and Aurora are on their big cartel https://slowcrush.bigcartel.com/
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  8. Yeah, we checked that out over the weekend and really enjoyed it. Great flick, lots of fun.
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  9. its up on amazon. $47 before tax and shipping tho
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  10. I did post it in the World of Pleasure thread when it dropped 🤷‍♂️ y'all slipping, lol
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  11. I watched Prey on Friday night and wow, that's a heck of a movie! Easily the best Predator movie since the first.
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  12. Lol good news, guys, the carousel is open again. We did it!: https://fb.watch/eNbSI9vis9/
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  13. I realize in this day and age this type of behavior is deemed problematic and toxic, but it sounds like he was just shit housed and intentionally trolling the crowd for his own amusement. It is pretty funny to Kaufman a crowd and waste their time, especially because millennials take everything so personal lol
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  14. Wax Ecstatic next?
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  15. I don't know. Did your caretaker come up with that witty retort, or did he just type that message for you? The image for the bundle on the website clearly shows two records coming out of one jacket. There's a lot of stupid shit that goes on in this record business. It's always nice to get some clarification. I hope you get a papercut when you open your next record.
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