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  1. Every fucking time with Appleseed Cast. For the most part, I liked the new artwork that Graveface did, but it would be really nice if we could just get the original art. I hate the cheesy artwork used for the Ring Wars reissue. I want to see the OG cover with that kid's wonky face...
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  2. A Knife in the Dark - One Way Needle is up at Bitter Melody on cassette and flexi disc. Members of One Step Closer, Dwell, The Burning Wind. NC Straight Edge. This is their second EP. The flexi test sounds great. If you grabbed their first EP flexi then you know how good they can sound. 30 blue cassettes and 70 clear cassettes both in hand and shipping now. 100 clear flexis with gold foil and 150 blue flexis with gold foil - they should be shipping to us in early Sept. http://bittermelodyrecords.bigcartel.com
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  3. but i guess when you only make one record every 6 or 7 years this is how it is
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  4. So relieved to not be tempted by another copy of this one. Personally find the reimagined art and variant to be kinda’ whack. https://theappleseedcast.square.site/product/the-appleseed-cast-peregrine-2023-vinyl-reissue/33?cs=true&cst=custom
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  5. Don’t know where else to post this - Peregrine reissue tomorrow at 12pm CST.
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  6. I wasn't sure I was going to like this based on the singles, but holy shit is this good. Butch really knocked it out of the park on the production. And the vinyl sounds incredible.
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  7. I feel like that’s my fault. I linked this thread on Reddit just to show the product info since they pulled the listing on storm chasers. Whoops.
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  8. I'm happy to report some progress. A friend had wisely advised me to make sure I had everything in hand (artwork, masters, possibly my own lacquer, money) before contacting the pressing company. I decided it was finally time to look at getting lacquers cut -- even though I was worried about getting a lacquer cut and nowhere to press it -- and finally talked to my mastering guy (Alex DeTurk, who is really great) and asked who he'd recommend to cut a lacquer and he referred me to Scott Hull at Masterdisk. This really broke the log jam. Scott Hull is not cheap, but he's quite well known and Masterdisk has some of the best gear in the world. His secret weapon is his studio manager, Mickie Steier, who is super nice and friendly and who directly introduced me to 3 different contacts at three different pressing companies. She first mentioned Vinyl De Paris, saying they had done some 'beautiful test pressings.' She also said Microforum in Canada was good. And lastly, she connected me to someone at Gotta Groove. Mickie's introduction cleared away a lot of the suspicion I might otherwise have encountered by contacting these companies directly because they know she works at Masterdisk and that she's serious. It also reassured me to have her recommendation because Masterdisk knows what they are doing. I contacted all 3 companies and learned that Gotta Groove currently has a 10-month turnaround time. Microforum estimated 26 to 28 weeks for turnaround (although I think they'll let you pay a rush fee to reduce this considerably) and VDP said their turnaround time was 14 weeks. I decided to go with VDP and have sent off my artwork. Unfortunately, everyone in Paris goes on vacation in August, so this will slow things down by 4 weeks, but I should receive my vinyl around November if all goes well. I've received my test lacquer from Scott Hull and I played it and I'm PUMPED. My experience with Scott & Mickie at Masterdisk has been really encouraging, and VDP has been very helpful, too. They answer all my questions clearly and promptly, and I'm impressed with their attention to detail so far.
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  9. Feel like this is probably ok to share since there's quite literally no way to buy it/give them money for it instead at the moment https://mega.nz/folder/np0VkZSI#_deI_dMP2R9439sV6a40GA Lineage: THORENS TD 209 --> 2M Bronze --> NAD Stereo 3045 --> Focusrite Scarlet 6i6 --> Audacity (recording) --> iZotope RX 9 (de-click & noise removal) --> Audacity (label tracks)
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