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  1. Bullmoose has the splatter (and black) boxset available for preorder (doesn't look like it includes the 7".)
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  2. Doghouse said they're on sale on the 28th so should see them pop up tomorrow!
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  3. The new 16 is up for PO at Relapse - https://store.relapse.com/item/116746
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  4. Yall got any of them Blindside LPs?
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  5. Please stop this deluxe nonsense, we are in a recession, inflation is fucked up, and what do you do?? "let's add 4 alt versions of already known songs and an etched d-sideto make a 2xlp and a slipcase for 40+ bucks" Please labels stop doing this shit.
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  6. I am being lazy on getting stuff out to photograph, but I am a few LP's away from a complete Veil Of Maya collection. In the meantime, here is my full VC for their album Matriarch. First Pressing (2015) Gold [x/????] Translucent Purple [x/500] Second Pressing (2022) Neon Violet in Electric Blue w/ Black & Blue Splatter [x/250] Clear w/ Black/Neon Magenta/Yellow Splatter [x/750] Purple and Blue Side A/B w/ Black Splatter [x/2,500]
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  7. You know how I said I feel like people did not read Topshelf's entire statement... Well... I don't want to call you out but they're literally dealing with their own problems and they have funds set aside for an emergency because they have successfully been around that long. You might want to tone down your ignorance and take the time to read the links before commenting because you missed the mark with everything you've said.
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