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  1. Finally threw down for the Godzilla box. By far the most I've ever spent for a box set. Hope it arrives minty fresh.
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  2. I'm very happy with it. Very cohesive collection of songs and not a weak one in the bunch imo. I'm a bit perplexed about where Initiation and Protection fall, being the first 2 singles released earlier this year, I expected them to be on the EP. Those 2 songs also sound the most like the 2014 album than any of the stuff released afterwards this year, makes me wonder if those 2 songs just didn't make the cut for the first album for whatever reason. Maybe they'll end up on the full-length album, if we assume at some point there will be a full-length. Regardless, this first EP slaps and I'm looking forward to more in 2023 for sure. And I will continue to buy every single/EP they put out because I love this group and what they're doing.
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  3. I think about and play this song regularly, but this is really the only thing I know by this band. B
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  4. It was just sent.
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  5. udiscovermusic is doing a 12 Days Of Deals thing with some seriously deep discounts (and all orders ship free, too). I just got Beastie Boys' Root Down 12-inch for $8! https://shop.udiscovermusic.com/pages/12-days-of-deals
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  6. As far as “even new” records benefiting, I would strongly encourage cleaning new records because god damn these plants are dirty and paper residue seems to be worse these days too. I got 8 records in last week and two had some of the worst paper residue I’ve seen in 10+ years — both recent presses. I open and clean all my records upon receiving them, and put them into new sleeves and bags. I am interested in getting a more thorough machine to clean them though, cause I’m just using a cleaning kit with a cloth and spray, and brush before spinning. Looking at the Big Fudge manual cleaner since it’s on sale for under $50 right now. Watched a few videos of that vs ultrasonic vs $4k machine and doesn’t seem to be much difference. I’ve cleaned my records in the ultrasonic machines before and they work pretty well, but it’s a production to clean them plus takes 15 minutes per run (5-10 records at a time). Decisions decisions.
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  7. highfives

    Record Cleaning Brush

    I figured I’d set the tone with a helpful one. My dad is getting back into vinyl a bit and thought of how I’d want someone to respond to him.
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  8. you can save a shitload of money by going with this arc lighter instead. Got it off a recommendation from the Steve Hoffman forums. It takes the static out too, and it's like $10. I just kind of hold it an inch or 2 above the record and go in a circle or star pattern. You can feel the static charge dissipate from it pulling on your arm hairs. Seems to do the trick, and is rechargeable. https://www.amazon.com/RONXS-Lighter-Rechargeable-Electric-Candle/dp/B07FFWCWNG/ref=sr_1_5?crid=17BQCH7JEU40Z&keywords=ronks+electric+lighter&qid=1670857115&sprefix=ronks+%2Caps%2C464&sr=8-5
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  9. So what are people’s thoughts on the new EP after having it for a weekend? personally I think this has got to be one of my top releases of the year. Day one and Holier are on constant repeat, I can’t get enough of them.
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