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  2. Not that I know of. Maybe they’ll list leftovers after Numero Twenty. Honestly the cat shirts were the best looking designs from what I remember, I could’ve sworn I saw Numero post about repressing them recently but I can’t seem to find it now
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  3. I want to replace my Pale Horses Deluxe far more than Untitled so Pale Horses wins biggest fiasco. Not to mention the actual variant color is so bad. Untitled is the nicest box in my collection and it was only $60 they could have taken all the time in the world and I'd still be fine with it.
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  4. I still need to go back and figure out which one was worse, the Untitled Collectors Fiasco or Pale Horses. I recall that one taking like a year, then they shipped most people (myself included) two copies of Side A/B. So they sent a care package with Side C/D, and a piece of paper that had the correct Dorothy lyrics on it. You were supposed to glue that down over the misprint, but I found it funnier to not replace it. All in, took about 1.5 years to get a correctly packaged copy.
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  5. dont you flip records?
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  6. Hello. I just purchased a Sgt Pepper vinyl and need help in discovering the pressing (i.e. first pressing, second pressing, etc). The matrix number etched into the record is: (Side 1) MAS•1-2653-G2 #4, (Side 2) MAS•2-2653-F1 #4 Thank you!
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