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  1. Pressing numbers for those interested: 250: Color in Colour (Baby Blue in Orange Crush 750: Orange Crush w/Tangerine & Baby Blue Heavy Splatter 1000: Half Light Blue / Half Orange Crush
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  2. Finally received my special Darkthrone - Blaze... in California. It seems like an a relic at this point. I got #600/666. I guess that's cool...is it? Sure. Edit: Blaze in California sounds like the yacht rock cover of this album. Just picture Fenriz in a white turtleneck, navy blazer, and a captain's hat. You're welcome
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  3. The left is the indie Black/Red - it's a really awful swirl color combo that looks only Black when laid flat, and you can start to see the swirl when you hold it to the light The right is the Webstore Black/Red/Yellow/Orange - I will say it doesn't look very different on each side, it's more of a red vinyl with black yellow and orange splatter that really pops when held to the light, but only looks red w/ black splatter when laid flat.
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  4. I love this album and don't really want to part with it, but if you send me an offer, I might consider it. For what it's worth, it looks like they've been popping up on discogs about once a month recently.
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  5. whats insane that its just heavier and has a hard cover. double would be ok if it had that and additional bonus tracks like if there were any b-sides.
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  6. Releasing a second album on May 12th
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  7. The pictures on Discogs looks quite different from one another.
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  8. All Ages Records in Camden is the only store I've been to, and I spent a small fortune there: https://www.instagram.com/allagesrecords
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  9. This is essentially what Mewithoutyou did and they had no problem selling out of the deluxe multiple times while still providing standard as well
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  10. tokimedo

    PO NOW : BoxCar Racer

    New pressing up.. but not sure where they get off charging $40 for a single LP https://tothestars.media/products/box-car-racer-2023-limited-edition-color-vinyl?variant=42715033895101
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