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  1. Well I gotta say, aside from a few plastic shavings from the spindle hole, this is an excellent pressing. Both records are flat as can be. Admittedly i only listened to the Omega. But it's pretty Dope. I'm still a bit confused as to the drama behind this release. But I'm glad I finally have some MM in my collection. Now we need to go backward. I want Antichrist, children and portrait. Let's do this!
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  2. i may have to reconsider my hobby choices. these prices are just astronomical and wanton! Look at me and big words...
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  3. At the show tonight, they said they would be announcing the new LP on Tuesday. Which I assume is when the preorders would start as well.
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  4. Until Monday they have a promo discount on Hip Hop catalog
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  5. https://shop.udiscovermusic.com/collections/vinyl Free shipping on all orders too.
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  6. Life is Killing Me is my most played record of theirs. To me it’s certainly the easiest to listen to start to finish and the most consistent as well. To do that it sacrifices a bit of character(it’s their most straightforward album), but I don’t mind. I didn’t click on the links, but I’ve pretty much stopped buying everything but my favorite bands new albums and even then I’m usually listening to as much as I can of it before buying. Prices are just too much. And forget about variants, represses, or these days even recuts. I’m good with what I have.
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  7. Not that it needs to be said since iDealélan already confirmed it himself, but mine showed up today. Proper LP mailer inside of an oversized Amazon box. (Phew.) Quality jacket. Big ol' hype sticker with "Vinyl Made in France" sticker on the back. Personally, I'm probably gonna' keep this one sealed for at least a week or two, just to see what shakes out for other variants. Something tells me that if the band or EVR have one, we'll see it announced soon. But this is a great backup option if you ask me, especially at $25. If a nicer variant gets released, I figure it wouldn't be hard to sell this one for $30 PPD... especially brand new / sealed. And if nothing better comes along, I'll gladly be spinning this black copy over my 2014 tour press [which leaves a lot to be desired both sonically and visually]. Fingers crossed that someone somewhere decided on at least one half-decent idea for these 2023 variants. 🤞
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  8. Finding out that Jon Chang is a Ben Shapiro stan as well as a supporter of Kyle Rittenhouse makes me happy that I didn't spend an absurd amount of money on that new Gridlink LP. *sigh*
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  9. Damn, Must have pulled it... It was there this morning sigh.. waiting for eventual refund
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