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    Brand New - Deja Entendu

    I made it into some bowls!
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    Brand New - Deja Entendu

    20 upvotes and I do it...
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    I would be surprised in 30 years you listen to Chiodos
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    Is it possible what you have is a CD?
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    Brand New - Deja Entendu

    Just beautiful. Really glad the standard press features that gatefold design, despite conflicting rumors.
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    Post Your Record Storage Area

    You have like 10 albums, and 200 records.
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    Record Store Day 2017

    Deja repress in a plastic bag this time so you can suffocate yourself after listening
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    Paramore Record Store Day 12 Inch!

    The first and last one I'll ever make. Considered hawking it on eBay, but figured this opportunity is too good to pass up.
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    I would've guessed you'd like unboxing videos since you never get to see your Mondo stuff since it goes straight to ebay.
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    It has come to my attention that the average price of a record has gone up incrementally in the last two to three years. We have seen Hot Topic, Shop Radio Cast, Music on Vinyl and other companies buy the rights to albums to get them produced on vinyl for the first time or reissued. With this buying and selling of rights to music the price of the product has increased via these outlets. In an example look at the recent reissues of Blink 182's catalogue or the reissues of some of the early Mars Volta records. These records when they initially came out were much cheaper than they are now. Which leads me to say that vinyl is a craze. That is why the prices are going up. People that understand supply and demand have taken the artist out of the equation and bought up the rights to their music to make a profit. After all we do live in a capitalist society. I have a problem paying 31.99 for a record that can be manufactured for $12.25. I just do. I know that barely any of that ~200% profit is going to the artists that actually make the music. I understand that a record is something tangible and I do have to pay a premium for that at this point in time but where do we draw the line? The numbers do not lie. There are many vinyl pressing plants located in the United States that have specials on vinyl production. But lets not even look at the specials. Lets max out the possible amount of money one company can spend on getting something pressed. Keep in mind these are big companies with a lot of money to spend and a lot of money to gain. After all we are still buying the releases aren't we? For the example I am using I am going through United Record Pressing, a plant in Nashville Tennessee that presses most, if not all of Jack White's crazy releases. I am on their 12" record cost calculator. The first thing I do is change from a single LP option to 2XLP option, then I change the amount of records from 500 to 1500, lets be realistic, if a business can't sell 1500 units of something it isn't worth their initial investment. We increase the number to 1500 units, and I am changing the weight of the record from standard vinyl to 180 gram audiophile vinyl. I change the option from sending in a CD to emailing in WAV files, because a click is simpler than mailing a CD and we want a higher quality mix don't we? The next step I complete is the colored vinyl portion, everyone loves colored vinyl so it has to be colored, all 1500 on a custom color because if it isn't unique we won't buy it. Then we go to the labels, we don't want one plain color label, we want the upgrade. 2 colors. Now most people who press records might get their own jackets but since we're a big business and we want a one stop shop we're going to get our jackets from URpressing too. PREMIUM gatefold jackets. We are going to have the nice people at URpressing insert the records into our jackets and also offer a digital download and have them shrink-wrap our release. Now the total cost for the business is 17,355.00 without shipping. Let's be super generous and add 1000$ for shipping. So we're at 18,355.00 for 1500 records. That's 12.24 per 2XLP set. How do we justify the markup to 31.99? I can see purchasing this record with all the premium upgrades for 24.99 because lets be honest. There are a lot of upgrades most that are not even used in current represses. Those Hot Topic Blink 182 records are not 180 gram vinyl so let's subtract the 2980.00 Brings the price per unit with shipping down to 10.25 a 2XLP set. But wait, we aren't getting digital downloads and they don't have to put the digital downloads into the sleeves either, let's remove that 490.00 and that gets us down to 9.92 per 2xLP. Oh my God! You're telling me these blink 182 reissues are not 2xLPs? My bad! Let's reduce it down to 1xLP and see the cost. Wow! That brings our cost down to 7.31. But they are charging 19.99 for these in the store. Normal retail survives by marking things up 100% So let's do the normal retail thing and mark up our release 14.66. That seems like a VERY FAIR price for the album. Hell, I'd even go up to 17$ so they can recoup some of the expensive licensing costs. OMG How could I have forgotten, this particular press I was thinking about was actually 2700, not 1500. Let's change that. That brings our cost per album with the amazingly high quality jacket and the custom color down to 5.02 after shipping. They are selling this album at around 300% profit. At least with the new Jimmy Eat World Reissues it's a little more tolerable. Those records are 180 gram color vinyl with gatefold jackets and they are double LPs. The cost can't be determined because we do not know how many they are actually pressing. If they are pressing something like 3000 of each, which wouldn't be outside of the realm of thinking, it would cost around 9$ per 2xLP with all the PREMIUM UPGRADES. List price 31.99. Still around a 200% profit margin. Lets not forget, like all crazes we are taking something very cheap to produce and marking it up incredibly. Crazy bones, those were pieces of fucking plastic. Pokemon Cards, those we're pieces of cardboard with foil. Baseball cards just like Pokemon cards, some minus the foil. Vinyl records are just another craze. But I don't agree with Jason Tate. I don't feel okay paying 31.99 for an album. I feel okay paying 13-18$ and I can still do that with smaller labels like Red Scare, Asian Man, Dischord, Topshelf, and No Sleep (if I left you out I am sorry). I can still go to shows and pick up albums for 12$ from bands like Modern Baseball or The Hotelier. I can revel in the past when I bought 100$ worth of albums from Saddle Creek and I got a personal email from someone named Nate at the company thanking me for making such a big purchase. Or when my friend bought five or six albums from Red Scare and a special OOP surprise was included in her order. People are good at manufacturing rarity, rarity sells, that's why presses /100 or /300 sell out in a few hours. But people still buy the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 26th press of an album. So I hope the craze dies out, but I also hope that vinyl stays around. And just to let everyone know, when Shop Radio Cast or someone else represses Brand New's Deja Entendu /1500 on silver vinyl with a polaroid of Jesse's dick (hand numbered by Adam Lazarra (just playing dude)) I will still buy it for 100$. I'm just like everyone else that is feeding the craze. There are viable ways to keep cost of records down. I don't want fancy bullshit. I want a black 120-180 gram record that was mastered by someone who owns a fucking turntable. http://wordsturnstyles.tumblr.com
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    SECULAR HAZE’S FINAL GIVEAWAY Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Tonight is the One Year Anniversary of this thread, and to commemorate it I've decided to do one final giveaway. This past year has been a great experience for me. I have met some outstanding members that I can now call friends, and I've also had the opportunity to explore some new genres of music that came as recommendations from others. I will deeply miss hosting this thread and I hope that others will continue paying it forward, as they have been doing lately. This final giveaway serves as a tribute to the community as a collective. One lucky member will win the following package: (2) Records of your choice from any online store (no price limit) (1) iTunes gift card or Barnes & Noble gift card (10) Brand New 12” Polybags (5) Brand New 7” Polybags (1) Box of popcorn (to consume while you watch your favorite threads spiral out of control) (1) Giant bag of Skittles or Starburst TO ENTER, post the following information: (2) Records of your choice (description and link) Your choice of iTunes or Barnes & Noble Your choice of Skittles or Starburst The winning member will be selected at random on the night of Friday, April 11. Good luck to everyone that participates. I’d also like to give a tip of the hat to a very integral member of our community that doesn’t get enough credit for the hard work that he puts in behind the scenes. I’d like to recognize the efforts of our Administrator, jhulud. For your dedication and service to the community, I award you this: As soon as it goes up for sale, consider it ordered!
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    Good luck getting people to pay for your vacation. Maybe you can hit up an eyebrow waxing place along the way.
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    Brock N Roll

    Disensitizer and Condom

    Just raw dog it and blow it as quick as you can
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    Upcoming Release Calendar

    So I've been having a lot of issues with my mental health and I spent the entire day today listening to records and trying to compile a list of upcoming releases. I think that I did a pretty good job, even if the formatting and appearance aren't the best. Anyway, you can view all of these upcoming releases here: www.melodicallydeaf.com If you think this is something that's kinda cool, please feel free to help out; let me know what I've missed or what's coming up. You can do so by replying here, but if I don't see it, feel free to PM me. Thanks for caring!
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    INT. HANK'S GARAGE - DAY Walt looks over Hank's shoulder as Hank clicks the trackpad on the Macbook Pro. We see that he is browsing a vinyl forum. WALT So...this is what you do all day? HANK Yeah, Walter. It beats giving handies under the ABQ bridge. WALT What are we looking for...exactly? HANK Well, right now there's a real scumbag flipping an ETID 7" for a $15 profit. We have his VC username but we need to find his Discogs account in order to nail him. Walt's curiosity spikes as he takes in this information. WALT They...make money doing that? HANK Yeah, the bastards stand in line for 7 hours, buy a limited edition record, and then they flip it for $20-150 Washingtons. Walt points to a JPEG of Deja Entendu. WALT How much would I...theoretically...if I were to flip that record there, how much would I make? Hank swivels in his leather computer chair to face Walt. Hank gives him a cold stare. HANK If you flipped this record... Walt gives a hard gulp. HANK ...you'd make over $200. Walt's eyes open wide. HANK But I'd have to take you down. Walt snaps back to reality. He realizes he's sweating. A little too much. HANK My own brother in law. (Pause) The ensuing silence is deafening. HANK I'm just kidding! You'd never be able to pull off something like that. You're an adult. These dickholes are all under 30. (to himself) Hah! Imagine that. Walter White flipping White Stripes LPs. Walt laughs along with Hank. We see, however, that he is up to something in his mind.
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    jason tate is the whiniest bitch ever. this isn't a new opinion nor is it an original thought in the slightest... but the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" mentality is the sorriest excuse of an idea ever. also, how is coming to the defense of large labels at all (absolute)punk? yes vinyl prices are going up from "cash-in-labels" like SRC, Because Sound Matters and AFS (RIP). And from major labels like Warner and Interscope (lana del rey at urban outfitters?!) because it's the first thing they know they can sell in a while. Small indie labels are still finding ways to keep prices down though because those sales aren't guaranteed. They spend more to produce each unit and sell it for less. Like every other big corporation, big labels aren't worried about getting the music in the people's hands, they're worried about making as much money before the bubble bursts. If they could take a step back and realize they're causing the bubble to burst sooner, that'd be great.
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    No This Is Patrick

    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    I prefer my usual contact method...
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    Yeah, and to make it even worse the B side is AFI songs.
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    I wish Hot Topic would press Hooked on Phonics cause a lot of peeps can't read.
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    Apologize about my last topic

    I apologize for my previous stupid topic... here have another.
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    Finally have a camera that will at least take a viewable photo, so I thought I would share some pics. Speaker placement is not ideal, but it is a work in progress.
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    So I finally got the rest of these cleared so I figured I'd put this all in one thread. I'm pretty excited about all of these, they should be pretty cool. These will all be available in select Hot Topic stores and on www.hottopic.com. These street dates are all tenative. I'll update this thread as we get closer to each release and let you know if anything has changed. Don't ask about Dogs Eating Dogs, I have no idea if or when that will ever get pressed. Take Off Your Pants and Jacket LP - Not too long ago Hot Topic had an exclusive pressing of TOYPAJ LP on clear vinyl with red, green and yellow splatter limited to 2000 copies. This sold out quite a while ago online but there's still some copies floating around Hot Topic stores. Self-Titled 2xLP - (there's already a thread for this one on here) clear vinyl with pink and green splatter with the smiley face logo etched on the D-side limited to 2000 copies. This one has been bumped back a couple weeks and should now be available around early December.Right now it's looking like a 12/24 street date. These are updated as of 5/14/14 with new TENTATIVE release dates so these might change again. If anything else gets bumped I'll update the thread The Mark, Tom and Travis How 2xLP - clear vinyl with pink, green and blue splatter limited to 2700 copies available 3/11/14 Buddha LP - clear vinyl w/ baby blue and green splatter limited to 2000 available 5/27/14 Enema of the State LP - clear vinyl with red and blue splatter limited to 2700 copies available 5/13/14 Buddha LP - clear vinyl w/ baby blue and green splatter limited to 2000 available 5/27/14 Dude Ranch LP - clear vinyl with orange and brown splatter limited to 2700 copies available 6/3/14 Greatest Hits 2xLP - clear vinyl with black and silver splatter limited to 3000 copies available 6/10/14 (available online the following week) Cheshire Cat LP - clear vinyl with blue and yellow splatter limited to 2700 copies available 7/1/14 (will likely get bumped back a bit) Neighborhoods 2xLP - clear vinyl with black and white splatter limited to 2700 copies available October/November We are doing the double gatefold that the original release had so this one will be $29.50 Represses Working on a S/T 2xLP splatter repress that is tentatively scheduled to be available around 7/8 Working on a TOYPAJ LP splatter repress, I'll post more info on that as I get it.
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    to help you put together your new expedits? this is horrible.
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    Post Your Record Storage Area

    This topic is giving me such a woody. I collected fiercely in the 1990s, in retrospect the best time possible since everybody was dumping LPs. I'd spend $100 or $200 at Jerry's in Pittsburgh or the various stores in Chicago, DC, the East Village, Vancouver, London, San Francisco ... and I'd come away with more LPs than I could carry. Sometimes I had to find a UPS drop-off before I got back on a plane. (There were no UPS Stores back then.) The first of two kids arrived in 1999 and they took most of my time, so I've barely bought any vinyl in the last 15 years. But for her 17th birthday last year the older one got an RP-1 she can take to college ("university" for those outside the US), along with 50 or 60 duplicates from my stash. Seriously, nobody should leave home without Blood on the Tracks and Astral Weeks (green label, natch) at the very least. I've bought a few things here and there when I find nice stuff for less than $25 or even less than $20 per disk. (Seriously? $25 for a single LP? WTH?!) I'm lucky enough to work from home, and we have a semi-finished attic, so the first shot is the view from my desk, and once or twice a day I climb into the chair to listen to one side as a break. Rock and pop is on the left; jazz, blues, and a small batch of classical live on the right. We old guys have a lot of the gems, like the original Art Pepper on the rack to the left above the 'table. Warms my heart that so many youngsters are keeping vinyl alive. https://imgur.com/08cq7ZW https://imgur.com/SCXQ6Kj https://imgur.com/VmTbgSk By the way, the plural of vinyl is "vinyl." You no more pick up "vinyl" (with an s) than you pick up "fishes" at the market for dinner. Stop me gnashing my teeth. Please. Be good, kids. Enjoy what you've got. These are good times for music, if for little else. If anybody cares: VPI Aries I with Lyra Helikon cartridge, Rowland Capri preamp, Rowland 102 amp (for summer), Mac Mini file server with Schiit Modi Multibit DAC and two hard drives (one a mirror of the other, backed up every day at 4AM), Quicksilver Audio Silver Sixty mono amps with stock EL-34s (for the cool months), Scansonic 2.5 speakers, Sunfire sub, DIY DH Labs cabling throughout. CDs in the background are all ripped to the server now, along with about 2000 live shows by various groups, especially the Grateful Dead. Anybody want the little silver disks?
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    There are components of your rant that are truly justified, Satan: the recent increase of (misplaced) threads dedicated to Fall Out Boy inquiries and Paramore pricing. The New Bermuda dude who's genuinely upset that his colored wax doesn't match the mockup photo. The never-ending stream of complaints about shipping costs, corner dings, flipping records, and securing tour variants. It's nothing new, and it's more than alright to blow off some steam now and then. However. You're complaining about what makes VC so tough to browse, some days... but the irony here - if I'm being brutally honest - is that I'd rather read about seam splits and absurd MSRP prices over "VC veterans" grasping for attention. I've called you out before because you post some of the dumbest try-hard shit I've ever seen on the boards. Ranging from comments that broadly dismiss everyone's tastes (i.e. "There's a similar discussion to this one going on in the [ ] thread, but none of you would know that because you all listen to shit") to tastefully posting "ya'll are a bunch of faggots" in the middle of a discussion on [homo]sexuality – and why it's not alright to post derogatory comments pertaining to it. I mean, I get that you're trying to be ironic or witty by attempting to derail topics in the flashiest ways possible. But it just comes off as "hey guys look at me i'm being all edgy and shit lol". It's embarrassing, and it induces way more cringes than any number of non-ironic Crosley threads will. At least for me. I've been accused of being a VC elitist more than once. I'm pushing 9,000 posts, I'm aware, and I've been a member for nearly 7 years now, but the majority of those posts (and time) have been spent on niche discussions about music I'm excited for. I don't regret them. I do a lot more lurking than posting, and find myself scrapping a huge portion of my posts when I consider the weight of my words and whether or not they're even worth submitting. [This post, for example, has been considered for deletion at least three times now.] I was a part of the Proboards just like you were, so, yeah, I've seen some shit. And I feel like there will always be new topics and members to point and laugh at. I can't deny that it's nice to have a little fun with the newbies now and then, and I'm all-too guilty of getting in the periodic jab when a redundant questions begs for a sarcastic response. But there's no reason to continually harass new members past the point of some light initiation hazing. As far as tastes? – it's all subjective, sure, but you're right: as a collective, this board's tastes are fucking terrible. There. I said it. More and more young people join every week, and there also seems to be a select group of adults who are chomping at the bit for Blink-182 reissues. It's whatever. But you need to stop stressing it and just adapt. I don't even graze the Hot Topic repress threads, because - as snobby as I may sound - I basically have zero interest in 99% of the music that Travis is pressing splatter copies of. Why rain on someone else's parade, or waste the energy to post something negative in a thread clearly catered to discuss the excitement for a release in a positive environment? It seems pointless. Work can get a little boring for me, of course, but there are a million other things to read and interact with, on the world wide web. Once you develop a knack for letting those threads bubble up to the top of the boards while still tuning them out, it becomes pretty easy to lighten up and care less about the "inferior" music that so much of VC seems to be stuck on. I love a good discussion on genres, tastes, and what it means to explore new music; even if I poke fun at the folks bouncing off the walls for My Chemical Romance represses, I don't think that I'm somehow better than them because my tastes have "evolved" past "high school drivel". I just keep on scrolling and find something relevant to my interests. It's pretty easy. Members being attacked for their age is just stupid. I agree that an occasional joke is worth posting when the comedic timing is right, but when users are being ridiculed just for being younger [or older] than the general age pool? Come on. DOMAN's in high-school and posts more articulate, relevant replies - that are in line with the forum rules - than a huge portion of new members. And Don (drds89) is probably old enough to be my dad, but has no shortage of excellent recommendations and positive things to contribute to a lot of quality threads. Point at hand? – age is moot. Let it go. If you really want to keep at it and get nasty, though, we can talk about your sleek "ninja edits", where you go on caps-lock tirades and then proceed to backspace them, leaving a simple "sorry I was drunk" in their place. Losing your cool to someone half your age, flying off the handle, not having the balls to stick by your initial rant, and blaming it on a mid-day buzz? That's pretty cool, I guess. But proceeding to reply with "fuck the fuck right off, you don't know me or my sense of humor" when someone casually calls you out on it – that, right there, is the true essence of pushing 30. Give me a break, man. I'm all for healthy, isolated rants and I'm also a sucker for irony. This topic delivers both in spades. Sorry if I come off as a condescending prick. I'm just staying true to the thread's theme, I guess:
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    Yeah, she even posted a photo online..
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    Record Store Day 2017

    I made a Lego model of my local place - they're going to put it in the window for RSD! Here's the actual place for comparison:
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    Usually I use a knife, but instead of opening the record I insert it into my heart and die.
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    When you buy in store do you still get to wait a few months for your record?
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    Can I get a list of stores Travis' birthday is available in?
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    Man, talk about a flashback. Amazing to consider where we've come in 15 years. 2002 2017
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    Space Jam RSD Flippers

    Definitely worth starting a thread over
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    random story time... i've seen TA three times before, opening for other bands (circa survive and envy). always thought they were good and admired their energy, but never really listened to any of their recordings. my wife and i ran into jeremy and clayton outside of a local record shop (Vinal Edge) before the show tonight--we were across the street getting coffee, and i thought i recognized jeremy from a distance... walked over and sure enough... i asked 'em what time they were going on because we were running a little behind. they were supposed to go on in about an hour and asked if we could give them a ride to the venue because Uber rides were like 30 bucks (there was an Astros game and I think maybe a Rockets game too going on at around the same time). we had to move carseats, but it was no problem. SUPER nice guys. it was a lot of fun talking to them during the ~15 minute drive to the venue. when we got there, they got our names and told us that their manager/merch guy would hook us up. boy did he... they put on a killer show!! and i can't wait to give these a spin.
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    Delete my account?

    This is exactly why I want my account deleted. Your all a bunch of childish fucks. Someone ban me! Fuck VC and fuck you all. Assholes
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    no, we will not do your school paper for you.
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    This is one of the most overly dramatic threads I've seen on this board - and that's saying something.
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    First and foremost, fuck you. This has been a place that I have enjoyed for years until the last year or so. That's when the newbz started to come in, rack up 13,000 posts and think they run the fucking place. This whole flipping discussion can fuck off. THIS IS A COLLECTORS FORUM - GET THE FUCK OVER IT. IN COLLECTING, THERE'S FLIPPING. Im fucking sick of hearing it. (im looking at you museummouth) When this place was in its prime, anything went (im looking at you parkinglot). I was part of the proboards era. All of you new jacks dont know what the fuck this place used to be in it's glory. You folks have ruined VC. EVERYTHING IS TOO EXPENSIVE. OH NO A CORNER DING! DOES THAT CORNER DING HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE WAY YOUR RECORD SOUNDS? NO. THIS ISNT A FUCKING ART FORUM. Why do you think great members have left? TL;DR lighten the fuck up, listen to your records and enjoy life. Oh. and this "pop punk " that you just think is great, is a fucking joke. Go listen to Teen Idols.
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    Here is the limited edition packaging if anyone is interested:
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    Still not worth it
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    Locking threads regarding SRC is definitely not cool. Being 'tired of hearing about it' or whatever, is not a reason to not let allow people to talk about something that is incredibly relevant to this message board, especially when no line of communication can be opened between the customer and business. The fact is, SRC sucks for a myriad of reasons. Even without the direct affiliation to Mightier than Sword, SRC very literally is MTS part two. SRC is what is bad about the 'vinyl boom'. It's a very weak attempt at cashing in on nostalgia and trends and it's incredibly obvious. This isn't even taking into consideration how little of a shit they give about their customers, which is even worse than being the Wal-Mart of record labels. No offense to the mods, but please stop doing this. When my company was constantly under scrutiny here no threads were ever locked or deleted, and I never ignored all the negative posts because in the end it I grew from it personally and my business benefited from it greatly. When Mightier Than Sword stole a few hundred thousand dollars from nearly everyone on this message board, threads were not locked or deleted. People needed to know how bad MTS was fucking people over. It shouldn't matter if SRC were naive enough to buy this message board and still completely blow it as a company. You can't get mad about what people are saying when you're giving them a direct line to discuss your business and you're consistently and carelessly fucking things up.
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    That was a totally different situation. Ross was new to everyone at the time, was completely unproven as a record label owner and had no track record. He fucked up, and I think he'll willingly admit that. He's since put out dozens of records with all sorts of bands, active and broken up, big and small, and it's clear he's gotten better at what he does, because people continue to work with him and promote the product he creates. Would I reissue something on vinyl without telling the band? No. But clearly, that's not what Ross did here. And the only reason people care is because it's 1)an active band and 2)someone who's easily reachable—aka not Music On Vinyl, 4 Men With Beards, Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs, etc. All of those companies buy the rights to releases all the time and reissue them with all sorts of bells and whistles, likely without the artist's involvement. Do you think those limited colored pressings Newbury Comics are doing are signed off on by the artist 100% of the time? Doubtful. It's an artist's job to create art however they deem appropriate. It's a record company's job to sell that art however they deem appropriate. As someone who has nearly 15 years in "the industry," let me tell you that band members are typically the most out-of-the-loop people when it comes to their own careers, which is why they react emotionally and publicly to things like this instead of trying to politely and professionally get to the bottom of it behind the scenes. Such is the creative mind, I suppose. I like Cartel. I like this record. I like Ross. I bought a copy, which puts money in Ross' pockets, who already put money into Cartel's pockets, because the licensing fee he paid to Epic most likely included royalties. There is no loser in this situation, except people who want to pretend they understand how the music industry works but have literally less than 1% of a clue.
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    Disensitizer and Condom

    So…a desensitizer AND a condom? Are you even using you own penis?
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