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    Tidal Wave

    Help on how to trade

    Take them to a record store and accept whatever offer they give you.
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    Thank you for that. Didn't see if it's limited or if A1KA will receive a separate variant, but I placed an order for potential canceling just to lock one in before calling it a late night. That variant sounds perfect. Even with the 10% "first-buy" coupon for Dunk!, it was still a pretty steep price. Wouldn't be opposed to A1KA stocking the same variant for $10 cheaper or so, but I'm sure it'll be well worth it either way. Also, @mrewest – your suspicion came true: PSOTY confirmed they're recording a sophomore album to drop this year. Awesome news.
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    Help on how to trade

    If you don't want to put effort into it, sell them to a trust worthy local store. Else look them up individually on Discogs.com and try to sell them there.
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    Pre-order is up ! https://dunkrecords.com/collections/dunk-records-on-vinyl/products/gifts-from-enola-from-fathoms-lp
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    It looks like four of the Rilo Kiley albums are being repressed soon: they are showing up without ordering information Jenny Lewis' online vinyl store: https://shop.jennylewis.com/collections/vinyl
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    Hum - Downward is Heavenward Reissue

    Update on current orders and 2nd repress: http://www.earthanalogrecords.com/dih-vinyl/
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    PO: Mary Poppins Returns OST

    I've been hoping this would be pressed. So far, looks like just a B&N Exclusive pressing on red translucent vinyl, but I expect others will start POPPIN' up. https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/mary-poppins-returns-scott-wittman/33365344?ean=0050087409630
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    Hum - Downward is Heavenward Reissue

    well let's see, my bringing attention to this situation got him warned and suspended, soooooooo....how is he thriving off it exactly?
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    Hum - Downward is Heavenward Reissue

    Incorrect. I’m one of those “hey there’s a block feature on these forums and I guess I should probably utilize that instead of trying to waste time and energy convincing strangers on the internet to conform to my level of social standards” types.
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