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    Vinyl Collection Survey

    In a lot of cases these surveys are for hypothetical projects that are not intended to be developed (I can't speak for this one). When you do the survey you're helping someone graduate. As someone who had 3 internships and is finishing his master's this year I can assure you it's a big help if you have a couple minutes no matter what the topic is.
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    https://www.daisrecords.com/collections/frontpage/products/choir-boy-gathering-swans?variant=32250627293272 Color-in-Color Cloudy/Oxblood Vinyl LP | 200 edition Clear Green Vinyl LP | 300 edition (Rough Trade Exclusive) Baby Blue/Red Splatter Vinyl LP | 400 edition Clear Ocean Blue Vinyl LP | 600 edition Clear Vinyl LP | 800 edition Black Vinyl LP
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    Vinyl Collection Survey

    Also, just guessing if it was a member with any previous posts, people would be more likely to help. (You know unless he was me). But coming in and posting only one post thats basically fill out this survey so I can graduate and then providing nothing additionally to community. Get the fuck out.
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    PO: Vasudeva - Generator (4/10/2020)

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    Pretty fair assessment. I can't argue with any of it. Everyone gets different things out of music, and I will simply say that if I was a "lyrics" guy, bands like this one – and the other band which shall not be named – are pretty redundant in that regard. The message gets a little stale when spanned across multiple songs, and feels like beating a dead horse when it permeates into other albums. Maybe it works for some people. I'm not trying to knock the people who need an anthem for being in their 30s and having to stretch their budget this month because of unexpected bills. But it's kinda' trite at this point, and I think if you're going to commit to that style of songwriting, you need to go balls out. I want a soaring anthem for being further ahead in your 401k than projected. I want a relatable jam about scoring the last loaf of garlic bread at the grocery store, and arriving at the self-checkout line right as a spot opens up. Give me that real world shit. That's the fresh, relatable, 30-something stuff.
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    Vinyl Collection Survey

    Thanks for the bump Tommy! I'm still working on this in my free time. I use it a lot. It's also very handy to save a little list of records you're looking for while in brick and mortar stores. I've wanted to add a bunch more features but I've been mainly focusing on making sure the scrapers are staying up to date and showing relevant data. I have a long list of things I'd like to add to it. Open to making anything a priority if it's useful.
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    Funny because it was my least favorite single released. But I’d welcome it on this LP
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    Tidal Wave

    Vinyl Collection Survey

    There is an entire message board worth of information. Trying digging through old threads rather than having people do your work for you.
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    Yeah, the last two releases were produced and distributed independently by the band. I couldn’t wait any longer. I pre-ordered from the evil SRC ($27, or cheaper than $21 converted to CAD). The Canadian site is good for getting things out on time that SRC don’t press themselves. I’m not worried...
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    Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    Looks like the guy who runs Stoned Meadow of Doom Youtube channel is a piece of shit nazi and also a regular piece of shit. Guess I won't be posting any videos through his channel. Why do people have to be such assholes? https://mfknzine.com/2020/02/17/stoned-meadow-of-doom-youtube-channel-outed-for-racist-comments-by-metal-community-alternative-channels-to-switch-to/?fbclid=IwAR08q_kQVjcvX3vfERHGWVKzqRo3p-R5zP72iGRcBJgCJXVVu7Tzvi6_a68
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