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    ? on MOFI Records

    I bought the Abraxas One-Step at my local for $100, but sold it with the Bill Evans Village Vanguard about a year ago to help pay for a home theatre. Definitely sounded amazing, but I just re-bought this copy and I can't complain for $30. Not worth the $1000 at all -- and I love that album.
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    anyone else wish Clouds Hill would get a US webstore 😕
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    Can't wait to hear 5 Beer Plan on vinyl.
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    ? on MOFI Records

    $15 is not bad, that is the best solo album I forked out $12 and it's a little noisier than I'd like the lighting in that shop makes it really hard to see light scratches. I have all of her solo albums including the one with the strawbs, I still need Fotheringay I should not have passed on the one at Euclid in St, Louis. Everyone needs more Fairport! It's a shame most people start and stop with Nick Drake when it comes to british folk and there is so much amazing music from that era to explore
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