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    Then consider mewithoutCruise.
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    It’s wishful thinking but I’d love to see a deluxe version alongside a standard repress for those who just want a basic copy, no bells and whistles. Deluxe could maybe have some demos or unreleased material from the era, if it exists. Additional liner notes / thoughts on each track. Maybe bound together in some sort of hardcover edition — nothing as beefy as that [Untitled] deluxe, necessarily, but I’m game for whatever.
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    I had never listened to them until this thread resurfaced a few months back. Immediately bought Untitled and Pale Horses. I've been on a huge Ten Stories and CFUTF kick for the last week. I can't believe I slept on this band for so long.
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    Alright. I'm cutting this off. It's been very overwhelming for myself. Trying to manage 40+ packages is grueling. It seems the majority are showing up on the 25th... so , lemme take a break from this and when shit starts to arrive, let's open it back up. So. For everyone that had participated- FUCKING THANK YOU.
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    Would throw a dumb amount of money at a deluxe edition and then hibernate for one year while I wait for it to show up.
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    What if it’s a cruise?
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    https://solidstate.merchnow.com/products/v2/303628/burning-bridges-half-white--half-gold Solid State Records is proud to announce, for its 15th Anniversary, a VERY LIMITED, first-time-on-vinyl edition of Haste The Day’s 2004 full length debut release “Burning Bridges”, on Half White / Half Gold Heavyweight Vinyl Record /525 copies! This release was remastered-for-vinyl at Capitol Records, and includes a new short liner note essay written by vocalist Jimmy Ryan. Co-Produced by Unoriginal Vinyl, with the utmost-attention-to-detail, using the source visual art files designed in 2004 by Ryan Clark at Invisible Creature, this reissue is a must-have for any Haste The Day fan.
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    With Teeth as been moved to the top on the NIN.com store followed by Broken which has been out of stock for months with Year 0 and the Slip a row or 2 down might be going down soon....tomorrow? God willing
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    A-B Life and Brother, Sister don't have anything on them that really holds my interest. It's All Crazy... is definitely a change of pace. Every Thought a Thought of You of a really great opener. I like the album for the most part, although definitely not as much as everything that came after it and CFUTF. Timothy Hay is by far my least favorite mwY song.
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    I really like It's All Crazy... It's not a terrible album, it just lacked the aggression they included on other releases. Some of the songs are really well written. The Beetle King rules. Perhaps I'm the crazy one, but CFUTF is one of my least favorite mwY records. It's a bit of transition, musically, and I get why people love it, but it can't touch Brother, Sister which I adore. I have CFTUF, so I'd be down for some kind of deluxe version that had extra audio content.
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    Just got mine in the mail yesterday. There was no tracking number but they did send an email to say it had shipped. I know they are going out in waves so maybe yours either just recently shipped or just hasn't gone out yet? I don't know about it getting marked complete, though, as I never checked the status on the website. Good luck
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    Keep Flying - Unbreakable

    There is also a clear with blue, red, and green splatter show exclusive variant that is limited to 100. The release show is 12/20 in Amityville, NY.
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    Rozwell Kid Catch-All Thread

    Since this thread is still somewhat recent. This is amazing
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    Official OST and Film Score Thread

    Parasite up at Sacred Bones. Everything about this movie is incredible, easy buy. https://www.sacredbonesrecords.com/collections/frontpage/products/sbr247-jung-jae-il-parasite-original-motion-picture-soundtrack
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    Hoping for some sick variants, also hoping it's not extremely limited and everyone can get a copy.
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    Sorry yea, 12 midnight. I'm brain dead rn in the morns, thank you, that makes sense!
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    PO: The Blue Nile - Reissues

    I put in orders at both Amazon and Target in case of a cancelation, but both are still looking okay—I guess we'll see how the next two weeks go. That said, if both go through okay, I'd be happy to sell you one of mine.
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    P.O. NOW MewithoutYou {Untitled} EP & LP

    Video up, it's Catch for Us the foxes repress. Up at 12am est. 11/22. I'm always confused by this though...is it midnight tonight, or tomorrow?
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    PO: Nada Surf - Never Not Together

    Man, Astronomy is so good. When I Was Young is a god damn epic. Probably a top 5 nada surf song for me. So gorgeous and such a great build up.
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    I like both! But if I had to choose my least favorites of the post-Let Go era, I'd choose those before You Know Who You Are (which I think was a needed return to a more dynamic and textured place after the straight-forward, workman-like Astronomy).
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    PO NOW: FBTMOF - Art Damage

    the listings on the site were updated with in-hand photos of the completed vinyl so they will be shipping soon; also hasn’t even been a week past the ESTIMATED shipping time.. y’all need to learn PO patience lol
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    got the beach ball of agony variant and it's great
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    PO NOW: The Devil Wears Prada - The Act

    And funily enough, the "Lower ring" variant which mocked up like a white inside orange actually turned out to be like yellow inside red and matches the art perfectly. So glad I didn't order that one..... :')
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    Loooooonnng time lurker on this board, but this thread was too cool not to sign up for and jump on board. I've got a copy of The Cure's Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me that I'd love to send out if you think your friend would like it. Just PM me the shipping details and I'll get it done. Such a cool thing to do for a friend!
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