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    I'm less worried about celebrity X who hocks product Y than the pleebs who buy product Y because of Celebrity X.
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    this is not a joke
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    i remember being a teenager and thinking being a sellout was a thing. good luck in college, son!
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    Gloria Barnes Uptown is back in stock at colemine!!! about 39 left!!! https://www.coleminerecords.com/collections/store/products/b-gloria-barnes-b-br-i-uptown
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    I mean this Upvote is starting to come across like some red pill maga bullshit.
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    shrek is love. Shrek is life.
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    I heard the same thing, I think Kelen tweeted about it. Regardless, I want to hear something new soon! lol
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    @DecayToDeath my LP2 from White1 has a slight warp, haven't spun White2 yet. But yeah, they were both packed pretty tight in one standard LP mailer so I'm assuming that's why. No skips or distortion though.
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    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Is this thread like one of those Tesla batteries? where once it crashes and burns, the trash fire just keeps re-igniting itself every few months for the rest of time?
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    Yea those are the attendee only variants. You have to be actually at that show to get 1
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    Needs to go down 4 more dollars
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    Usually those are attendee only versions, as in you had to be at the show actually.
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    U2's Pop is down again to $16.02 - https://amzn.to/2NRQ6ic This one is totally worth it, it's a great pressing with great packaging
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    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Not sure if I was supposed to burn or trash my Brand New records but I revisited SciFi for the first time in a while and very much enjoyed it.
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    Supposedly the album version is different. The single version has "demo" vocals. Not sure how true that is, but something I had heard.
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    But you had the energy to go online and make a post about it? Conserve that energy next time for vinyl priorities
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    Thats what made me check this one out, the ones with the vacuum seem pretty awesome and $200 isn't too bad. imo $500 is way steep for something so basic. Also, thanks for all the feedback guys think Im going to pull the trigger on this one, will check out my few local stores first to make sure they dont have it.
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    In Soviet Russia, IP checks you!
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    from hilarious Derrick Comedy sketches and quality underground hip-hop to shitty SNL sketches and political puppet hip-hop in just a few short years. my, how the talented have fallen
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