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  1. the product page says limited to 800 but the email i got from them says 1000. wonder which is right. not that it matters, i preordered immediately anyway
  2. got the butterfly /1000. kinda surprised that there are two different deluxe variants out of 2500 each
  3. way in for this. there's also a spotify-exclusive variant
  4. This new one is a lot slower paced obviously, but i think it's a really really good song. not exactly an upbeat jam i'm throwing on playlists or anything, but they cant all be
  5. signed test presses must be gone, looks like they got pulled down off the webstore
  6. the long-rumored collab album is out August 12th! preorders up here: https://dangermouseblackthought.shop.musictoday.com/store standard black store-exclusive green signed test press /50 first single: 01 Sometimes 02 Cheat Codes 03 The Darkest Part [ft. Raekwon and Kid Sister] 04 No Gold Teeth 05 Because [ft. Joey Bada$$, Russ and Dylan Cartlidge] 06 Belize [ft. MF Doom] 07 Aquamarine [t. Michael Kiwanuka] 08 Identical Deaths 09 Strangers [ft. A$AP Rocky and Run the Jewels] 10 Close to Famous 11 Saltwater [ft. Conway the Machine] 12 Voilas & Lupitas
  7. seeing these guys on Thursday and hopefully grabbing one of these tour exclusive variants that are out almost 2 months ahead of the album release
  8. got the tri-color the second it got announced and was tempted to get the VMP too. Bartees seems like the best dude. so much fun live, so versatile, and his debut was in my top 10 albums of 2020. I absolutely can't wait for this
  9. The song feels a little safe/simple on first few listens, but definitely will be fun to sing along to at a show. Overall I like it, and am mostly just pumped we're finally getting a new album. I liked the weird of Sister Cities but did not like the weird of No Closer... so maybe going back to their roots like this will = bangersss
  10. finally listened to the album yesterday and yeah it's great. a little too long, but that's a minor complaint. was expecting there to be more variants of this after he had put out several different ones last album, but maybe they just stuck to black because of the vinyl production backlog..?
  11. really bummed i missed out on the white label and the signed print version, they must have gone so so fast... but VMP and Spotify exclusives are nice too
  12. got the CounterIntuitive blue, if only because that December CI showcase show they put on in Boston (with Oso Oso among others) was so so damn good. in related news, this album is also damn good.
  13. there's a 13th track called "tav world" on spotify but it's grayed out and unplayable. not listed on the tracklisting on either vinyl pre-order page or on bandcamp. wonder if it's coming out later, or ever.
  14. My ranking would be Funeral > Suburbs >>> Neon Bible > Everything Now >>> Reflektor This song definitely sounds more like the first 3 albums which is SUPER encouraging and somewhat unexpected.
  15. so excited. honestly, pensacola might be my least favorite Oso Oso song... but i dont care, i'm sure the album will be awesome. can't wait.
  16. i was pretty worried it was going to be bad, but i think i actually really like the new song(s)
  17. new track sounds a lot like The Hold Steady (and i do not mean that as a compliment)
  18. not a huge fan of the style on this version of Optimism which was one of my 2 favorites on the real album, but i think the Generation Loss version works pretty well. Not blown away, but i preordered when it first went up because i love these guys. Have to imagine the full album will be really hit and miss with different styles, if these first two tracks are any indication
  19. new single is pretty boring, but i'm in for a Loser edition. FJM almost never disappoints
  20. My Target copy is perfect, for what it's worth. (At least from the outside. I haven't taken it out of the shrinkwrap yet.)
  21. expensive but i pulled the trigger anyway they also just announced a big headline tour for the spring
  22. more expensive than i'd like, but their webstore always is. regardless, they're one of my favorite bands of the last 5ish years. can't wait for this.