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  1. Dead Oceans just tweeted that they're down to the last few copies of the blue, comes out to $21 shipped for non-members with the discount. I picked one up because I know I'll quickly regret it if I don't.
  2. Just preordered the variant from Piccadilly Records, came to just over $24 shipped to the USA and they don't charge until it ships next month. I was also holding out and yeah, this was totally worth it
  3. I've been with Toy since the very beginning and IMO Clear Shot was their best album so far, so I have high hopes for this. Got the Dinked version pre-ordered
  4. Got mine in last night, only now getting a chance to spin it and it's a BEAUT
  5. Mirror to Mirror (original) version is getting a non-RSD pressing on white vinyl instead of black: https://store.matadorrecords.com/twin-fantasy-mirror-to-mirror God dammit, Matador.... if I hadn't gone on and on for the past few years about how one of my biggest vinyl dreams was this album on double white vinyl I wouldn't be double dipping on this, but I did so I am. Meh, I'll probably just offload the black pressing.
  6. Got mine! I've wanted a copy of this for years and the split orange/clear is so slick, the hype train is rolling
  7. There were a few copies left of this at Rough Trade while I was in NYC this weekend - the hype sticker says it's /1000. https://www.discogs.com/The-National-Sleep-Well-Beast/release/12499641
  8. Hell yeah, so hyped for this. The Hilltop cactus shirt killed me.
  9. I have two - one that I won in a giveaway (Cults - Static) and one that I purchased (Deerhunter - Monomania). Generally I'm not super interested in them because yeah, they're pretty boring visually, but the Deerhunter one was only slightly more expensive than a retail copy and they're one of my favorite bands so I figured why not, it's something fun to add to collection, especially since I'm getting close to completing their stuff.
  10. Dammit, I've been after that Animal Flag tape forever... if anyone got one and wants to part with it, I'm your gal.
  11. Well that was quick! Anyways, it's the standard pressing and 750 is a *lot* less than I was expecting.
  12. Picked up a new exclusive red pressing of QOTSA - Like Clockwork at their Boston Calling tent this weekend, they did a lowkey early release at the festival and I was told that it will be officially announced in the next couple weeks or so. No word on pressing numbers yet, though.
  13. I'm gonna sit on preordering until there's more information on the limited pressing(s) because as cool as the extras are, I don't really need them (and $10 shipping, ehhh) but Geyser is soooo good. MITSKI'S BACK, BABY!