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  1. A quick update - I took a peek on Amazon UK again, and this time it let me ship the yellow to my US address! Came to about $46 shipped, but compared to what the black vinyl is selling for stateside, it's really only a few bucks more.
  2. Same boat here, ugh. I'm gonna hold out for a bit to see if any other color variants pop up, but seeing as the indies version is just standard back with a bonus 7", I'm not holding my breath. I love the Manics to death, but mother of god, I have never encountered another band with their distribution so tightly locked-down. The closest I've seen is the recent MBV reissues...
  3. My crown jewel is my Deerhunter S/T album from 2005 - was bidding on one on eBay and... no one else big against me. It still baffles my mind since it wasn't listed with a vague description or anything, the seller knew exactly what they had. Paid a whopping $21 and it goes for $150-200 on Discogs these days. Some others are my true first press of The Bends (no 0% on the inner sleeve) for $23 (cheapest one on Discogs is currently $128), a bunch of Newbury represses for retail that have jumped in value (Lorde - Pure Heroine on clear being the current winner) and an OG MCR discography, including the Black Parade box set and the original marble press of Danger Days, for either retail or sale prices. And far from being the best deals ever, but today I scooped up OG pressings of TVU - White Light/White Heat and Iggy Pop - Lust for Life for $30 and $25 respectively. That was pretty dope. Most expensive sold would be my Newbury colored copies of The Strokes - S/T and Room on Fire for around $200 each. Two albums I enjoy, but I couldn't justify keeping them for those prices. Not a big enough Strokes fan. I think I sold my coke bottle clear copy of TTTYG for somewhere around that too, but I definitely regret that one... miss it dearly and I have no hope of acquiring another one if there isn't a repress.
  4. For those with a package in the purgatory that is Jersey City - don't lose hope! I had a couple records shipped to me from Brooklyn in mid-April, which ended up in Jersey City on April 25th with no further updates. 7+ weeks after the ship date, all of the tracking history disappeared BUT the package turned up at my local PO and was delivered the next day. JC is one of my local hubs so who knows what happened during that month where it was completely MIA, but if you have something stuck there, don't give up just yet.
  5. So, now that the Midwife albums are starting to arrive for members... if anyone wants to sell their copy and help a gal out, I would be VERY interested.
  6. Dang, glad I snagged that /100 when I did. There's very few bands that I'll preorder an album without hearing a single track, but Gleemer is one of 'em. I did go and give TTX a listen afterwards, an although I hold 'gazey Gleemer close to my heart, I like this too. This will be an interesting one for sure.
  7. If anyone missed out on the colored edition of the 93-16 box set and is kicking themselves like I was, a handful have popped back up on Amazon UK. Came out to about $140 shipped. Mine arrived in the States yesterday surprisingly well-packed and in perfect shape, and yup, it is in fact the colored press! Demon is also still honoring the replacement discs for the faulty Night Thoughts pressing - sent an email last night and woke up this morning to a reply saying they were sent out. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HF72W8H/
  8. Just preordered the variant from Piccadilly Records, came to just over $24 shipped to the USA and they don't charge until it ships next month. I was also holding out and yeah, this was totally worth it
  9. I've been with Toy since the very beginning and IMO Clear Shot was their best album so far, so I have high hopes for this. Got the Dinked version pre-ordered
  10. Got mine in last night, only now getting a chance to spin it and it's a BEAUT
  11. Mirror to Mirror (original) version is getting a non-RSD pressing on white vinyl instead of black: https://store.matadorrecords.com/twin-fantasy-mirror-to-mirror God dammit, Matador.... if I hadn't gone on and on for the past few years about how one of my biggest vinyl dreams was this album on double white vinyl I wouldn't be double dipping on this, but I did so I am. Meh, I'll probably just offload the black pressing.
  12. Got mine! I've wanted a copy of this for years and the split orange/clear is so slick, the hype train is rolling
  13. There were a few copies left of this at Rough Trade while I was in NYC this weekend - the hype sticker says it's /1000. https://www.discogs.com/The-National-Sleep-Well-Beast/release/12499641

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