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  1. They were fantastic on that Drug Church / One Step Closer tour this past Spring.
  2. have any of the Amazon preorders been fulfilled on this? still shows a delivery date is pending for me.
  3. Thank you for posting this! I was able to snag a copy of HG earlier, finally.
  4. woof, deluxe sold out on Dine Alone's store, so checked the bands store and they still have it for sale, for $10 bucks more..
  5. Got tracking info a short while ago for mine, assuming you will soon if not already. There was a note in an email the other day about the Anxious x Brain Dead t-shirt that their variant would be shipping out to everyone this week.
  6. Looks like the Brooklyn Vegan variant is sold out now. Second pressing is up for pre-order, green & violet butterfly out of /2000. https://www.runforcoverrecords.com/products/713098-anxious-little-green-house Huge fan of this album, it's been on heavy rotation since early last week when my splatter variant showed up and also noticed the DL code on the bottom of the insert.
  7. the newbs I stopped at after work ended up having one of each. watch out! was gone, I would have grabbed it for someone looking for a copy if it was available.
  8. Literally did the same thing, lol. Might take a swing by the newbs location near me to see if they have any copies of OC/YC on the floor. Doubtful, but it's on the way home from work and worth a shot.