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  1. I called Saki. I was told that they are done packing orders for the day. My order is in the next few (#7792). From what I was told, stock was updated again today, & they'll start packing again in the morning.
  2. I know it's a long shot, but has anyone seen the Jimmy Page/Black Crowes 3LP online?
  3. I'm also looking for the Mumford EP. I do however have the mystery split. If you get your hands on two Mumford singles, I'd be up for some sort of trade. It is opened, just to see what was in it.
  4. I'm looking to trade one of my copies of 'Lover of the Light' for 'Whispers in the Dark'. I've got pictures of both below so you can see exactly what they look like. This is the condition they arrived to me in. I don't care which one I keep; so if you are interested, you can choose. The first one has a bend on the front of the sleeve, but no damage elsewhere. In the second one the record busted through the top of the jacket. There is no other damage.
  5. I have an extra of Lover of the Light that I'd love to trade for this new single. I'm trying to do a trade with bobbydrake33.
  6. PMing you now. I have an extra Lover of the Light. I bought two & never sold my other copy.
  7. Anyone happen to buy an extra? I just missed out on buying this. Asked my local record store if they'd be stocking it, or if it was another web exclusive; & it sold out by the time they got back to me. It'd be much appreciated.
  8. What an asshole! I'd definitely call the post office tomorrow & report him. :/ Did it hurt the record, or just the sleeve?
  9. I was waiting to get paid to purchase, & they sold out. If you (Jason), or anyone else has an extra, I'd love to buy it from you. I'd make sure to cover shipping to me as well.